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Are You looking For Cheap Flights To Egypt?

Have the chance to book your ticket with ibis Egypt tours to have great flight to our international airports in CairoLuxorAswanHurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh, after your Cheap Flights to Egypt we offer to you the opportunity to explore Egypt and have the best packages to spend, have classic package, cheap package, Short package, and holy land package. Also, enjoy other packages to feel relaxation like Red Sea tours and spiritual tours also enjoy Golf tours to play in best resorts and clubs.
Enjoy fantastic classic tours to Egypt and have the opportunity to explore the beauty of Cairo and Alexandria, you have to visit many landmarks in Egypt and explore the ancient places, in Cairo you can visit the great pyramids of Giza that is the three pyramids which consider one of the seven wonders of the world, also you have to take photos with sphinx in the wonderful panoramic view, move to the Egyptian museum to explore the ancient treasures of the pharaoh. after that Cheap Flights to Egypt gives you the chance to enjoy in Alexandria, the bride of the Mediterranean sea, you have to visit Cata Comb of Kom El Shokafa that have around 300 mummies, also you have to visit the beautiful Qaitbay citadel and then move to watch the beauty of Alexandria library, you can amuse your eyes while walking through Montazah palace and watch the magnificent gardens and flowers, then you have to visit the Roman theater which considers important landmark in the Roman period.
Have Cheap Flights to Egypt and enjoy best cheap tour that makes you explore many places in Egypt, have excursion to Cairo to watch the beautiful attractions, then you have the opportunity to have a day in Aswan to watch the beauty of this beautiful city, you have to watch the magnificent High Dam and enjoy having best tour to the unfinished obelisk, amuse yourself while discovering the Philae temple, after that you can explore Abu Simbel temple that belongs to Ramses II, walk through the small temple of Nefertari, move to have unforgettable excursion in Luxor, explore the ancient civilization, visit in East bank Karnak Temple that the largest temple in the world, also enjoy exploring Luxor temple, have the chance to the west bank where you can walk through the valley of the kings, then move to the beautiful temple of Queen Hatshepsut, also have the opportunity to explore Colossi of Memnon.  Also, you have an optional tour to Alexandria to amuse your eyes with the beauty.
Get ready to have best Cheap Flights to Egypt and start your holy land vacation, visit Christian places like St. Catherine where you have to visit the room of skulls also you have Cairo attractions and explore old Cairo to watch the churches, you have to visit Ben Ezra synagogue. Also in Christian tours, you have to enjoy visiting Wadi El Natrun, visit Al Baramus monastery, and also visit Anba Makar monastery, also visit Anba Bishoi, also have an excursion to Anba Suryan monastery. Enjoy holy land tours to Islamic places, visit the most famous mosques in Cairo and Alexandria, start your tour by visiting Mohamed Ali Alabaster mosque that have beautiful design, also you have to explore anther mosques in Cairo like Amr Ibn El Ass, also you have to visit Sayeda Zeinab mosque, and also you can visit Ibn Tulun mosque, after that move to Alexandria to watch the Islamic Culture that appears in Daniel Nabi Mosque, Lukhman El Hakeem mosque, and Morsi Abu Abbas Mosque, also you have to visit Saad Zaghloul square.
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Outstanding Egypt Vacation

Spend an amazing Egypt Vacation with Ibis Egypt Tours wide variety of packages, explore our Classical tour and begin your adventure while visiting some of the greatest historical places in Egypt, or join our budget tours that will escort you to visit many places and try many fun activities all at reasonable prices, you can also try our desert Safari Tours and relish the adventurer in you and enjoy revealing the mysteries of the Egyptian desert.
Come to Egypt where the wonders and the great historical places are waiting for you to discover with our Classical tours, enjoy your Egypt Vacation and visit the famous Pyramids of Giza named by kings Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, head after that and enjoy taking remarkable photos for the three Pyramids, then move to stare at the gigantic Sphinx that combines a humans head with a lions body, then amuse yourself during your walk through the valley temple, then go to have unforgettable visit to the Egyptian museum to discover all the mummies, sarcophagi, pottery, jewelries  and the famous King Tutankhamen’s treasures, next stop will be the gorgeous Alexandria City located in the Mediterranean Sea, head to scout Catacomb of Kom El-Shokafa, then head to stare at the gleaming Qaitbay Citadel, also visiting Alexandria Library is a must, next move will be to the Roman amphitheater, don’t miss the chance to see the fascinating Montazah Palace before leaving.
Have a wonderful Egypt Vacation with your family or friends at low prices with our budget tours, explore Cairo and scout the main Highlights, then move to Aswan to have unforgettable excursion that will start with visiting the High Dam that is one of the greatest projects in modern Egypt, then head to see the unfinished Obelisk, next move will be to Philae Temple that dates back to Ptolemy’s era, it was also dedicated to god Osiris, the name of that Temple “Philae” is a Greek name that means beloved, then head to Abu Simbel and enjoy discovering temple of Ramses II, move to visit Nefertari Temple as well, also stare at the magnificent with its miracle that happened twice a year when the sunlight penetrates the front entrance and 65 meters in the temple, next point will be the East bank of Luxor to have a ravishing visit to the temple of Karnak that is known as the biggest temple in the whole world, that was constructed in1400 B.C, continue your tour to Luxor West Bank and scout the Valley of Kings, also watch temple of the well known queen Hatshepsut, and of course watching Colossi of Memnon since you’ll be there is a must.
Start your Egypt Vacation, and let the adventures and the excitement begin, start your Desert Safari Tours with Cairo to visit its best attractions, then head to Bahariya Oasisto visit Alexander the great Temple, also try to pass by the Nobles Tombs, next tour will be to the Museum of the Golden Mummies, manage to visit Ain El-Mephtella after that, continuing to discover the secrets of the Black desert pass by the White Desert as well, till you arrive Dakhla Oasis, proceed to  the Old Covered City watch its oil press and school, also pay a visit to the courthouse with its dwelling chambers, head after that toward Muzzawaka, and  Deir El Haggar, continue your tour to Kharga Oasis to stare at the Roman village of Qasr El Labakha, and Kharga museum, head after that to see the Temple of Hibis and El Bagawat Cemetery, then head to take your Nile Cruise to relax while discovering the East and West Bank of Luxor, continue sailing to Edfu and Kom Ombo, your last point will be Aswan.

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