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Egypt Honeymoon Packages

When it comes to romantic getaways and honeymoon destinations, Egypt has always lured honeymooners in search of romance and memorable Honeymoon so doesn’t miss this chance. Don't miss this opportunity to experience Egypt Honeymoon Packages where you will be able to have an memorable moments at your honeymoon, moreover marvel at Egypt attractions landmarks like Giza Pyramids, stare at glory of Karnak and Luxor Temple, enjoy relaxing at Red Sea sunny beaches, then get the chance to enjoy new wedding party called Zaffa and more with Honeymoon Packages Egypt.

Egypt Honeymoon Packages
Egypt Honeymoon Packages
Explore our exciting honeymoon packages and destinations. Discover the perfect spot for your romantic getaway, your first trip as a married couple should be remarkable, it should be full of fun, Egypt Honeymoon Packages offering Egypt Honeymoon Package to Cairo, Alexandria and Hurghada, spend an amazing honeymoon while exploring the Great Sphinx, Montazah Palace, relax at Hurghada and more with Honeymoon Packages in Egypt.

Honeymoon Packages Egypt
Honeymoon Packages Egypt
Whether it's a relaxing honeymoon destination or an adventure one check out Egypt Honeymoon Package, Unleash your inner adventurer on this journey with fabulous landscapes, fascinating history and ravishing sightseeing and more with Cairo and Nile Cruise Egypt Honeymoon Package, be witness with the glory of pyramids, Walkthrough the Egyptian Museum, get relaxed at the majestic Nile River, and more with Honeymoon Packages to Egypt.

Honeymoon Packages in Egypt
Honeymoon Packages in Egypt
Find unforgettable Honeymoon Package Egypt and romantic getaways in beautiful locations in Egypt, Get the chance to scout all the gleaming landmarks of Egypt at your honeymoon, because first days in married should be memorable, with Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh Honeymoon Packages achieve your dream for unforgettable moments while you explore the underwater world at Red Sea at Sharm El Sheikh, stare at the amazement of Pyramids and more with Egypt Honeymoon Vacations.

Egypt Honeymoon Package
Egypt Honeymoon Package
Where should you start your happily ever after? With a setting renowned for romance and natural beauty, for an unforgettable honeymoon or a special romantic getaway, Honeymoon Packages Egypt offering Cairo, Nile Cruise and Nubian Wedding Honeymoon Package, enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the Luxury Nile river boat, stare at Hatshepsut Temple, and explore the simple life of Nubian People and more with Egypt Honeymoon Packages.

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Dahabiya Nile Cruises

Dahabiya Nile Cruise is an extraordinary experience to feel relaxing on board luxury wooden ship, Ibis Egypt Tours give you the opportunity to relax and discover what it takes to sail a beautifully maintained and graceful Dahabiya on the Nile River, you have the chance and be ready to stare at temple of Gebel el Silsila, walkthrough Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples and more with Dahabiya Nile Cruises.
Dayabiya Nile Cruise 

Ibis Egypt tours allows to you variety of luxury Dahabiya Nile cruise for the travelers are looking for finer thing, high level of relaxation, Ibis Egypt Tours help you to feel charming while try MS Amoura Dahabiya, enjoy staring at Edfu Temple, stop at the glory of Kom Ombo Temple, then walkthrough Gebel el Silsila and Sail away from reality on MS Donia Dahabiya along the Nile River where you will have the chance to feel luxury, relaxing and get more knowledge concerning ancient civilization when you explore Gebel el Silsila Temple, High Dam, stare at the glory of Edfu Temple, then head out to Kom Ombo Temple and more with Luxury Nile Cruises.

Dahabiya Cruises

Be astonishment with the glamour of Nile River with MS Judi Cruise, it is one of Dahabiya cruises and be ready with Dahabiya Cruises to explore the most gleaming pharaonic monument in Upper Egypt like Karnak Temple, Hatshepsut Temple and touch the gleaming parts of ancient Pharaonic on Upper Egypt with Rois Dahabiya Nile Cruise, taste the luxury accomodation, feast your eyes with the fascinating landmarks such as Philae Temple, unfinished obelisk, Hatshepsut Temple and more with Dahabiya Cruise while you can visit Esna, temple of Gebel el Silsila.

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Marsa Alam Excursions

Marsa Alam is a main tourism attraction located east-south of Egypt, it’s located 274 km south of Hurghada city, winter temperatures may reach to 31 C and in summer ranging between 20 and 35 C.

After opening of Marsa Alam international airport in 2001, Marsa Alam has become a great Red Sea destination for diving practitioners. It lies between the red sea and wide desert, with Marsa Alam tours, we are offering all types of accommodations, ranging from upscale comfort establishments with complete Western features to Bedouin inspired eco¬-lodges.

Marsa Alam 

Dive sites are accessible from Marsa Alam tour you have a chance to do the most attractive activities in the Red Sea for experienced divers. See the healthy & colored coral reefs and the wide range of underwater wildlife such as dolphins which is consider one of the principal factors of Marsa Alam.

In our Marsa Alam day trips take the flavor of accommodation at the new Port Ghalib Marina at Marsa Alam, its add to the location a very great importance, with its luxurious hotels, resorts and berthing large space for about 1000 yachts. The newly built marina offers some of the great relaxation and entertainment amenities on the Red Sea coast, including international restaurants, night clubs, cafes, and Spas. Day trip to Cairo from Marsa Alam is allow to when you decide to make a great tour and explore the most fascinating sites in Cairo  

Also in Marsa Alam excursions  you can practice more than one tourism purpose such as health, recreational, and convention tourism where great International Convention Centers  are available in the city. One of many things to do in Marsa Alam is also a world-renowned kite surfing, additionally you have starting point for safaris and wilderness exploration.  located 274 km south of Hurghada city. Also you can visit Kom ombo and Edfu Temples from marsa alam.
Luxor Aswan Nile Cruise from Marsa Alam

The one best National Parks in Egypt, it takes place near Gebel Elba and Wadi al Gimal. Both areas consider the home to stunning kinds of birds and desert wild animals. The pleasant climate makes it a great vacation spot in Marsa Alam excursion. Marsal Alam has also wide combination of tourism proposes such  as a therapeutic trips, beach, Dolphin house, desert, colored reefs or many types of sightseeing and activities you’re interested in Day trips from Marsa Alam , you’ll going to love Marsa Alam at all.
Luxor tours from Marsa Alam 

Explore excursions in Marsa Alam while you have a chance to make tours to Aswan and catch the great day trip to Aswan by visiting High Dam, unfinished Obelisk, and Philae Temple, and you have extra option to book Abu Simbel Tours from Marsa Alam trips choices with ibis Egypt Tours.    
With Marsa Alam things to do, not only have a chance to visit Aswan but also you have a great offer to enjoy the nature of Luxor. Enjoy Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan Nile Cruise including visits to Egypt’s most famous attraction and ancient Egyptian history e.g: Karnak and Luxor Temples, Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Temple of Horus in Edfu and much more with excursions from Marsa Alam. 

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Aswan Tours

Aswan is the 3rd largest city in Egypt, and the largest in Upper Egypt, it’s over looking at the foot of the Nile Valley to the North end of Lake Nasser. It is a major mining area for aluminum and iron as well as also being one of the favorite places for tourists to visit and enjoy by Aswan Tours, and as it is the major stop for cruise boats in the Nile River as well as the Lake Nasser. It was a major trade center with Nubia and the rest of Africa, During the Ptolemaic period, Aswan was chosen as the first capital of Upper Egypt due to its strategic location, and the Ptolemies used it as a base to enter Nubia.

Philae Temple
In Aswan day trips  you can visit the Royal Tombs of Aswan-Nobles built a necropolis of rock cut tombs on the high cliffs on the West bank of the Nile, you can also visit Aswan High Dam, unfinished obelisk, Philae Island and temple, and Elephantine Island.
First in our Aswan day tours move to enjoy by visiting the High Dam its construction began in 1960 and completed on 1970, the aim of this irrigation project was to prevent the river's flooding, generate electricity and provide water for agriculture. The floods of Nile River would make harm each year during summer to destroy many of monuments and make a difficulty in agriculture so the high dam was built to control the flood waters to support agriculture in a high-water year.

Unfinished Obilesk
Then next day our representative will pick you up from the hotel to keep our Aswan excursions to visit Philae temple, it was begun by Ptolemy II and completed by the Roman Emperors. The Temple was dedicated to the goddess Isis, the wife of Osiris and mother of Horus. Isis is a very important figure in the ancient world.
Unfortunately Philae temple was nearly lost under water when the high Aswan dam was built in the 1960s. But fortunately the temple was rescued by dual operation between the Egyptian government and UNESCO, This whole project took 10 years and has saved one of Egypt’s most beautiful temples from obvious destruction.

High Dam
One of most Things to do in Aswan is to around in unfinished obelisk area, it was the project to build the massive obelisk but it was ultimately unsuccessful project and from this failure, scholars have learned much about how obelisks were made.
During our Aswan excursions we can watch on the Unfinished Obelisk sides are two shafts where workers cut away the surrounding red granite. Later, artists would have carved or painted hieroglyphics onto the stone, showing the Pharaoh name in oval cartouches.

One of great Tours from Aswan to do is stare your eyes at the most two great temples in Upper Egypt Abu Simbel, they are two massive rock temples situated at a village in Nubia, southern Egypt, western bank of Lake Nasser, near the border with Sudan. The twin temples were originally carved out of the mountainside during the reign of Pharaoh Ramessis ii in the 13th century BC, as a lasting monument to himself and his queen Nefertari, to commemorate his victory at the Battle of Kadesh.

The construction of the temple complex started during 1264 BC and lasted for about 20 years, until 1244 BC. Egyptologists say that the design of Abu Simbel expresses a measure of ego and pride of Ramesses ii and survive his name through the history and also this temple save by UNESCO from the threaten of water in upper Egypt.

Aswan Felucca Ride 
In Aswan excursions the greatest event has made annually is the Miracle of Abu Simple where the sun spot its light in the face of Ramesses ii in his birth date time and this solar phenomena shows the amazing architecture creation of ancient Egyptian workers.

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Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan

Enjoy Luxor and Aswan Nile Cruise by Ibis Egypt Tours in the Nile River, taking visitors on a magical ride through a fabulous realm, try Nile Cruise Luxor to Aswan which is a gleaming idea to scout around the Pharaonic monuments, explore its oldest civilizations over its banks when you stare at Karnak Temple, walkthrough Valley of the Kings, Luxor temple, Colossi of memnon and more with Luxor Aswan Nile Cruise.
Luxor and Aswan Nile Cruise
Many different Nile cruise you can take during your amazing trip in Nile cruise Luxor Aswan, unleash your inner adventurer on this journey through   Ibis Egypt Tours, try MS Amarco Nile Cruise when you’ll feel luxury, see monuments, and even feast your soul with the fantastic weather of Nile River, stare at Karnak Temple Pillars, walkthrough Valley of the Kings, then head out towards Philae Temple and With Farah Nile Cruise keen to scout around the ancient Egyptian monuments on a luxury Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan, with Ibis Egypt Tours taste the wonders of Pharaonic at Karnak Temple, Edfu, Kom ombo walkthrough Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Valley of the Queen, Luxor temple and more.

Aswan Luxor Nile Cruise

Touch the gleaming parts of ancient Pharaonic wile trying Steigenberger Minerva and Movenpick MS Royal Lotus Nile Cruise with Ibis Egypt Tours, Escape the crowds, exploring major landmarks like Karnak Temple, Walkthrough Valley of the Kings, and more with Luxor and Aswan Cruise

Luxury Nile Cruises  

With Nile cruise Aswan to Luxor Feast your soul and eyes with the fantastic weather of Nile River, Sit back and relax on this amazing adventure, Ibis Egypt Tours offering, feel ravishing while staring at Karnak Temple Pillars, walkthrough Valley of the Kings, then head out towards Philae Temple, be witness with the glory of High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk, Philae temple and more with Luxor Aswan Nile Cruise.

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