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Travel To Egypt Best Packages 2017

Don’t waste much time looking for a perfect vacation, Travel to Egypt and explore our packages, enjoy your Egypt and Jordan Tours with Ibis Egypt Tours and amuse your eyes with the beautiful nature, you can also have an amazing meditation experience with our spiritual Tours, you can also Chill out and escape the stress of life with our Red Sea Tours.
  Travel to Egypt and Join our Egypt and Jordan Tours that will escort you to a magnificent tour to explore the greatest historical places, start with Cairo attractions visit the famous Pyramids of Giza CheopsChephren and Mykerinus, head after that to Panorama area to take great photos, moving then to watch the Sphinx, you can also watch one of the biggest museums in the world the Egyptian museum, moving to Aswan to explore the Great High Dam, one of the biggest projects in modern Egypt, heading towards Philae Temple, moreover to the unique unfinished  obelisk, heading to explore Luxor biggest Landmarks  and also enjoy the beauty of nature in Sharm El Sheikh, till you arrive Jordan to start with a visit to Wadi Rum to  enjoy the landscape of the desert, amuse your eyes while watching Lawrence’s spring, continuing to the majestic mountains, head after that to Petra which is considered now a days as one of the seven wonders of the world, it was also the trading center at the Ptolemaic era in Egypt for the caravans, try exploring the hidden city and watch beautiful handmade carved buildings.
Try our Meditation Tours during your Travel to Egypt and amuse your soul with unforgettable experience, fill your soul with energy while your tour in Cairo and visit the step Pyramid of Sakkara the Center Of Energy,  discover the healing energies of the ancient that is still active at Sakkara, moving then to Aswan, and Luxor then head to Fayoum Oasis to discover Karanis, the ruins of the old city with its monuments belongs to Coptic, Roman and the early Islamic period, continuing to scout the well known Water Wheels it is still found since the Ptolemaic Period, move after that to Qaroun lake which is one of the oldest natural lakes in the world, head after that towards Qaroun Palace considered as one of the remains of Graeco Roman City, also move to discover the explore Whale Valley also known as wadi El Hitan it is also a paleontological site and designated as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Forget about the stress of life and Travel to Egypt to chill out with our Red Sea vacations, Relax at Hurghada sandy beach while enjoying the magnificent view of the Red Sea and the perfect weather as well, have a different experience and head to Mahmya or Giftun Islands, you can also try some water activities like snorkeling, swimming, and diving to discover the beautiful world lies under the Red Sea that is full of colorful coral reefs and various kinds of beautiful fish.

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• Spiritual Tours to Egypt.
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