Saturday, May 7, 2016

Tours from Hurghada to Cairo by Flight

Tours from Hurghada to Cairo by Flight provides a wide array of opportunities to enjoy the unique scenery of Cairo, tradition, and culture of this outstanding region. Unleash your inner adventure with the rich history of Cairo, One of Egypt's richest cities in terms of culture, Cairo is a classic town with endless touring possibilities. With Cairo Tours from Hurghada by Flight take a leisurely sightseeing tour of the great Pyramids of Giza, the Mighty Sphinx. Explore the city and its historic restaurants and Pharaonic, Islamic and Coptic History as well, and more with Cairo Day Tours from Hurghada by Air.

Egyptian Museum

With Cairo Excursions from Hurghada by Flight learn what has made Cairo a vibrant and historic city on this fascinating tour of Giza Pyramids and Egyptian Museum that treats you to the tales of the town. Hurghada to Cairo Day Trip by Air gives you the chance to enjoy a tour of the magnificent great pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. No matter how many photos or documentaries you have seen, the first glimpse of these marvels of the ancient world will take your breath away and more with Trip to Cairo from Hurghada by Flight.

Giza Pyramids

Trips from Hurghada to Cairo by Flight explore over 10,000 pieces from every period of Egyptian history at Egyptian Museum, including the treasures from the tomb of Tutankhamen, this massive museum is a fantastic place to learn about the country, Moreover with Excursions from Hurghada to Cairo by Air your tour leader will direct you to the most important and magnificent items. There is also plenty of free time for you to explore on your own and more with Cairo Day Tours from Hurghada by Air.

Nile Cruise to Luxor and Aswan from Hurghada

There’s adventure aplenty out there beyond the banks of the Nile River, but unless you’ve got ready and prepared to explore Pharaonic History at Luxor or Aswan, you’ll need Nile Cruise to Luxor and Aswan from Hurghada to find them. Nile Cruise from Hurghada to Luxor and Aswan are designed for travelers of all stripes, from experienced Nile River and sail to an extraordinary tour and explore fascinating places you have never felt on and more with Luxor Aswan Nile Cruise from Hurghada.

Karnak Temple

Encompassing Pharaonic History greatest highlights on a 5-day luxury Nile Cruise Aswan and Luxor from Hurghada, this adventure enhances a wide variety of included activities with the expertise of Ibis Egypt Tours, through whom you’ll gain a greater appreciation of the region’s history and archeological finds. Discover the secrets of Karnak Temple and explore the Valley of the Kings, then with Nile Cruise from Hurghada meet local people and share a traditional meal.

Hatshepsut Temple

Moreover with Hurghada Nile Cruise to Luxor and Aswan enjoy floating down the Nile on a luxury river boat, have the chance to get guided tours of Karnak and Luxor Temples. Admire the amazing architecture, massive columns of Karnak Temple, moreover with Nile Cruise Hurghada to Luxor and Aswan take in the beauty of the Luxor Temple, which considers the largest temple on the east bank of Nile River and more to explore with Luxor to Aswan from Hurghada Nile Cruise.

Philae Temple

Hurghada Nile Cruise Holidays offer travelers a slow meander through history, the chance to travel the River Nile as people would have in the time of the Pharaohs, have the opportunity to visit the High Dam of Aswan, built in the 1960s and considered an engineering miracle at the time, In addition with Cruising the Nile from Hurghada sail across the Nile to the beautiful Island of Philae, and step into Greco-Roman history where visit Philae Temple and more with Nile Cruises from Hurghada.