Thursday, April 28, 2016

Luxor Day Trip from Cairo

Keen to experience Luxor Day Trip from Cairo with Ibis Egypt Tours when you plan to visit Egypt, Be witness with the glorious of Pharaonic Heritage that waiting for you to discover such as Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, experience the flourishing site of Colossi of Memnon and more with Cairo to Luxor Day Trip.

Hatshepsut Temple

Feel astonishment at this flourishing Luxor Tours from Cairo when you will get the chance to explore Karnak Temple, stare at the glory of the Great Temple of Amon Ra, and scout around the gleaming finds of The Temple of Khonso and more with Day Trips from Cairo to Luxor.

Karnak temple

When you traveling to Luxor don’t miss the chance to explore Luxor Temple with Day Trip from Cairo to Luxor, which consider the largest temple on the east bank of Nile River, this temple date back to the New Kingdom and more to explore with Day Trips from Cairo to Luxor.

Luxor Temple

With Day Trip from Cairo to Luxor unleash your inner adventure while scout around the most gleaming finds of Valley of the Kings, Feel charming while visiting one of the largest areas for archaeological explorations of Egyptology over the last two centuries and more with Cairo to Luxor Day Excursions.

Valley of the Kings

Embrace the culture of Luxor by visiting the magnificent Hatshepsut Temple with Day Tour in Luxor from Cairo, The funerary Temple of Hatshepsut, or Bahri Temple as it known, it dated back to 18th century, and the best temple still existed without any destruction and more with Things to do in Luxor from Cairo.