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Funny Red Sea Egypt Vacation

Have you ever thought about to spend a great holiday in Egypt? Try with ibis Egypt tours to enjoy wonderful day tours in Red Sea Egypt, have the chance to explore the beauty of Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, also you can amuse yourself with the wonderful activities like snorkeling and swimming, also you can visit Taba, Dahab, and El Gouna to enjoy tours to island and national parks, explore this wonderful places with us, also you can explore the desert during your tour in red sea cities to feel different atmosphere, you can enjoy tours to Cairo and Luxor to explore the history of Egypt from the cities of the Red Sea.
Enjoy a tour from Taba to discover the beauty of Aqaba, have a tour to Pharaoh Island (Gezerit El Fraraun), the north east coast of the island known as Coral Island, enjoy snorkeling day on the island and you can move to bay know as Salah El Racket Post. In the desert of Taba you can enjoy a tour and make safari by the quad bike, have more knowledge about Taba desert and enjoy the real adventure to the Bedouin village, enjoy Bedouin tea which has beautiful taste, after that you can enjoy riding camels in the desert and also enjoy tasting the barbeque dinner in wonderful atmosphere in Taba. From Taba you can visit the colored canyon and try to explore its beautiful colors and walk in its valleys of Granite and sandstone, moreover you have the opportunity to hike the rocky mountains and also you can take memorable photos to this magical place and watch the beauty of the sunlight when reflected many colors from the oxidized surfaces and more in Red Sea Egypt Tours.
Enjoy great tours from El Gouna and take Sindbad submarine to discover the underwater of the Red Sea Egypt, you have the opportunity to enjoy a great time while watching the magical world of coral reefs and exploring different kinds of fish, the submarine down under the water level for around 22 meters that make you feel you are driving. Give yourself the chance to enjoy Alf Leila Wa Leila tour from El Gouna to watch Alf Leila Wa Leila show  that drive you to back to the history of the pharaoh and the Bedouin life, you will explore the ancient Egyptian life with the sound and light Egyptian music, you have the opportunity to enjoy watching show to the horse and also folklore dancing as well as games of Acrobat, also you can watch different shows like Sindbad and his Flying Carpet and the myth of Isis and Osiris, also you can know the Egyptian marriage ceremony and the market of slave and more in this wonderful place.
Have an amazing day tour from Sharm El Sheikh Red Sea Egypt, get ready to enjoy parasailing tour in Sharm El Sheikh that makes you enjoy amazing adventure when you rise up above the sea and then touch the water and rise up again, you can enjoy spending around 7 minutes in the air and get a single trip for one person parachute or two person parachute, have fun and enjoy taking unforgettable photos to this memorable adventure. Also, you have the opportunity to enjoy Glass boat tour to watch the magnificent view of coral reefs and many different kinds of fish, find the charm of the underwater world, also you have the chance to try an amazing tube ride to have fun and entertainment that roll from upright to upside down and back again and more funny tours in Sharm El Sheikh.
There are many amazing Red Sea Egypt excursions such as:
  • El Gouna Day Tours.
  • Hurghada Day Tours
  • Taba Day Tours.
  • Marsa Alam Excursions.
  • Sharm El Sheikh Excursions.
  • Dahab Day Tours.
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Unforgettable Red Sea Egypt Excursions

Try to enjoy our tours in Red Sea Egypt and explore the beauty of the natural places with Ibis Egypt Tours, explore beautiful places in Hurghada, try snorkeling tours to Giftun Island and have wonderful excursion by Sindbad submarine, in Sharm el Sheikh you have the chance to make activities in Ras Mohamed and also try our safari tours in the deserts, have unforgettable tours in Dahab which you can take a tour by glass boat and the beautiful blue hole, also you can visit Marsa Alam and El Gouna in memorable tours, you have the chance to enjoy tours from Taba. Moreover, you have the opportunity to explore fascinating places in Luxor and Cairo from Red sea cities.
If you want to spend a great time in Hurghada you have the opportunity to enjoy our wonderful excursions, take your boat to Mahmya Island where you can feel relaxation, start an amazing snorkeling tour to discover the underwater world, watch dazzling coral reefs and enjoy exploring the beauty of the fishes with different colors. You can enjoy Red Sea Egypt tours to make desert safari tour to the desert of Hurghada, drive four wheel jeep to the desert where you can touch the real beauty and adventure, arrive to the Bedouin village where you have the chance to enjoy watching the sunset in the desert and also ride camels to enjoy different atmosphere, you can taste the Barbeque Dinner and feel the hospitality of the Egyptians, also you can watch the magnificent view of the stars after sunset and more.
Don’t thinking more about how to spend your tour, ibis Egypt tours offers to you our tours to spend great time in Marsa Alam Red Sea Egypt, come to Marsa Alam and try wonderful snorkeling tour in Abu Dabab bay which is one of the best sandy beaches, enjoy diving, swimming, and snorkeling, you can snorkel with titan triggerfish, brilliant green puffer fish and more. Also enjoy a trip to dolphin house in from Marsa Alam that is different something you can try, start your tour by having wonderful short idea about snorkeling in your tour, after that start snorkeling beside dolphins, you can watch the coral reefs while your playing, also you can snorkel to watch the great kinds of fishes. in Marsa Alam you can try to explore Wadi El Gemal on a safari tour to ride camels in the most beautiful areas like El Fustat Ecolodge, Minerals and Gold, Coastal Marsh at Ras Baghdadi and more, you can enjoy sun set and eat the Bedouin food with Bedouin people, also you can dance and sing to enjoy fun during your safari tour.
Prepare yourself to explore the blue hole in Dahab and enjoy wonderful tour to know the secrets about this magical place, the blue hole is the place where the mountains meet the ocean at one point, in this place you can snorkel and swim and have experience about the coral reefs and fishes with its different and beautiful colors, after that you have the chance to visit the three pools which are amazing 3 natural pools with sandy bottom surrounded by corals and there are consider a beautiful place for snorkeling, then move to Wadi gnay and be ready to snorkel and see the Hued fish and coral reefs. enjoy Red Sea Egypt tours from Dahab you have the chance to enjoy the best tour to St. Catherine, start your tour by climb Moses Mountain where you have to escape crowds and try new adventure, enjoy the magnificent view of the sun rising over Sinai mountain, after that you can visit St, Catharine monastery and pass the room of skulls, also you can drive to Dahab to enjoy best shopping tour.
There are many amazing Red Sea Egypt Tours Like:
  • Taba Day Tours.
  • Marsa Alam Excursions.
  • Sharm El Sheikh Excursions.
  • El Gouna Day Tours.
  • Hurghada Day Tours.
  • Dahab Day Tours.
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Find the Best of Cheap Holidays to Egypt

Looking for Cheap Holidays to Egypt? Don’t hesitate and join Ibis Egypt Tours that will let you spend the best vacation you could ever have with a reasonable prices, have an unforgettable visit to Egypt and explore the greatness of the ancient Egyptian civilization that appears in our historical places, explore a different type of culture in many cities, you can also chill out while enjoying the beauty of the Red Sea, all of that joy and more is waiting for you in Cheap Holidays to Egypt.

Have an unforgettable tour with Cheap Holidays to Egypt that will escort to explore Cairo, start with one of the seven wonders of the world, the famous Giza Pyramids, named by the great kings Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, head after that to Panorama area to take memorable photos to share with your friends when get back to your home, before leaving this area don’t miss the Chance to watch the great Sphinx, then head to visit the Valley Temple, visit after that the Egyptian museum to explore a huge collection of ancient Pharaohs monuments, beside Tut ankhamun, and also the halls of mummies, Cheap Holidays in Egypt will take after that in an optional tour to the bride of the Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful Alexandria City, visit Catacombs of Kom El-Shokafa, head after that to the great Qaitbay Citadel, after that move to explore one of the greatest libraries in the world, Alexandria Library, try to pass by the amusing Montazah Palace before leaving.

Looking for a place to relax and Clear you mind away from the boring daily routine? Forget the stress of life and work and join our Cheap Holidays to Egypt and enjoy your tour to Cairo historical places, Luxor biggest Landmarks and also you enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea, Chill out at the gorgeous beaches of Hurghada, visit Mahmya or Giftun Island to have an exciting experience, you can also try some water activities like swimming, diving, or snorkeling to enjoy watching the amusing colorful Coral reefs.

Taste a different Type of culture during your Tour with our Cheap Holidays to Egypt, enjoy discovering Cairo sightseeing, moving to Aswan after that to explore some of its greatest Landmarks, start with the Great Philae Temple which belongs to Isis and Hathor goddesses, and head after that to see one the greatest projects in modern Egypt, The High Dam as it generates electricity and was built basically to protect Egypt from the danger of flood and drought, head after that to watch the Unfinished Obelisk, head after that to explore Abu Simbel Temple, have a walkthrough Temple of Ramses II, and the Temple of beautiful queen Nefertari after that, head toward the East Bank of Luxor to visit Karnak Temple which is considered as the largest temple in the whole world, move after that to discover the magnificent LuxorTemple, head after that to West Bank of Luxor to walkthrough The Valley of Kings, or the Valley or Queens, explore Hatshepsut Temple, and finally visit the huge two statuesColossi of Memnon.

There are many of Cheap Holidays to Egypt Like:
Cheap Cairo Tours
Cheap Tours to Cairo and Luxor
Cairo, Luxor and Hurghada Cheap Tours
Cheap Tours To Cairo And Hurghada
Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel and Luxor Cheap Tours

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Options for amazing Cheap Holidays To Egypt

Don’t be hesitate and take the decision to Spend a wonderful holiday in Egypt with low fees? Ibis Egypt Tours Offers you amazing Cheap Holidays To Egypt without paying a lot of money, you will find many wonderful holidays with Competitive prices Suitable for your Pocket, with Egypt Budget tours you will be able to back to history with Cairo, Abu Simbel , Aswan and Luxor tours , also you have the chance to enjoy unforgettable adventure via the Nile River with best Nile Cruise Sailing via the great Nile river . explore the marvellous of Hurghada City with Cheap wonderful vacations in Hurghada and more through Egypt Budget Tours.

Explore the magic of Pharaoh with adventures in Egypt through Cheap Holidays To Egypt through amazing tour to explore Luxor ,visit Luxor Temple where you will visit The birth Room and The Colonnade of King Amenhotep III , visit Karnak temple that consider as a collection of temples , explore 10 pylons and wonderful Obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut , enjoy Cheap Egypt tours to explore Hatshepsut temple that dates to the New Kingdom and Consider as one of the most important New Kingdom temples cause of the reliefs of the myth of her divine birth .also you have the chance to enjoy amazing budget Holidays To Egypt in Hurghada , find yourself with this pure world that full of beauty and nature , enjoy Sunny and Sandy beach to refresh your mind and your Soul with Colorful fish, Coral Reefs and a lot of amazing sea Creatures .

Prepare your baggage and come to Egypt to enjoy wonderful tours around Egypt to explore the beauty Culture of Egypt through wonderful Cheap Holidays To Egypt  in best Tours To Cairo And Luxor , Scout to explore Cairo attractions Like most attractive highlight in Egypt ( Giza Pyramids ) which had been through The Old Kingdom, explore the great Pyramid of Cheops that its high is 138 m and was one of the ancient Seven wonders of the world .Scout to The Egyptian Museum to explore many valuable masterpieces like Tutankhamun Treasures and Akhnaton collection.

Save your money and have happiness with Ibis Egypt Tours which in unforgettable Cheap Holidays To Egypt in Aswan ( The Land of The gold ) through this awesome Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel and Luxor Cheap Tours. explore Philae Temple that associated to the Egyptian goddess Isis and The High Dam which built in 1960 to protect Egypt From drought or Flood then explore The Unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut during the New Kingdom, Enjoy Egypt Cheap tours to explore Abu Simbel Temples that belongs to King Ramses II , Visit the Huge Temple of Abu Simbel and enjoy watching the huge statues that erected in front of the temple and discover important decorations for his victory in Kadesh battle ,then scout to the Small temple of Abu Simbel which had been built by Ramses II for his wife , feast your eyes with wonderful reliefs for Nefertari with goddess like Hathor the goddess of Love , Joy and motherhood .

There are many things to do through best Cheap Holidays To Egypt Such like:
Cheap Cairo Tours
Cheap Tours To Cairo And Luxor
Cheap Tours To Cairo And Hurghada
Cairo, Luxor And Hurghada Cheap Tours
Cairo And Nile Cruise Budget Tours Packages
Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel And Luxor Cheap Tours

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Incredible Cheap Holidays To Egypt

Are you ready to have best cheap tours to visit many places in Egypt? Try to explore the history with low fees in best Cheap Holidays to Egypt with ibis Egypt tours and explore an amazing historical places, you can visit Cairo and Alexandria, also visit Luxor and Aswan sightseeing, don’t miss the chance to spend great time in the Red Sea and touch the beauty in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh (City of Peace), moreover in cheap tours you can enjoy in the Nile cruise that sailing in the Nile river of Egypt.

Try our Cheap Holidays to Egypt and visit many places like Cairo and Luxor, in Cairo you have the chance to visit the three pyramids of Giza and explore the history of the sphinx, then you can visit the great Egyptian museum that contains more than 120,000 masterpieces from different eras, you have the opportunity to visit Luxor in best Cheap Holidays in Egypt, know more about the history of this amuse yourself while visiting Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple in the East bank, also and try to explore Hatshepsut Temple that has beautiful design, also walk in the valley of the kings or the valley of the queens, after that you can explore Colossi of Memnon.

Prepare yourself to enjoy an amazing tours in Cheap Holidays to Egypt to Aswan and Luxor in Egypt, know more information about this historical places, and try to explore Aswan attractions like the High Dam of Aswan that was built to protect Egypt from floods and drought, then you have the chance to explore the Unfinished Obelisk that is didn’t completed because the cracks of the granite that found by stonemasons, also you can amuse your eyes in Philae Temple that located on Philae Island, and it date back to Ptolemy’s era, it also dedicated to god Osiris, you have the opportunity to explore Abu Simbel Temple that dedicated to Amon-Ra, Harmakis and Ptah and it constructed for Pharaoh Ramses II, the temple consist of Four statues in the front of the Temple. And more through Cheap Holidays to Egypt.

Enjoy beautiful tours in Egypt and Have different culture while exploring many sites, enjoy Egypt and explore the history in wonderful excursions in Egypt, Cheap Holidays to Egypt with ibis Egypt tours help you to visit Cairo and Luxor attractions, you have the chance to enjoy discovering Karnak Temple that the most famous and largest temple in the world, watch the Obelisks that inside the temple, that is one for Queen Hatshepsut and the other for King Thutmose I, also you can visit Luxor Temple that built by Amenhotep III and completed by Ramses II, have an optional excursion to the west bank of Luxor, walk through the valley of The Kings or visit Valley of The Queens, you have to explore Hatshepsut temple, also watch Colossi of Memnon, you have the chance to take an optional tour to Hurghada and many water activities waiting for you, try to swim and snorkel in the beautiful red sea water.

There are many tours through Cheap Holidays to Egypt Such as:
Cheap Tours To Cairo And Luxor
Cheap Tours To Cairo And Hurghada
Cairo And Nile Cruise Budget Tours Packages
Cairo, Luxor And Hurghada Cheap Tours
Cheap Cairo Tours
Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel And Luxor Cheap Tours

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Holidays To Spend Through Egypt Tourism

Have unforgettable and unique tours to Egypt and have the chance to spend a memorable time with Ibis Egypt tours, you can choose you package and enjoy your vacation to watch many historical places, feel relaxation in the Nile cruise in best classic tours, try our cheap tours, holy land tours, Egypt and Jordan tours and also you have the opportunity to enjoy best short breaks, explore the deserts of Egypt while your Safari Vacations, have the chance to play Golf in best clubs in Egypt, and more places to explore the civilization of Egypt Tourism.
Are you Ready to take a break from hard work days? Chill out and try to have best vacation to watch Cairo sightseeing, explore the great pyramids of Giza Cheops , Chephren and Mykerinus that consider royal tombs of three kings in ancient Egypt, amuse your eyes with the great sphinx, explore the Egyptian museum that include an amazing masterpiece dates back to different areas, also watch Tutankhamun treasures. After that Egypt Tourism gives you the chance to enjoy exploring Alexandria(The bride of the Mediterranean Sea), feast your eyes with Quitbay Citadel that belongs to El Sultan Quitbay, and also explore the Roman necropolis Catacomb of kom El Shoqafa, you have to watch the beauty of Alexandria library that has important culture, moreover feast your eyes with the magnificent Montazah palace and try to walk in its gardens and breath the smell of the beautiful flowers.
Enjoy with low prices in Egypt and have the opportunity to spent beautiful vacation with best cheap tours, take the decision and come to Egypt to visit Cairo sightseeing like the great pyramids and the Egyptian museum, move to Luxor to know more information about its culture, start by visiting the East bank of Luxor, explore Karnak Temple that consider the largest temple in The world, also visit Luxor Temple that dedicated to Triad of Thebes, move to the west bank of Luxor to enjoy discovering the valley of the kings and the beauty of Hatshepsut Temple. Also in Egypt Tourism enjoy budget tours that you have the chance to enjoy a tour to Hurghada to chill out and make best water activities.
Meditation is one of the best things that you can do, try to enjoy meditation tours in the land of the history, there are many places to feel relaxation and try meditation in Egypt such as Cairo, Saqqara, Dahshore, Luxor, and Aswan, you can try meditation in Cairo in Giza pyramids that you have to get rid of your negative energy in of The burial Chamber of the king inside the Pyramid, also you can try meditation beside the great sphinx, refresh your mind in Luxor while walking through the seven doors of Sekhmet Temple, don’t miss the chance to have positive energy in Dahab while your meditation in The Blue Hole where is the place that have magic and beauty and also best place for snorkeling and Diving.
   Egypt Tourism makes you enjoy best Golf tours in best Golf places, you have to play Golf in best Golf Clubs in Egypt, while your tour to play Golf in Luxor and Cairo, you have the opportunity to explore the sightseeing, feast yourself while playing Gulf in Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort in Cairo, in Luxor explore the sightseeing in East and West bank, also enjoy playing Golf in Royal Valley Golf Club.
There are many Types through Egypt Tourism Such as:

Egypt Classic Tours
Egypt and Jordan Tours
Egypt Budget Tours
Red Sea Tours
Egypt Desert Safari
Egypt Honeymoon Packages
Egypt Holy Land Tours
Spiritual Tours to Egypt

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