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Are you inteEgypt InformationIbis Egypt Tours got you the best tours in many different destinations all over Egypt, amuse yourself and enjoy the perfect weather during your excursion in Sharm El-SheikhHurghada, Dahab, or Marsa Alam, you can also visit Cairo City the Capital of Egypt with its huge Landmarks that is well known globally, you can also discover the glory of the monuments of the Pharaonic people during your visit to Luxor, also you can find the perfect combination of the greatness of the of the of the ancient monuments and the evolution of the modern history projects in the beautiful Aswan City.
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Have an amazing experience during your excursion in Cairo that considers the largest City in Egypt, start your day tour and enjoy a spectacular visit to the Great Pyramids Giza belongs to the famous Three Kings CheopsChephren, and Mykerinus, also try a new adventure and have an optional tour inside any of the Pyramids upon your request, after that head towards Panorama area to take magnificent photos to keep these exceptional moments, move to stare at the Sphinx as well, your next tour will be the Valley Temple to enjoy an amusing walkthrough, after that head towards the Egyptian Museum that is one of the most famous museums in the world, enjoy discovering the treasures and pieces of jewelry, also many Pharaonic mummies, continue your tour and visit Khan El-Khalili the famous Bazaar, after that get to know much Egypt Information through the Pyramids Sound and Light show, and enjoy watching a spectacular show that tells the history and culture of Pharaohs.
Enjoy an unforgettable day tour in Aswan City that considers a big market and a huge centre for tourists, enjoy the sunny weather as The weather in Aswan is very clear, bright and sunny all around the year in all seasons, start exploring some of the most important Egypt Information during your visit to the High Dam that is one of the biggest projects in the modern history of Egypt as it was built in 1960 to prevent the danger of the flood and the drought of the Nile River, also provided by a huge reservoir storage, so it can control the floods and the water could be stored for later release for many multiple years, after that head towards the Unfinished Obelisk, then continue your tour and head to Philae Temple, that belongs to Hathor and Isis both are goddesses, Egyptologists think this great temple was the last active site for the native ancient Egyptian religion.
Find the answer for most of your questions and get more Egypt Information through your visit to Alexandria City that extends around 32 km along the Mediterranean Sea Coast, this City is famous for its exceptional beauty that people gave it many names and the most common one is “the Bride of the Mediterranean Sea”, start your Alexandria tour with a visit to one of the largest libraries in the world, but it was the biggest library in the ancient world with more than 8 million books, then have a new experience and get to know the Egyptian Style through your excursion in the traditional market, explore the Egyptian goods and taste a different type of Culture, after that move to scout the mosque of El Nabi Daniel, then have the chance to embrace the Islamic culture during your visit to Abu El Abbas Mosque that is the biggest mosque in Alexandria, then your last point in this amusing tour will be Montazah Palace with its exceptional view.

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Famous Egypt Information

Get valuable Information about Egypt with Ibis Egypt Tours and experience Culture, history and Civilization. Know Valuable Egypt information through getting much information about its remarkable Location , Egypt bordered by Israel and the Gaza Strip in the north-east, the Red Sea in the east, Libya in the west and Sudan in the south and Contains many important Cities Full of many highlights and attractions Like Cairo, LuxorAswan and Alexandria. Also Egypt has many natural attractions Full of beauty in different Cities Like sharm El sheikh, Hurghada, Dahab, Taba and Marsa alam. Explore much valuable information about the main language of Egypt, the Climate and best travel clothing that suite the period of the travel, The Currency and more with Ibis Egypt Tours.

Prepare yourself for amazing and Wonderful information about The Land of The History. Experience Cairo City one of the largest and important Cities in Egypt and is the Capital of Egypt also it Consider the center of Cultural and politics in Egypt. In Egypt , there is Experience The marvelous nightlife of Cairo with Malls, luxury restaurants and shops . in Cairo there are many things to do Like exploring the beauty of the Nile river through dinner or Lunch Cruise with Tanoura Show . also for history Lovers , Cairo has many attractions dates to different times like Giza Pyramids one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World , Saqqara , Dahshour , The Egyptian Museum at El Tahrir Square Where 25th January Revaluation was happened  .  In Old Cairo, there are many attractions for 3 religions on the same land. Like Ben Ezra Synagogue, the Hanging Church and Amr Ibn ElAss Mosque. Also in Cairo, there are amazing Islamic Street that known as (El Moez Street) and more you will explore with Egypt information  .

For nature and beauty Lovers, be ready to explore many valuable Egypt information  about marsa Alam City, it’s one of the best wonderful Cities in Egypt. It’s another type of beauty in Egypt. be ready to get many information about Marsa Alam that Contains beautiful Sunny and sandy beaches and attractions .its Locates in south eastern of Egypt and Locates on the western shore of the Red Sea . Marsa Alam has a hot desert Climate it’s very suitable for Sun Lovers. Marsa alam isn’t just for water activities but also their many attractions that attractive many travelers Like the Dolphins House where Spending fun time while Swimming with Funny dolphins. Also, there are one Of the Most rated Egypt Attractions in Marsa Alam  is Wadi El Gemal , it’s a wonderful chance for People who want to experience many amazing Variety of animals and different kinds of birds. Also there are unforgettable Safari adventure tours to attend Sunset with exploring beautiful Bedouin Village where there are many interesting activities like eating with Bedouin People with opportunity to discover their Life style, music, Food  and more you will know with Popular Egypt Information .

Explore Valuable Egypt information with Ibis Egypt tours and get much Valuable information about one of most beautiful Cities in Egypt Aswan City that known as The Land of The Gold, Aswan City is Known by its beauty through the marvelous view of The Nile River, green banks, Colorful houses with beautiful colors and hieroglyphics Signs and remarkable highlights Like The Unfinished Obelisk of queen Hatshepsut, The marvelous Roman Philae Temple and Colossi of Memnon. Also, there is amazing tour to Abu Simbel temple, its one of the most attractive temples in Egypt. In Aswan City , there are many things to do Like Felucca tours to touch beauty of the Nile river , Aswan Nile Cruise sailing via the Nile river between Aswan and Luxor , also there are amazing chances to touch beauty of aswan that Full of amazing Nubian villages . In Aswan by Night, there are amazing Sound and light show at Philae Temple , aalos there are many information you will discover about Aswan .
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Get knowledge about Egypt and have the chance to explore wonderful places in Egypt, try to enjoy with ibis Egypt tours and explore many of Egypt Information, have day tours to visit the highlights of Cairo and try to visit the civilization of Luxor and Aswan, also you can enjoy the best information about Alexandria city while your tour, also try to enjoy visiting the cities of the red sea like HurghadaSharm El Sheikh, Marsa AlamTaba, and Dahab where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and enjoy the wonderful climate in Egypt, also have experience about the currency that used in Egypt which is the Egyptian pound.
Get the chance to have wonderful tour to Aswan and spend a great day tour with best accommodation in magnificent hotels that have 4 or 5 stars, you have the chance to visit Egypt attractions to collect many Egypt Information, you have the chance to explore the high dam that protects Egypt from the floods, also you can enjoy visiting the unfinished obelisk of the Queen Hatshepsut, also you can enjoy unforgettable excursion to discover the temple of Philae that belongs to Isis and Hathor. Also, you can amuse yourself with the beauty of Abu Simbel temple of Ramses II that have four statues, also you can watch the small temple of Nefertari  (Ramses II’s wife).
Are you ready to know Egypt Information? While your tour you can enjoy collecting information about Hurghada, you can enjoy a tour to visit Giftun Island where you can make water activities to watch the beauty of underwater life, feast your eyes with the colorful fishes and the beautiful coral reefs, you can make snorkeling and diving, also have swimming in the pure and crystal water of the red sea. Have the opportunity to enjoy best Safari tour in the desert of Hurghada, start an amazing excursion and have the opportunity to have more information about desert, you can enjoy riding the quad bike and go to the desert and enjoy the real adventure while arriving at the Bedouin village, try to live the wonderful Bedouin life, try to eat the Bedouin food and drink tea, also you can enjoy watching the great view of the sunset at the end of the day.
Try to enjoy wonderful tour and visit Cairo, enjoy exploring best Egyptian attractions and history, know wonderful Egypt Information about Cairo, visit the great pyramids of Giza and the great Sphinx, you have the chance to enjoy taking great photos in the panorama area, also visit the valley temple, you have the chance to continue driving to watch the step pyramid of Sakkara that known as King Zoser pyramid, you can stop in Memphis city and also watch the huge statue of Ramses II, you can enjoy buying souvenirs to your family and friends. You can enjoy a tour to visit the Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum where you can enjoy watching the monument of the pharaoh Tutankhamun, you can watch the mummies in the room of mummies inside the Egyptian museum.
Try to enjoy getting the best information about the colored Canyon from the wonderful tour from Taba, the colored Canyon located in Nuweiba, you can explore it and watch the beautiful colors to watch unforgettable panoramic views and walk through the valleys of granite, also you can hike the rocky mountains. Have the chance to enjoy a tour from Taba to explore St. Catherine monastery, it is the famous monastery in the world, you have the chance to move to the room of skulls to see a lot of skulls, after that drive back to Taba to enjoy shopping at Taba.
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