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Egypt Multi Centre Holidays

Aswan Philae temple 21
Do you Search for best Multi Centre Holidays? Come to Egypt and enjoy best amazing holidays in and out Egypt. you will find amazing chances to enjoy amazing Holidays in Egypt and Jordan with best wonderful Egypt and Jordan Packages, Also with Ibis Egypt Tours, you will be able to explore wonderful our Multi-Center Holidays Packages in Best Egypt Holy Land Tours that Offers amazing Package in Egypt, Jordan and Israel. full of wonderful tours and excursions to explore different Cultures and more you will explore with Ibis Egypt Tours.
You deserve to be happy with Ibis Egypt that has the best Selection for you with amazing Multi Centre Holidays to Egypt and Jordan , explore best Egypt Trips to Cairo , Visit Giza Pyramids and the mighty Sphinx with amazing tour to explore The Egyptian Museum that contains more than 120,000 , in Egypt Holiday you will have the Chance to explore Luxor the most historical site where you will visit Luxor Temple, the huge temple in Egypt Karnak Temple and Hatshepsut Temple Sail to Edfu Temple of Hours then sail to of Kom Ombo temple,  visit Aswan attractions Like The Unfinished Obelisk and The High Dam . Fly to Amman from Cairo and Scout to Madaba to explore St, George s great orthodox that has a famous mosaic on the floor. visit recalls the story of Moses through visiting Mount Nebo where there is a Memorial for Musa. according to the Bible story, Moses does not ever arrive at the Promised Land but he is able to see it from a distance before he dies, visit Pharaoh Citadel “Coral Island”, Enjoy The Dead Sea where you will refresh your body in the largest natural Spa, Scout to Petra the Red Rose City which is one of The Seven Wonders of the World  .
Are you ready to enjoy amazing Multi Centre Holidays in Egypt , Jordan and Isreal .enjoy our holy land tours to explore Egypt attraction Like Giza Pyramids and Old Cairo, visit The Hanging Church and Ben Ezra Synagogue. enjoy  Egypt tours to explore St, Catherine Monastery the most important Coptic attraction in Egypt.  Be ready to explore Jordan where you will visit Petra the Carved City and amazing tour to explore AmmanSightseeing Like Mount Nebo , you will be able to explore beauty and wonders of The Dead Sea then Prepare yourself to explore best Israel Holiday through amazing tours to explore old Port City of Jaffa Tel Aviv the largest city in  Israel. walk through the narrow passages of Old Jaffa  , enjoy boarding a wooden boat to visit the ancient “Jesus Boat, Visit Banias- ancient Caesarea Philippi, also you have the chance to visit the Mount of Beatitudes, Scout to the ancient city of Beit She’an , continue through the Jordan Valley past the city of Jericho and arrive at the Dead Sea to enjoy Spa treatment tour ,Visit fortress of Masada the last stronghold of the Jewish , explore  2,000-year-old Olive trees dates back to time of Jesus through the Palm Sunday Road then explore the Upper room then visit the New City of Jerusalem and pass the Israel Parliament “Knesset” , visit the Church of the Visitation at Ein Kareem and explore the Garden Tomb to celebrate the resurrection with a time for prayer  .
Enjoy wonderful holiday mix between Egypt and Jordan Tours , explore Cairo attractions and explore Aswan attractions Like The Unfinished Obelisk and Philae Temple then explore Abu Simbel carved temples of Ramses II then you will enjoy Luxor tours to Karnak Temple and Hatshepsut temple with a wonderful tour to The Valley of the Kings , also you will explore St, Catherine monastery and enjoy a wonderful vacation in Sharm El Sheikh to touch beauty of the red Sea, don’t miss the chance to enjoy unforgettable Multi Centre Holidays with ibis Egypt Tours to explore Jordan , Scout to Wadi rum ” The Moon Valley” to enjoy the landscape of Wadi rum desert then explore Petra to amuse your eyes with beautifully carved buildings.
Enjoy wonderful Multi Centre Holidays through ¨
  • Egypt and Jordan tours
  • Egypt Holy Land Tours
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Discover Our Variety Of Egypt Tour Packages

Do you think to spend a great time in Egypt? Don’t think more to have best vacation in Egypt, Egypt tour packages gives you the opportunity to have wonderful holidays, spend magnificent holiday in red sea tours that you can make activities in the water, have classical tours and enjoy best Nile cruise tours to Luxor and Aswan, enjoy budget tours and short tours, you have the chance to try adventure tours like safari tours in the desert, have one package combine between the attractions of Egypt and Jordan, also if you are a Golf player you have to enjoy playing Golf in wonderful places in Egypt.
Are you ready to have unforgettable tours to Egyptand Jordan? Enjoy with Egypt Tour packages to spend wonderful time, you have to start you holiday by visiting Egypt, watch the attractions of Cairo, and also take Nile cruise sailing in the Nile river, while sailing you can breath the pure Air, Arrive to Aswan where you watch the high dam, the unfinished obelisk, and also the great Philae Temple, then sail to explore the temple of Kom Ombo of gods Sobek and Horus, after that continue sailing to Edfu (temple of Horus), you have the chance to explore the attractions of Luxor like Luxor temple, Karnak temple, and Hatshepsut temple. You have an optional tour to Alexandria to watch the attraction of this beautiful city. Enjoy by visiting Amman and then visit Madaba is the St George’s Greek Orthodox Church, have excursion to watch the charm and beauty of the dead sea that considers the deepest hypersaline lake in the world and a natural spa, the dead sea attracts many people to visit it, after that you have to explore the beautiful Red Rose city (Petra) and watch the wonderful buildings, also you have to ride camels and walk through this magnificent city.
Are you interested in playing Golf? Have the opportunity to play Golf in best clubs and resorts in Egypt, in your Egypt Tour Packages don’t miss the chance to play Golf in Cairo or Luxor, in Cairo you can enjoy at Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort, and while your tour you have to explore Cairo attractions, in Luxor you have to play Golf at Royal Valley Golf Club, and also explore Luxor East and West bank, try to play Golf in Sharm El Sheikh in Maritim Jolie Ville Golf Resort, moreover you can play Golf in Cascades Golf Resort in Hurghada.
Explore the treasures of Egypt and have beautiful short breaks to explore the beautiful places, Egypt Tour packages makes you explore the pyramids of Giza of kings Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus, that consider the royal tombs dates back to the old kingdom, have the chance to watch sphinx, enjoy taking beautiful photos in wonderful panoramic view, after that you have the opportunity to visit the Egyptian museum and watch the great ancient treasures that date to Tutankhamun, and also watch Hatshepsut and Sphinx Statues, after that you have to explore the city of Alexandria that known as the bride of the Mediterranean sea, watch the attractions like Citadel of Qaitbay of El Sultan Qaitbay, amuse your eyes with The Roman necropolis of kom El Shoqafa Catacomb, also explore Alexandria Library which consider as the most important Culture Center in Egypt, after that you can amuse your eyes with beauty of Montazah Palace which surrounded with beautiful garden with amazing flowers.
There are many Parts through Egypt Tour Packages Such as:
Egyptand Jordan Tours
Egypt Budget Tours
Spiritual Tours to Egypt
Egypt Holy Land Tours
Egypt Golf Packages
Egypt Honeymoon Packages
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Private Egypt Travel Tours

Keen to experience The Land Of Pharaoh to get knowledge about Egypt history , culture and mysteries to fill your eyes and mind with magic of the great history of Egypt with unforgettable tours to  , enjoy amazing Egypt Travel Packages to explore many valuable monuments and attractions with Ibis Egypt Tours , Select your Package between many Categories Like our Classic Tours to walk through history and save your money with Ibis Egypt tours through Egypt Budget Tours to  with reasonable rates Suitable for your Pocket , taste the beauty of Egypt desert best adventure Safari Packages , also you have to try Egypt and Jordan in unique packages full of most famous tours in the two countries ,try Egypt Short Tours to explore Egypt attractions in Short time , enjoy Egypt Spirituals Tours through wonderful and enjoy adorable vacation with Red Sea Packages and more with Ibis Egypt Tours.

Enjoy Egypt Travel with best Egypt short Tours to Cairo and Alexandria ,  Scout to  Cairo attractions Such as Giza Three Pyramids of King Cheops , Chephren and Mykerinus which was one of ancient Seven Wonders of the World , explore the Great Pyramid of King Cheops which its high is 138 m , explore The Sphinx on Giza plateau that Consist of a human head as a sign of the wisdom and body of Lion a sign of Power also you will explore the Egyptian Museum that contains more than 120,000 masterpiece  .  enjoy amazing Holidays in Egypt to Visit Alexandria (The Bride of Mediterranean Sea ) where you will explore Qaitbay Citadel of El Sultan El Ashraf Qaitbay, Alexandria Library the most important Culture Center in Egypt and don’t miss the Chance to know the more about the burial way which was through the Roman Period in wonderful trip to Catacomb of Kom El Shoqafa and more through Alexandria day tour.

Refresh your mind and your Soul and have the Positive energy to calm down with memorable and unforgettable through Egyptian Travel all Inclusive Packages,  get the Opportunity to  enjoy meditation Package in the land of history through many historical Sites ,  explore the healing energy with Fantastic Meditation tours to Cairo Saqqara Dahshur Luxor and Aswan . enjoy Meditation tours in Cairo City with fantastic Spirituals tours through Pyramids Meditation tours, be ready to balance Root Chakra ( I AM ) to Feel calm and self-confidence while exploring energy of  Giza Pyramids make your Throat Chakra in balance to express what you think  and  try meditation in to refresh your Soul through walking through seven doors of Sekhmet Temple  and unleash your inner through valuable Egypt meditation tours to Abydos temple of Seti I and Dendera Temple that dedicated to goddess Hathor and more you will discover with Egypt Travel All Inclusive.

Travel To Egypt and Prepare yourself  to build wonderful memory about Egypt history through wonderful Egypt Classic Tours to Cairo attractions Like Giza Pyramids the massive royal tombs that had been Constructed during the Old Kingdom , have the Opportunity to explore The Egyptian museum that had built in 1902 to Contains many valuable Original masterpieces dates to different eras ,enjoy Nile Cruise tours via the Nile river  through wonderful Sailing between Luxor and Aswan , explore Luxor Sightseeing Like Luxor Temple that dedicated to Triad of Thebes and was Famous with Opet Festival  then head to Karnak Temple the hugest temple in Egypt , enjoy Egypt Travel tours while Sailing to Edfu temple of the Falcon god Hours then sail to Kom Ombo the double shared temple that dedicated to god Sobek and Hours the elder , enjoy  Aswan tours to the Roman Philae Temple of goddess Isis and The Unfinished Obelisk that ordered to build by Queen Hatshepsut .

There are wonderful Tours through Private Egypt Travel Packages such as:
  • Egypt Classic Tours
  • Egypt Honeymoon Packages
  • Red Sea Tours
  • Egypt Desert Safari
  • Spiritual Tours To Egypt
  • Egypt Short Breaks

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