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Egypt Tour Packages

Egypt has a lot of sites and landmarks to visit, enjoy variety of Egypt Tour Packages with Ibis Egypt Tours, Explore the best sites of Egypt, amuse your eyes by visiting Cairo with its marvelous sites and spots, Try the best of Luxor attractions, be amazed with Aswan Tours and Excursions, try Egypt Travel Packages and have the chance to enjoy combo holiday to Egypt and Jordan, it is new experience for you once you try visiting such different sites, choose between different  packages to gain different experience with Egypt Tour Package.

Giza Pyramids 
Enjoy the magic of the Nile river and try Nile Cruise to scout the magnificent sites between Luxor and Aswan, variety of ancient sites are available to visit with Egypt Tours Packages, get the chance to visit Karnak Temple with its amazing Pillars, Watch the glory of Luxor Temple, discover Valley of the Kings with its strange tombs, get astonished by visiting Hatshepsut Temple, visiting Aswan with its special sites is something different where you can visit Philae Temple, Aswan High Dam and the Unfinished Obelisk, there is more to see and enjoy with Egypt Vacation Packages.

Egypt Trip Packages will allow you to visit Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Islamic and Coptic attractions where you can taste the Old Culture by visiting Citadel of Salah El Din, the Hanging Church and Ben Azra Synagogue, Try Egypt Travel Package to scout more sites with Ibis Egypt Tours.

Mummy Room at the Egyptian Museum
Egypt Package Tours will give you the chance to enjoy Nile River in Cairo or to scout Luxor, Aswan,Edfu, Kom Ombo and other great Egyptian sites, other choices such as Lake Nasser Cruise where you can visit Amada Temple, Penout Tomb, try lake Nasser cruise and get comfortable accommodation and more with Vacation Packages to Egypt.

A lot of things to do in Egypt, and different activities, choose between the different packages enjoy Snorkleing at the Red Sea, or try to dive at different spots, try adventure tours at Egypt Desert by visiting Bahariya Oasis and White Desert, scout the White Desert and Black Desert, get to know more about Marsa Alam excursions, it is famous with its water sports and activities . Discover Egypt Package with Ibis Egypt Tours. 

Red Sea Snorkeling

The special atmosphere of Nile River will give you the chance to relax, the Red Sea Crystal beaches, with its weather are the best choice for luxury honeymoon, 

Travel Packages to Egypt are memorable and really wonderful, honeymoon in Egypt is much different, once you get your Nile Cruise to Luxor and Aswan, it will transfer you back to the past to taste the ancient Egyptian history, once you stay at Sharm El-sheikh – you will feel that you are touching the sky, Egypt Vacation Package will allow you to scout and see more and more. 

Honeymoon Packages 
Customers who are preferring Golf, will have the chance to enjoy Tour Packages to Egypt including Golf, Egypt with its warm weather and Beauty landscapes, will help golfers to get the most luxurious of Egypt Golf Packages. 

Not only this but also Package Tour to Egypt will allow golfers to enjoy playing Golf at Pyramids of Giza, and will give them the chance to Play golf at Katameya Heights Golf Resort, and more with Tour Packages to Egypt.

With Vacation Packages Egypt have the chance to visit the fascinating Alexandria with its gleaming beach, on the other hand have the chance to visit Alexandria attractions with its fascinating sites such as Qaitbai Citadel, Cata Comb of Kom El-Shokafa, Alexandria Library and Montazah Palace with its green beauty Gardens and more.  

Qaitbai Citadel 
Or who are searching for adventure tours and Desert Safari, Egypt is the best destinations for Safari Adventure in the world, Egypt Desert has wide range of Oasis, and each oasis has its specific landmarks, Camping at the white Desert is a new trial you have to try, Scout  Dakhla and Kharga Oasis, Do not miss the chance to explore Bahariya Oasis, plenty of sites and landmarks available for visit with Tour Package Egypt.

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