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Enjoy amazing Nile Cruise in Egypt

Have an unforgettable luxury vacation with Ibis Egypt Tours Nile Cruise, take your Nile Cruise and enjoy exploring some of the most beautiful attractions in Egypt, taste a different type of culture and visit Karnak Temple, and Luxor Temple in your Luxor and Aswan Nile Cruise, you Can also try Lake Nasser Tour to visit Kalabsha Temple and discover Temple of Wadi El Seboua as well, or you can take a Felucca to amuse your eyes with the beauty of the nature and find out more about the Nubian culture, also you can discover the great Philae Temple and watch the unique Unfinished Obelisk.
Explore Aswan and Luxor best sightseeing while your Luxor and Aswan Nile Cruise, that will take you to explore the great High Dam which is one the greatest projects in the history of modern Egypt, as it was built to protect Egypt from the danger of flood and drought, and it also generates electricity, sail after that to explore the unique of its kind the unfinished Obelisk, sail after that to Kom Ombo to explore the Temple shared by two gods Sobek & Haeroris, continue sailing after that to Edfu and have a new adventure while visiting the Temple of Horus, after that sail to Luxor through Esna and enjoy your tour to the East Bank of Luxor to discover the largest Temple ever constructed in the world, Karnak Temple, head after that to discover the magnificent  Luxor Temple, Sail after that to Luxor West Bank to discover the glorious of the Valley of Kings which  contains large amout of tombs for Kings, and it was built to prevent grave robbers from robbing the Pharaoh’s, your Nile Cruise will escort you after that to see the temple of the beautiful queen Hatshepsut, it’s also the best temple still existed without any destruction.
Enjoy your Lake Nasser Cruise and explore the glory of Kalabsha Temple that dates back to the Roman period in Aswan, head after that to discover Beit El Wali that was built by Pharaoh Ramses II, continuing to the kiosk of Kertassi, sail towards Wadi El Seboua after that, Dakka Temple and also the temple of Meharakka, after that you’ll sail to Amada to explore the greatness of Amada Temple, you can also head toward Derr Temple, then scout to Peanut Tomb, sail to Kasr Ibrim, to watch it, you can also have memorable photos there, then head to Abu Simbel to watch the great Temple of Abu Simbel.
Take your Felucca to discover the Nubian culture, walkthrough Koubaneya Village, have a new experience and try some delicious Nubian food, sail after that to Aswan to explore a various kinds of Camels in the  biggest camel market in Egypt located in  Darawa local village, continue sailing to Kom Ombo to watch Baluli island, Sail after that to Fares village, after that sail to Gebel El-Silsila, relax while passing by  Speos of Hormheb,  you can also discover the crowning hall belongs to Horemheb.
There are many other Nile Cruise packages such as:
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  • Lake Nasser Nile Cruise
  • Luxor Aswan Cruise
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Have the Best vacation with Our Cheap Holidays to Egypt

Spend the best vacation with our Cheap Holidays to Egypt, enjoy your tour while discovering the greatness of the ancient Egyptian Civilization, and try some new adventures, have an exciting experience with Ibis Egypt Tours, visit many places in Egypt with reasonable prices, come to Egypt with your family or friends and share all that fun and joy with your beloved ones.
Cairo is full of great historical places that you can visit during your Cheap Holidays to Egypt, Start with the famous Giza Pyramids named by the great kings Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, the Pyramid of Cheops is considered as the Largest Pyramid on the surface of the planet,  these Pyramids are also still considered as one of the seven wonders of the world,  don’t forget to take memorable photos to keep these beautiful moments, after that head to the great Sphinx the famous statue with a lions body and a humans head,  you can also have a walk through the valley of Temple, after that you will have the chance to visit one of the greatest museums in the world the Egyptian museum, to explore a large amount of ancient Pharaoh’s monuments, also Tut Tutankhamun, and finally the halls of mummies.
Enjoy your tour with our Cheap Holidays to Egypt, explore Cairo, then head to Aswanto visit Philae Temple, as Philae is a Greek name which means beloved, also that temple Belongs to Isis and Hathor goddesses, head after that to watch the beauty of the Unfinished Obelisk, after that discover tha great High Dam, one of the greatest projects in the history of modern Egypt, it was built to protect Egypt from the danger of flood and drought, and it also generates electricity, head after that to Abu Simbel, to discover the greatness of Abu Simbel Temple, head after that to have a walkthrough the Temple of Ramses II, and the Temple of the beautiful queen Nefertari, head after that to the East Bank of Luxor to visit Karnak Temple, the largest temple ever constructed in the world, head after that toward the great  Luxor Temple, moving after that to Luxor West Bank to explore the glory of the Valley of Kings, or the valley of Queens, after that head to visit the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, finally don’t leave this beautiful City without passing by Colossi of Memnon.
Relax and chill out with our Tours, start with Cairo Landmarks, visit Giza Pyramids, and pass by the Egyptian museum as well, then head to the magnificent Hurghada to Clear your mind, enjoy the Pure air, the unbelievable view of the Red Sea, and the Sandy beaches, Cheap Holidays to Egypt will take you to Giftun or Mahmya Islands to have a new adventure, amuse your eyes with the beauty of the nature there, try some water activities as well like swimming, diving, and snorkeling to start your adventure under the surface of the  Red Sea that is full of colorful Coral reefs and beautiful species of fish.
There are many tours of Cheap Holidays to Egypt like:
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  • Cairo and Nile Cruise Budget Tours Packages.
  • Cheap Tours to Cairo and Luxor.
  • Cheap Tours to Cairo and Hurghada.
  • Cairo, Luxor and Hurghada Cheap Tours.
  • Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel and Luxor Cheap Tours.
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Are you ready to try Cheap Holidays To Egypt ?

Enjoy exploring wonderful Egypt Treasures through with Ibis Egypt Tours which offers you wonderful Package to spend memorable Cheap holidays to Egypt, try our EgyptTours to explore many historical sites , explore CairoLuxorAswan and Abu Simbelthrough wonderful tours to fill your soul with history and Culture of Egypt and don’t miss the chance to enjoy cheap holidays in Hurghada the beautiful city .

Enjoy  amazing Egypt Cheap Tours Packages through Cairo Luxor Aswan and Abu Simbel tours to  explore Aswan attraction , visit The great High Dam that built in 1960 to Protect Egypt from flood and drought , also enjoy visiting The Unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut but the workers didn’t finish the Project because the Cracks had appeared in the Obelisk . enjoy unforgettable tour to Philae Temple through Cheap Holidays To Egypt , visit this great temple Roman Temple  dedicated to the Pharaoh goddess Isis the mother of the falcon god Hours.also you have the chance to enjoy wonderful tour to  Abu Simbel temple that belongs to King Ramses II where you will be amazed at this beautiful temples that had constructed through the New Kingdom, explore The Great temple of King Ramses II and the Small temple of his wife .

Gain a wonderful experience through our Egypt Cheap Tours Packages that offers you a wonderful trip to enjoy Nile Cruise tours to Aswan attractions then sail to Kom Ombowhere enjoy Visiting Kom Ombo Temple( The double Shared Temple) that dedicated to Crocodile god Sobek and Falcon god  Hours The Elder,Continue sailing to Edfu to visit Edfu Temple of Hours that Consider as the Second huge temple after Karnak Templein Luxor . Finally, you will explore Luxor attractions in East and west bank and you will discover with best Cheap holidays To Egypt.

Don’t miss the Opportunity to explore our wonderful Egypt Cheap Tours Packages to Luxor, be ready to explore Luxor Sightseeing through our Egypt Cheap Tours. enjoy Visiting Luxor Temple that dedicated to the triad of Thebes then head to visit a huge temple(  Karnak Temple ) that dedicated to the main god Amoun-Ra where you will enjoy exploring the great  Hypostyle Hall that includes about 134 Column in different two high. Scout to West bank monuments through an amazing tour to Hatchepsut Temple that  contains reliefs for the myth of the divine birth of Queen Hatshepsut, enjoy visiting The Valley of the kings that were a royal necropolis through the New Kingdom .  from Luxor you have the Opportunity to enjoy amazing Cheap Holidays to Egypt in Hurghada to take a break from hard work days on  Sunny and Sandy beach, discover the hidden secrets of the Underwater world through water activities with  Coral Reefs and Colorful fish

There are many tours through Cheap Holidays To Egypt Such as:
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Cheap Tours To Cairo And Luxor
Cheap Tours To Cairo And Hurghada
Cairo, Luxor And Hurghada Cheap Tours
Cairo And Nile Cruise Budget Tours Packages
Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel And Luxor Cheap Tours

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Cheap Holidays to Egypt For You

Amazing Cheap holidays to Egypt with reasonable prices, all the joy and fun is waiting for you here with Ibis Egypt Tours, have an unforgettable experience, and taste different type of culture, find out more about the ancient Egyptian civilization, chill out and enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea, try water activities and enjoy new adventures for you, and your family or friends, all of that and more without too much money with our Cheap Holidays to Egypt.
   Cheap Holidays to Egypt will escort you in a tour to discover the glory of our historical places that lasted thousands of years and still stand till our day, start with Cairo main Landmarks, visit the famous  Giza Pyramids  Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, one of the seven wonders in the world, and if you want to take memorable photos at this amazing site, head to Panorama area to take magnificent photos to share with your friends, go to the great Sphinx after that to explore its greatness, as it consists of a humans head that refers to the power of humans mind, and a lions body as a reference to strength, enjoy your walkthrough the Valley Temple as well, after that head to one of the largest museums in the world the Egyptian museum with its huge collection of 5000 years of arts which considered the precious arts design in ancient Egyptian era, you can go in an optional tour to visit the gorgeous  Alexandria City, watch the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, taste a different type of culture and visit CataComb of Kom El Shokafa, head after that to the famous Qaitbay Citadel, have the chance after that to explore one of the greatest libraries in the world Alexandria Library, don’t leave before amusing your eyes with the unique of its kind Montazah Palace.
Give yourself a break while you tour in Cairo and Hurghada, Chill out while enjoying the beauty of the Red Sea, Relax at the Sandy beaches, have a new experience and visit Mahmya or Giftun Islands to amuse your eyes with their beauty, try some water activities, swimming, diving, and even snorkeling to discover a big variety of colorful Coral reefs.
Join Cheap Holidays to Egypt to enjoy your tour to Cairo attractions, head after that to Aswan to visit Philae Temple, Philae is a Greek name that means beloved, watch after that the great unfinished obelisk, watch after that one of the most successful projects in modern Egypt, The High Dam, head after that to visit Abu Simbel Temple, you can also walk through Ramses II Temple, and also the Temple of Nefertari, head after that to the East Bank of Luxor to explore the biggest Temple in the world, Karnak Temple, heading after that to the magnificent Luxor Temple as its one of the most important landmarks in Luxor, moving to the West bank of Luxor after that to have a walk through the Valley of Kings, explore Hatshepsut Temple after that, and finally don’t leave before passing by the giant two statues of Colossi Memnon.

There are many of Cheap Holidays to Egypt such as:
• Egypt Budget Tours Packages
• Cheap Tours to Cairo and Hurghada
• Cheap Tours to Cairo and Luxor
• Cheap Cairo Tours
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