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Discover Egypt Historical Sites

Are you ready to Discover Egypt? Enjoy watching wonderful highlights of many cities in Egypt, with Ibis Egypt Tours you can visit Cairo where you can explore the pyramids and sphinx, also visit Luxor and try to explore the great history of Egypt, also visit Aswan where you will find unforgettable attractions, you have the chance to amuse yourself in red sea cities like Marsa Alam, Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, and Hurghada, and enjoy exploring the underwater life that full of colorful fishes and coral reefs, moreover you can make an activities like snorkeling, diving and swimming, also you can visit Taba and El Gouna with ibis Egypt tours.

Have a great day tours to visit Cairo, start your tour by visiting Cairo to Discover Egypt and have the opportunity to enjoy discovering the great ancient attractions, the three pyramids dedicated to the Kings Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, it’s a royal tomb date to the old kingdom, you have also enjoy exploring Sphinx which is the big statues, you can also take great photos with this attractions, after that you can visit the valley temple and also buy souvenirs to your family and friends. You can enjoy another tour to Cairo to watch the great Egyptian Museum, you can amuse yourself by exploring the great ancient treasures of Tutankhamun. You can enjoy having an Islamic tour Cairo to visit many mosques like El Hussein that is a famous mosque, continue your tour to visit El Sayeda Zeinab Mosque, also visit El Sayeda Nafisa Mosque and head to Amr Ibn Alss Mosque that consider the oldest mosque in Egypt, you can also visit many other mosques like Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque, El Sultan Hassan and El refaey Mosques and Mohamed Ali Pasha mosque.

Dahab is full of beauty where you can watch wonderful landscapes, you have the opportunity to have a trip to three pools snorkeling that the best snorkeling sites in Dahab, this three natural pools has sandy bottom surrounded by corals, enjoy beautiful weather while your swimming, you can spend a great time while your tour to Wadi Gnay district. Have a wonderful tour to Dahab to watch the dolphin show, play with three dolphins in the water that is the beautiful thing you can do, also you can dance in the dance floor. Also you can Discover Egypt while your tour in Dahab to visit St. Catherine, try to enjoy new adventure while climbing Moses Mountain, also you can amuse your eyes with the sun rising over Sinai mountains, after that you can explore St. Catherine monastery, and try to pass the room of skulls in the monastery, at the end of your tour enjoy shopping in Dahab.

Get ready to explore Egypt attractions while visiting Luxor in best day tours, you have the chance to amuse your eyes with the ancient places, give yourself the chance to Discover Egypt and enjoy visiting the East and West bank, start your tour by visiting the west bank to explore the valley of the kings and also move to explore the great temple of Queen Hatshepsut, after that move to explore Colossi of Memnon, try to explore the wonderful east bank where you can visit Karnak temple that is the largest temple in the world and also you have to explore Luxor temple. From Luxor, you can enjoy discovering Edfu and Kom Ombo, in Edfu you can explore Edfu Temple that belongs to Horus, and also in Kom Ombo you have the chance to explore Kom Ombo temple that belongs to Sobek and Haroeris.

Enjoy many memorable day tours to Discover Egypt such as:
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Would you Like To Discover Egypt Attractions?

Enjoy new adventure and experience in Egypt and explore many things to do to Discover Egypt treasures through best Egypt day Tours , Just Join Ibis Egypt Tours and explore many tourist attractions with amazing tours and excursions to best Places in Egypt, enjoy many marvelous Places to explore Egypt treasures through best  tours around Egypt the Land of history. Be ready to explore many attraction and highlights through best Cairo day tours that full of many things to do. Prepare yourself for many tours to explore Luxor City and don’t miss the Chance to try Aswan tours, explore different Culture in Egypt through Alexandria tours. Explore magnificent attraction in Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, HurghadaMarsa Alam tours and more Just Let Ibis Egypt Tours to be your guide.

Discover Egypt through memorable things to do in Sharm  El Sheikh ( The City of Peace) through  amazing adventures with best Egypt Safari tours in Sharm El Sheikh by 4×4 Jeep to explore wonderful Colored Canyon tours that full of beautiful Colorful stones with many beautiful colors, get the Chance and explore unforgettable adventure via the Sea to have fun and entertainment through wonderful Snorkeling tours to Ras Mohamed National Park and Tiran Island  where you will enjoy best Snorkeling tours in Crystal water to refresh your eyes with beautiful Coral reefs and Colorful Fish . In Sharm el Sheikh tours ,Keen to try to St,Catherine Monastery that was Founded by Justinian I, enjoy amazing tour to the most important Coptic attraction , explore the burning bush and the Skull room that was contains bones of the priests who served in the monastery and more you will visit in Egypt .

Have you ever heard about Aswan? When you Visit Egypt , keen to try Aswan Excursions to Discover Egypt  beauty through this wonderful City that known as ( The Land of the Gold), explore many attractions in Aswan with Ibis Egypt Tours and explore magnificent highlights  like Roman Philae Temple that dedicated to Isis the Egyptian goddess, explore one of the most important attractions in Egypt (The high Dam) that was built in1960 to protect Egypt from Flood and drought also to save the water of The Nile  . Explore The Unfinished Obelisk that was ordered to built by Hatshepsut that Supposed to be the most huge Obelisk in Egypt but unfortunately the cracks appeared in the Obelisk. One of the Most  famous Tourist Attractions in Egypt is is Abu Simbel temples, explore the great Abu Simbel temple that belongs to King Ramses II who built the temple to memorize his victory in Kadesh battle  , visit the Small temple of Abu Simbel which was constructed  by the king for his royal  wife Nefertari and more with Ibis Egypt Tours .

Visit Egypt and explore best tours in Egypt to Cairo the twinkling City where you will have many tours to Cairo attractions while visiting Giza Pyramids the most famous structure in Egypt that belongs to King CheopsChephren and Mykerinus ,Keen to experience Dahshour where you will visit The Bent and Red Pyramids, also you will be able to visit The Step Pyramid that locates in Saqqara, experience this wonderful Pyramid that consists of 6 steps  . Scout to famous Tahrir Square and be ready to explore the Egyptian art in the Egyptian Museum that Contains amazing Tutankhamon Treasures , Canopy Jars that was used to protect organs of the body through mummification and Akhenaton Collection  and Prepare yourself to Discover Egypt attractions like Cairo Citadel of Salah El Dein. Then  feast your eyes with beauty of the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali Pasha then Prepare yourself to visit the Hanging CChurch,Ben Ezra Synagogue and more you will discover in Old Cairo .

Discover Egypt attractions through:
•             Cairo Day Tours
•             Luxor Tours
•             Hurghada Excursions
•             Sharm El Sheikh Excursions
•             Marsa Alam Excursions
•             El Gouna Excursions
•             Alexandria Tours

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Are you Ready to Discover Egypt?

Get amazing things to do in Egypt with Ibis Egypt tours and be ready for amazing Egypt Tours and Excursions to Discover Egypt treasures. Explore many Valuable attractions in Egypt and experience the Land of Pharaohs while visiting different historical Sites in Egypt. Enjoy amazing tours to Cairo attraction Like Giza Pyramids, Saqqara Dahshour, Old Cairo, El Moez Street and many places .experience amazing Holiday in Luxor where you will Visit many attractions will take you to another world. Discover many attractions and highlights with best Aswan excursions, Relax and touch the nature and beauty in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Dahab Marsa Alam and more.

Visit Egypt and keen to try our Unique Cairo Tours to explore the most attractive sites in Egypt, Discover Egypt and enjoy visiting Giza Pyramids of King CheopsChephren, and Mykerinus that dates to the Old Kingdom and was one of the Seven Wonders of the world, Spend wonderful time with Camel ride tours.explore The Sphinx and touch the beauty of magic harmony of this awesome statue that Consist of that consist of a Human head and Lion body. Spend amazing time with Felucca tours via the great Nile River to touch the beauty of the Nile River, also touch the beauty of The Nile River it’s the magical way to feast your soul with ravishing weather. In Cairo attraction tours, you will be able to explore Dahshour watch the glory of the Bent and Red Pyramid. Also explore Memphis City the ancient Capital of Egypt where you will explore many Sphinx and Statues then prepare yourself to explore Saqqara Pyramid of King Zoser that Consist of 6 Steps, experience this amazing Step Pyramid that Consider as the first Egyptian pyramid that consisted of mastabas and more you will discover in Egypt.

Do you want to have unforgettable historical tours to explore Egypt, Get best Famous tours in Egypt to Luxor City where you will Discover Egypt history, visit LuxorTemple that contains famous Colonnade of King Amenhotep III that includes 14 Columns then discover Karnak Temple the hugest temple that dedicated to the main god Amon-Ra, explore the great hypostyle Hall that includes 134 column in different high. also  visit many attractions in Luxor west bank, Visit Hatshepsut Temple and explore beautiful and important reliefs for The Myth of the divine birth of the queen and built in the same design of Mentuhetp II Temple , Visit the Valley of the Kings that was royal necropolis For Kings and nobles of the New Kingdom  and include the famous royal tomb of the Child King Tutankhamon where Tutankhamon treasure was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922, also you will watch the Colossi of Memnon the huge Sitting Statues and more you will discover in Luxor City with Ibis Egypt Tours.

Explore Egypt Culture with best tours and excursions  to the most Popular Egypt Destinations to explore different Culture in Alexandria City that known by The Bride Of Mediterranean Sea , Scout to Alexandria City , and prepare yourself to discover Egypt Culture through best tours to explore Alexandria attractions like Alexandria Citadel that known as Qaitbay Citadel that belongs to El Sultan El Ashraf Qaitbay then explore Catacombs of Kom El Shokafa that was Roman Necropolis, also in Alexandria tours , you will explore one of the most important and famous Culture Centre in Egypt (Alexandria Library )where there are many important documents and books . Discover Egypt through many wonderful and unique tours in Egypt from Alexandria with best amazing tours to Alamein from Alexandria that helps you to know mush information about The World War II that Contains many types of weapons and flights that remaining from the World War II, Enjoy Alexandria Tours to many attractions and highlights like our amazing tours to explore Alamein Cemetery that was for German, Italian and Greek Soldiers and many amazing  Egypt Destinations and excursions  you will get with Ibis Egypt Tours.

Discover Egypt  attractions through:
•             Cairo Day Tours
•             Luxor Tours
•             Hurghada Excursions
•             Sharm El Sheikh Excursions
•             Marsa Alam Excursions
•             El Gouna Excursions
•             Alexandria Tours
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Discover Egypt Culture

Try to Discover Egypt in great tours, explore the amazing civilization of the land of the Pharaoh, you have the chance to try Ibis Egypt Tours offers in wonderful way to enjoy magnificent tours, have beautiful day tours to visit Cairo in great excursions that you will never forget, enjoy discovering the beauty of Alexandria and the Mediterranean sea that makes you discover new culture about Egypt, you can enjoy watching historical places in Egypt in Luxor and Aswan and scout the history, make wonderful activities in Sharm El Sheikh and have relaxation while watching the beauty of nature of the red sea, also you can explore many destinations in Egypt while making great day tours like Hurghada excursions, El Gouna excursions, Marsa Alam excursions, and also Taba excursions and more places you can visit with ibis Egypt tours.
Are you ready to explore the beauty of Sharm El Sheikh? Amuse your eyes with the charm of Ras Mohamed tours, it is the beautiful National Park where you manage the relaxation and explore the beauty, try the activities of red sea water that makes you enjoy different experience, make snorkeling to watch the underwater life and also you can amuse yourself by making diving to explore the coral reefs underwater, you have the chance to swim in this pure water. Prepare yourself to Discover Egypt and enjoy wonderful safari tours by the quad bike, start your tour by driving your quad bike and try to explore Sharm El Sheikh desert, enjoy real adventure and visit the Bedouin village and also taste the Bedouin tea, try the best camel ride and also taste the delicious Barbeque dinner and live different atmosphere.
Enjoy exploring Alexandria city where you have the opportunity to explore many highlights and also you can amuse yourself with the largest library in the world Alexandria library which contains more than million books, after that enjoy exploring the great Roman Theater of Alexandria, and then you can enjoy walking through the market of Alexandria and enjoy watching wonderful Egyptian goods, move to visit the Mosque of El Nabi Daniel and also you have the chance to visit Abu El Abbas Mosque that is considered the biggest mosque, after that amuse your eyes with the beauty of the Mediterranean sea over sanely  bridge. Also you have the opportunity to Discover Egypt during your tour to Wadi El Natrun from a tour to visit many monasteries like Al-Baramus Monastery that is one of the oldest monasteries in Wadi El Natrun, after that move to Anba Makar Monastery that known as Anba Makaryus Monastery, and also visit Anba Bishoi Monastery, and then head to El-Suryan Monastery.
Get ready to enjoy great tour from Cairo and try to explore Islamic attractions in the best Islamic tour with ibis Egypt tours, discover interesting and beautiful mosques, start your tour by visiting Al-Azhar Mosque and El Hussein Mosque, after that have the opportunity to continue your tour to visit El Sayeda Nafisa Mosque, head to explore Amr Ibn Alss Mosque that is the oldest mosque in Africa that consider the first and oldest mosque in Egypt, and then have an excursion to Mohammed Ali Pasha mosque that is inside the Citadel of Salah El Din. Also, you can Discover Egypt an amazing Coptic tour to visit old Coptic Cairo attractions you can visit the Hanging church after that you can enjoy visiting St. Barbara, you have the chance to continue your tour by exploring Abu Serga Church, after that move to enjoy in Ben Ezra Synagogue and more tours from Cairo.

Have many memorable day tours to Discover Egypt such as:
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Have New Adventure and Discover Egypt

Come to the land of wonders and the great civilization and Discover Egypt in a whole different way, enjoy a magnificent tour that you will never forget with Ibis Egypt Tours excursions, and enjoy your Sharm El-Sheikh to amuse your eyes with the beauty of the Red Sea, you can also try to relax during your Hurghada, Dahab or Dahab Tours, also have a great time and try many activities to amuse yourself with our Taba day tours, or you can enjoy the gleaming of Alexandria City where the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the glory of the historical places all are combined in one city, also don’t miss the chance to scout Cairo city the capital of Egypt with all its monuments and famous Landmarks.
  Discover Egypt best Landmarks in Aswan City and also get to amuse your eyes with the breathtaking view of the Nile River view, start your excursion with a visit to the high Dam that is one of the greatest projects in the history of modern Egypt, it was built to protect Egypt from the flood and drought and flood of the Nile River, and it also provide our country with electricity, after that manage to visit the spectacular unfinished Obelisk, head to continue your tour then and visit Philae temple that belongs to the two goddesses Hathor and Isis, this temple’s name the word “Philae” is a Greek name means “Beloved”, and it also has a meaning in Arabic which is “Anas El-Wogoud”, you can also Discover Egypt in another tour and try an amusing Felucca ride with us, enjoy watching the beauty of the Nile River while sailing around the Island of Elephantine, also head to watch Botanical Gardens, then pass by the spectacular way of Agha khan Mausoleum.
Enjoy your day time in Alexandria City with us, and fascinate your eyes with the gleaming of the Mediterranean Sea, pay a visit to Alexandria library with its huge number of books that makes it one of the biggest libraries in the world, next move will be to the Roman Amphitheater, then head to continue your day tour and scout the traditional market, and get to discover the Egyptian goods, then head to embrace the Islamic culture during your tour in the mosque of El Nabi Daniel, then manage to stare at the biggest mosque in Alexandria Abu El Abbas Mosque, your last point in this tour will be the ravishing Montazah Palace, don’t miss the chance to watch its exceptional view before leaving.
Have a perfect day tour in Cairo the capital of Egypt and get to Discover Egypt, manage to visit the Three Giza Pyramids named by the great Kings CheopsChephren,and Mykerinus, you can also have a new adventure to enter any of these Pyramids in optional tour upon your request, then head to Panorama area to take some remarkable photos, manage to stare at the Sphinx as well, also pay a visit the Valley Temple, after that move to continue your tour to the Egyptian Museum which is one of the greatest museums in the world, enjoy watching the jewelry and gold treasures that belongs to King Tut Ankh-Amun, you can also try an optional tour inside the room of mummies, then move to the Khan El-Khalili the famous market, at night be ready to be amused by the Pyramids Sound and Light Show that tell the history of the Pharaohs in a spectacular show with amusing music and effective lights.

Find many of our Excursions to Discover Egypt such as:
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