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Charming Cheap Flights to Egypt

Enjoy Our Cheap Flights to Egypt from anywhere your point like NEWYORK “JFK” airport, ROME “FCO” airport Or PARIS”CDG” airport directly with Egyptian Airlines and discover our various packages, Ibis Egypt Tours will get you good deals on tickets, excellent services, comfortable transport within many offers and also escort you on a tour to discover Egypt attractions, some of the greatest historical places enjoying the beauty of nature, Relax and chill out with our Red Sea Packages that will let you feel the true meaning of relaxation, or you can fascinate your inner with our spiritual Packages that will give you an unforgettable meditation experience and also refresh your inner by visiting Egypt Holy Land Packages.

Have a good deals on tickets with Ibis Egypt Tours and get surprised offers through awesome Budget Packages to Cairo and Hurghada, you will start your voyage by visiting Cairo and see its sightseeing like the Egyptian Museum, Giza Pyramids, visit The Sphinx, then move to Valley Temple, pass by Panorama area and take photos with the three pyramids then continue your Cheap Flights to Egypt to Hurghada, upon you arrive there, manage to lie down relaxing at the stunning beaches ever, enjoy different activities like swimming, diving and Snorkeling among the magical coral reefs, fabulous underwater gardens ever within crystal clear water Or try to go to optional excursion to tuck into magnificent islands like Mahmya that you will be taken by boat to Giftun Island and enjoy snorkeling all over the island

Our Mission is how to be relaxed on your Cheap Flights to Egypt, make it unforgettable and join Ibis Egypt Tours as a good planner to your flight, enjoy your Egypt and Jordan Tours, to Ancient Egypt and Petra, Start from Cairo and explore Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian museum, have a tour in Old Cairo including several of Coptic Churches like the Hanging Church or Abu Serga Church. Next day, you will arrive at Luxor, see the magnificent attraction like Karnak and Luxor Temples, walk through Valley of the Kings, towards Hatshepsut Temple and your last stop will be to Colossi of Memnon. Following that, you will head towards Aswan, visit the High Dam, then to the Unfinished Obelisk, visit Philae Temple towards the magnificent Abu-Simple Temple, and walk through Temple of Ramses II. Your next tour will be to Jordan, catch your flight to Amman toward Petra, start your tour with Wadi Rum where you can enjoy the landscape of Wadi rum desert, walk through the majestic mountains, and also you can watch the beautiful Lawrence’s spring, you can find Horses and Camels available upon to your request inside the desert, heading to the fabulous Petra as one of the seven wonders of the world, after that don’t miss the chance to enter the hidden city through a long narrow Siq, and discover the magnificent handmade carved buildings.

Escape from the crowds with our facilities on your initial flight to Red Sea Tours to Luxor and Hurghada Twin Centre Holidays that will give you the chance to enjoy Cheap Flights to Egypt. Lie down on the stunning beaches of Hurghada, you can also have a visit to Mahmya or to Giftun Island, try some water activities like swimming, diving, and snorkeling that you will be among colorful Coral reefs under the Red Sea. Head towards Luxor where you can visit the great Karnak and LuxorTemples, towards the West Bank of Luxor to have a walk through the great Valley of Kings, or the Valley of Queens, head after that to the Temple of the beautiful queen Hatshepsut, and watch the greatness of Colossi of Memnon before leaving. Enjoy unforgettable Sindbad Submarine below the Red Sea level around 25 Meters, enjoy with the dazzling coral reefs and the magic underwater.

There are many ways through Cheap Flights to Egypt like:

  • Egypt Short breaks.
  • Egypt classic Tours.
  • Egypt Holy Land Tours.
  • Egypt Honeymoon packages.
  • Spiritual Tours to Egypt
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Incredible Egypt Travel

Unforgettable Egypt Travel is waiting for you with Ibis Egypt Tours many packages, have a perfect meditation tour and fill your soul with positive energy with our spiritual vacations, or have a luxurious vacation while playing golf in some of the finest Golf resorts in Egypt, you can also try our Holy Land packages that will escort you to explore a different type of culture, explore the old Coptic and Islamic places during your Egypt Travel.
Have the best meditation experience with our spiritual Tours and start from Aswan to discover the benefits of Crown Chakra, make your Throat Chakra in balance to express what you think and what you feel during your visit to Isis Temple, enjoy your meditation in such a great Temple, then head to satet that is located on the island of Elephantine, then take your Nile Cruise to scout Kom Ombo as it is considered the godly basis at the center of Chakra, discover the shared by Two Gods Horus The Protector and Sobek Master of Fear, also kom Ombo Holding energy of Atlantean, sailing after that toward Edfu to visit the Temple of Horus where you will have the opportunity  to connect with your hidden emotions, continuing your Egypt Travel passing by Cairo and Luxor great sightseeing till you arrive FayoumOasis where you’ll visit Karanis, the ruins of the old city with its monuments that belongs to the Coptic and early Islamic period, moving then to the famous Water Wheels as it was found since the Ptolemaic Period, heading toward Qaroun lake after that which is one of the natural and oldest lakes in the world, head to explore Qaroun Palace after that, and also the valley of whales which is also known as Wadi El Hetan.
Enjoy the luxury vacation in Egypt Travel while playing your favorite game, play golf at some of the best five stars golf resorts, head to Cairo and amuse your eyes with the beautiful Landscapes while playing golf at Katameya Heights Golf Resort, after that you can head to Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort and enjoy playing golf at a luxurious golf center, you can also try playing golf at Royal Valley Golf Club that located in Luxor, or you can head as well to Sharm El Sheikh to play at  Maritim Jolie Ville Golf Resort to start your golf Course for 18 hole Championship course that stretches some 6800 yards, and also enjoy the unforgettable view of the Red Sea, manage to relax and try some water activities as well.
Scout the Old Coptic and Islamic culture with our Holy Land Tours, start with Cairo and visit the Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus then move to Panorama area to take photos, move to the famous Sphinx, and next move to the Egyptian museum to discover a collection of 5000 years of arts which considered the precious arts design in ancient Egyptian era, have a walkthrough the valley Temple after that then move to explore the Coptic history while your tour in Old Cairo, manage to visit the Hanging ChurchAbu Serga Church and Ben Ezra synagogue as well, moving to enjoy your Wadi El-Natroun  which is well known as the monasticism area for Christians, visit Al-Baramus Monastery which is one of the oldest monasteries in the area, head to see Anba Makar Monastery and Anba Bishoi Monastery as well, then head to a magical visit to St Catherine passing by Moses Eyes and the seven daughters Monastery on your way.
There is many through Egypt Travel such as:
  • Egypt Budget Tours.
  • Egypt Classic Tours.
  • Egypt Short Breaks.
  • Egypt and Jordan Tours.
  • Egypt Holy Land Tours.
  • Spiritual Tours to Egypt.
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Travel to Egypt 2017

Travel to Egypt to explore many great places, explore Ibis Egypt Tours many packages to spend a perfect vacation, visit many great historical places and discover the greatness of the ancient Egyptian Civilization, you can also have the opportunity to visit many places such as Cairo, Aswan, Abu SimbelLuxor and Hurghada with low prices, you can also give yourself a break from the stress of life while enjoying the beauty the view of the Red Sea with our Red Sea Tours.
Have an exceptional vacation and Travel to Egypt to enjoy your tour to Cairo, visit the famous Pyramids of Giza Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, head after that toward Panorama area to take incredible photos, head after that to the great Sphinx that combines a humans head with a lions body, you can also have a walkthrough the valley temple, head after that to Egyptian museum, moving to Alexandria that combines the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea with the greatness of the historical places, taste a different type of culture during your visit to CataCombs of Kom El Shokafa that dates back to the 1st and 2nd centuries AD, it also entombed over 300 mummies , head after that to Qaitbay Citadel, moving then to explore one of the greatest libraries in the world Alexandria library that contains a books, articles and also papyrus scrolls dates back to Pharaonic and Greek era, move to the Roman amphitheatre, finally try to pass by Montazah palace to enjoy its beautiful view before leaving.
If you’re looking for a good vacation with reasonable prices, Travel to Egypt to explore Cairo best attractions, head after that to Aswan to explore one of the most successful projects in Egypt the High Dam, head after that to watch Philae temple that belongs to goddesses Isis and Hathor, moving then to see the Unfinished obelisk, head after that to Abu Simbel to watch Temple of Ramses II, and the Temple of Nefertari, watch after that the greatness of Abu Simbel Temple, heading to Luxor East Bank to discover the largest temple ever constructed Karnak Temple, then move to watch Luxor Temple which is connected to Karnak Temple by avenue of sphinxes at ancient time, moving to the West bank of to enjoy your walkthrough the great Valley of Kings, then to the temple of queen Hatshepsut known also as Bahri Temple, also characterized by its special architectural design, finally don’t leave before watching the two popular statues Colossi of Memnon.
Do you want to take some days off to relax? Travel to Egypt to enjoy our Red Sea Tours that will escort you to Cairo, St Cathrine, Hurghada, Luxor and also Sharm El Sheikh, amuse your eyes with the pureness of the Red Sea of Hurghada , enjoy the Sandy beaches have, you can also take a short tour to Mahmya or Giftun Islands try some water activities like swimming, diving, and snorkeling to explore the beautiful world that lied under the Red Sea full of different species of fish and Colorful Coral reefs.

There are more from Travel to Egypt like:
  • Egypt Classic Tours.
  • Egypt Holy Land Tours.
  • Egypt Budget Tours.
  • Egypt Safari Tours.
  • Red Sea Vacations.

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Best Activities With Egypt Tourism

Find out more about Egypt Tourism during your vacation in Egypt, Ibis Egypt Tours will escort you in a tour to Egypt and Jordan to explore great historical places and enjoy the beautiful view of nature as well, you can also have a short break tour with us to discover some of the greatest landmarks in Egypt Tourism in only few days, or give yourself a break from the stress of life and chill out with our Red Sea Tours, enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea, the perfect weather and also the sandy beaches.
Join our Egypt and Jordan Tours to explore the greatness of the historical places we have in Egypt Tourism, start with Cairo and visit the great Pyramids of Giza as they are one of the Seven Wonders of the World Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus move after that to see the Sphinx a giant statue that consist of a humans head with a lions body, head after that to Panorama area to take memorable photos with such an amazing Landmark, head after that to have a walkthrough the Valley of Temple, then to the Egyptian museum, moving to Jordan where you can start with Wadi Rum, head after that to see the majestic mountains see a gorge with its drawings for ancient rock, moving then to Petra it was the trading center at the Ptolemaic era in Egypt for the caravans, try entering the hidden city through a long narrow Siq.
Enjoy your short break and discover many places in Egypt Tourism, you can visit Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh, and also Luxor, start with Cairo attractions, watch the famous Pyramids of Giza have a tour to the Egyptian museum visit Alexandria that located in the Mediterranean Sea, taste a different type of culture and visit catacombs of kom El Shokafa, head after that toward Alexandria Library it’s one of the greatest libraries in the world, head after that to watch the great Qaitbay citadel, move after that to have a walkthrough the beautiful Montazah palace.
Relax and forget about the stress of life with our Red Sea Tours head to Hurghada to enjoy the pureness of the Red Sea Chill out at the fascinating beaches, have a tour to Mahmya or Giftun Islands, try some exciting water activities like swimming, diving and snorkeling to explore the beauty of the colorful Coral reefs and a different kinds of fish, head after that to Luxor East bank to explore Karnak Temple as it’s the largest temple in the world, have a visit to the great Luxor Temple as well, it was built by Amenhotep III and Ramses II, head towards the West Bank of Luxor after that to watch the great Valley of Kings, watch after that the temple of the beautiful queen Hatshepsut that has inscriptions on its walls tells the story of the holy birth of Queen Hatshepsut and her commercial trips to the Punt land, finally don’t leave before watching the two Colossi of Memnon  statues they stand on a free space as witnesses the temple of Amenhotep III.

There are many through Egypt Tourism Such as:
• Egypt Classic Tours
• Egypt and Jordan Tours
• Red Sea Tours
• Egypt Desert Safari
• Egypt Honeymoon Packages
• Egypt Holy Land Tours

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