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Egypt Shore Excursions

While the cruise lines focus on your transportation, we focus on your destination, Egypt Shore Excursions provide exceptional travel experiences to cruise passengers in the Egypt ports they visit at their world tour, Egypt has number of ports like Alexandria, Safaga, Port Said and more Ports you can start an amazing tours from it to explore Cairo, Luxor, Sharm El Sheikh and more, with Shore Excursions Egypt enjoy a wide array of opportunities to enjoy the unique scenery, tradition and culture of this outstanding region.

Royal Cruise, Alexandria Shore Excursions
Royal Cruise, Alexandria Shore Excursions
Learn more of the beauty and mystery of Alexandria’s past and present with Egypt Shore Excursion, Allow yourself to be pampered while enjoy visiting Cairo the twinkling city from Alexandria Port, Succumb the beauty of Pyramids of Giza, then feel charming while stare Sphinx and more with Shore Excursions in Egypt.

Pyramids of Giza
Pyramids of Giza
Avoid the masses on this outstanding tours from Ain Sokhna Port, experience day tour to explore Saqqara Pyramid, Giza Pyramids feel astonishment while stare at St Anthony Monastery, then head out towards St Paul Monastery and more with Ain Sokhna Shore Excursions, We are experts in providing exceptional shore excursions. We understand that in today's fast paced world, vacations have become an increasingly important way to relax, reconnect with family and friends, and experience new and interesting places.
Ain Sokhna Shore Excursions
Ain Sokhna Shore Excursions
Ibis Egypt Tours offers Egypt Shore Excursions to provide the highest quality tours by performing extensive research, site inspections, and detailed reviews, experience Alexandria Shore excursions to explore the main landmarks of Cairo and Alexandria, stare at the amazement of Qaitbay Citadel, walkthrough the gardens of Montazah Palace, feast your eyes with the panoramic view of Giza Plateau and more with Shore Excursions Egypt.
Montazah Palace
Montazah Palace
Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most fascinating place in Earth, You have been dreaming about the wonders of Sharm El Sheikh, Sharm El Sheikh Shore Excursions offers an outstanding collection of Sharm El Sheikh excursions for our customers. explore the amazement of St. Catherine Monastery, feel astonishment at Colored Canyon, and more tours from Sharm El Sheikh Marina.
Sharm El Sheikh Shore Excursions
Sharm El Sheikh Shore Excursions

Jordan is a unique, sun drenched city with a rich history, with Aqaba Shore Excursions get the chance to enjoy tours to explore Petra, Wadi Rum and Dead Sea, Enjoy a shore excursion to a perfectly Petra the Rose City. Redefine the words shore excursion by indulging yourself at Dead Sea which considers one of the most healing places in the world. On one of our many Jordan excursions you can enjoy Safari Tour, Camping, walking across the desert at Wadi Rum and more with Shore Excursions in Egypt.


Egypt Tour Packages

Egypt is a land of many faces, from the beach resort of Sharm El-Sheikh to the bustle of Cairo and the laidback history of Luxor, Ibis Egypt Tours offers the fascinating Egypt Tour Packages to scout around the gleaming landmarks of Egypt, walkthrough Cairo the twinkling city, explore unique and hidden treasures of Luxor, Feast your eyes with the amazing atmosphere of Aswan, moreover with Egypt Travel Packages get the chance to be in a twin center holiday at Egypt and Jordan, There is so much to see, variety of packages to experience and more with Egypt Tour Package.
giza pyramids
Giza Plateau
Head across the Nile River, where the majority of the ancient sites are situated with Egypt Tours Packages, have the opportunity to stare at the ravishing Karnak Temple, gazed upon the gleaming Luxor Temple, walkthrough Valley of the Kings, amuse your soul with the mystery of Hatshepsut Temple, then head to Aswan where you will be able to visit Aswan and discover Philae Temple, enjoy the gleaming finds of Aswan High Dam, move to visit Unfinished Obelisk and more with Egypt Vacation Packages.

philae temple
Philae Temple
With Egypt Trip Packages pay homage to visit Pyramids of Giza, walkthrough the Pharaonic history at Egyptian Museum and then marvel at Islamic and Coptic attractions like Citadel of Salah El Din, Ben Azra Synagogue, the Hanging Church and more to explore while try Egypt Travel Package with Ibis Egypt Tours.

mohamed ali mosque
Muahmmed Ali Mosque
In addition with Egypt Package Tours stretch and enjoy at the Nile River and get the chance to explore Luxor, Aswan, Edfu, Kom Ombo and many other great Egyptian areas. Moreover get the chance to take Lake Nasser Cruise and be able to visit Amada Temple, Penout Tomb, explore the comfortable accommodation and easy access to some of the country’s best sites on the Nile River with Vacation Packages to Egypt.

luxor temple
Luxor Temple
Be amazed with number of things to do in Egypt, variety of activities to pack into one package from Snorkleing at Ras Mohammad in Sharm El Sheikh, to dive at Blue Hole in Dahab, to taste the real meaning of adventure at Bahariya Oasis and explore White Desert and Black Desert, then head out to explore the ravishing finds of Marsa Alam which contain one of the most amazing water spots in the World and more with Egypt Package Tour to explore.

white desert egypt
White Desert, Bahariya Oasis
Relax atmosphere of Nile River, Crystal beaches, amazing weather is a classic combination for a luxury honeymoon, with Travel Packages to Egypt make your honeymoon memorable and wonderful, Egypt has always lured honeymooners in search of romance and memorable Honeymoon so don’t miss this chance, enjoy Nile Cruise to Luxor and Aswan, see the passage of time at Cairo the twinkling city, touch the sky while stay at Sharm El Sheikh and more with Egypt Vacation Package.

saqqara pyramid
Saqqara Pyramid

For golfing lovers, Ibis Egypt Tours give them the chance to be enchanted with Beauty landscapes, warm weather while enjoy golfing at the most luxurious Egypt Golf Resorts, with Package Tour to Egypt appreciate the scenery while golfing at Pyramids of Giza, enjoy panoramic views at Katameya Heights Golf Resort, walkthrough the past at The Egyptian Museum and more with Tour Packages to Egypt.

egypt golf package
Egypt Golf Resort
There is a small window of opportunity to see Egypt in all its grandeur, minus the hordes of tourists. you can live the experience for few days while explore the ravishing Cairo city, walkthrough the fascinating Alexandria beach, date back to the time of ancient Egyptian at Luxor and more tours which provide you with memorable moments at your Vacation Packages Egypt.
egypt honeymoon
Egypt Honeymoon

Egypt is, without doubt, one of the finest safari destinations in the world, with its mystery desert which contain wide range of Oasis and each one has its personality and main landmarks, be relax at Cleopatra pool at Siwa Oasis, enjoy camping at White and Black desert, explore the glory of Dakhla Oasis and Kharga Oasis, explore Bahariya Oasis which is home of the walking safari, blessed with its incredible Natural areas and more with Tour Package Egypt.


Egypt Excursions

With Ibis Egypt tours be amazed with most great sightseeing in Egypt excursion while you can visit the most fascinating historical and cultural cities in Egypt such as enjoy the gleaming of Cairo, amuse your eyes to the wonders of Luxor, Aswan, and leisure by the excursions in Sharm El Shiekh, Hurghada, and Maras Alam.
Abu Simbel Temple

In Egypt day trips you will have the chance to enjoy Cairo day tours, Cairo has been recognized as one of the great cities of the world, it’s the City of the Thousand Minarets and it is a splendid place to explore Egyptian history, culture, and civilization. Cairo day tours are where you really get to feel about Egyptian street life. No day trips from Cairo will be completed without visiting pyramids of Giza, Sphinx, valley temple, The Egyptian museum, Dahshur Pyramid, Sakkara Step Pyramid, Memphis City, and other Coptic and Islamic attraction in old Cairo like Saladin citadel, Muhammad Ali Mosque, Coptic museum, Babylon Fortress, the Hanging church, Ben Azra Synagogue and Abu Serga Church and if you want to have some relaxation and stay away of the city crowded you can enjoy by Felucca at the Nile River and try tasty dinner in a luxury Nile cruise.
During your amazing trip in Egypt day tours the most great day trip to Luxor is allow you to relax and see the sights of Luxor. Visit Karnak temple and Luxor Temple, the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Hatshepsut Temple, Kom Ombo, Edfu, and Philae Temple, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Nile Valley along the way and never miss a Horse-drawn Carriage. In Luxor tour, among the massive temples and open-air museum you have a chance to marvel as you wandering through what’s widely consider the great spectacle in the whole world. Luxor was the ancient capital of Egypt during ancient Egyptian time so, you can feel hearing the voices from the past and ancient time. In our Luxor day trip is the wandering around the colossi of Memnon and more with Egypt Day Tours.

Dolphin House

Let’s move to one of the wonderful city in our tour to Egypt has a great monuments and ancient Egyptian spots and enjoy with Aswan tours. Aswan is the 3rd largest city in Egypt, and the largest in Upper Egypt, it’s over looking at the foot of the Nile Valley to the North end of Lake Nasser.
In Aswan day trips  you can visit the Royal Tombs of Aswan-Nobles built a necropolis of rock cut tombs on the high cliffs on the West bank of the Nile, you can also visit Aswan High Dam, unfinished obelisk, Philae Island and temple, and ride a felucca around Elephantine Island.
During your trip to Egypt if you decided to enjoy by the most crystal-clear water, underwater coral reefs and amazing world of color and beauty don’t miss to try Sharm El Sheikh excursion, Sharm el-Sheikh is overlooking at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba. It has strategic importance and consider one of the amazing destination in the World, in Sharm El Sheikh tours relax at the sunny beaches, try different water activities such as snorkeling, swimming and diving, enjoy sandy beaches, pristine water and affordable accommodation that are the main attractions, the experience excursions to St Catherine, Colored Canyon, Glass boat, Submarine, Moses Mountain, ride Quad Biking, and more with excursions from Sharm El Sheikh and Holidays.

Pyramids of Giza

With Ibis Egypt tours get experience about hurghada city, it is one of the amazing beach resorts situated in eastern part of Egypt, With Hurghada excursions you can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling to explore underwater life at the fascinating Red Sea, Safari at desert, additionally Ibis Egypt Tours offer wide range of Hurghada day trips such as Alf Leila Wa Leila show it’s great show will start to give you some information about the Egyptian history art including sound and light, fire work, Egyptian music, Horse Show, games of acrobat, additionally folklore dancing and amazing cities you can visit in Hurghada such as Giftun Island, Sahl Hasheesh, Makady bay and El Gouna and more with tour Egypt.
One of the great cities you can visit in trips to Egypt that over looking in the red sea coast is Marsa Alam. Marsa Alam is a main tourism attraction located east-south of Egypt, In Marsa Alam the dive sites are accessible for experienced divers. See the healthy and colored coral reefs and the wide range of underwater wildlife such as dolphins which is consider one of the principal factors of Marsa Alam. From Marsa Alam you can enjoy by Luxor tours from Marsa Alam, Cairo tours from Marsa Alam by air, Cairo and Luxor tours from Marsa Alam by flight, overnight Cairo day tours from Marsa Alam by air, Aswan tour from Marsa Alam by vehicle, and trip to dolphin house in Marsa Alam

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