Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Egypt and Jordan Tours Packages

Follow your footsteps and choose Egypt and Jordan Tours Packages with Ibis Egypt Tours, its the best way to enjoy best Egypt and Jordan Combined Tours for more than 15 day escorted tour of Egypt and Jordan, visit the Pyramids, Valley of the Kings, Petra and Dead Sea 
Egypt and Jordan Tours
Egypt and Jordan Tours 
Re find the hot spots for adventure tour through Jordan and Egypt tours, visit Amman and Petra, dive into the Red Sea, and see incredible sightseeing in Cairo, from the Valley of the Kings to the awe-inspiring ruins of Petra, this adventure through Egypt and Jordan Packages reveals so much more than the sphinxes and tombs of Egypt

Walk like an Emperor during Egypt and Jordan Tours through mystic sands and perilous pyramids and amazing Petra, Ibis Egypt Tours offers small groups tours Egypt to Jordan to visit Wadi Rum, Dead Sea and the most interesting sightseeing in Jordan.
Egypt and Jordan Tours packages
Egypt and Jordan Tours packages 
Ibis Egypt Tours Specialist for Egypt and Jordan tours starts in Amman, the capital of Jordan. It's then on to the Dead Sea, where we enjoy swimming or (floating!) in the sea. Take a once in a lifetime journey to Egypt and Jordan and see two of the world's most famous archaeological sites in one trip with a fascinating chance to visit Abu Simbel Temple and Jerusalem as optional tours.
Egypt and Jordan Travel packages
Egypt and Jordan Travel packages 
Let Ibis Egypt Tours guide you on your luxury Egypt and Jordan Packages adventure, explore the rich Nile River with archaeological places in Luxor and Aswan Nile Cruise Tours. This is the only package where we take you to Egypt and Jordan and see two different world and most famous archaeological sites in one trip. We also let you visit The Egyptian Museum, Edfu Temple, Philae temple then travel to Jordan to visit Madaba, Monte Nebo and make Safari tours in Wadi Rum by Jeep 

If you're looking to enjoy some historical Egypt packages and to discover the top highlights of Jordan in one combined trip, then our Egypt and Jordan Tours could be ideal tours packages for it, just save your time and money book your Egypt and Jordan Tours Packages with Ibis Egypt Tours
Egypt and Jordan Combined Tours
Egypt and Jordan Combined Tours
Join Ibis Egypt Tours to the perfect tours to see all of Egypt and Jordan sightseeing, earn more experience in Cairo and Amman. send us your inquiry on info@ibisegypttours.com or send via whatsapp +201009917162

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Egypt Excursions

Travel to Egypt and enjoy more than you expected about Egypt Excursions and Day Tours. Ibis Egypt Tours Offers best Excursions and trips in Egypt with good prices and high quality services. Egypt known as the land of pharaohs but Egypt has a lot of sightseeing from all ages, from the Pharaonic ages, Roman Ages, Coptic Age and Islamic Ages.

Egypt Excursions and Day Tours
Egypt Excursions and Day Tours 
Egypt Excursions in one day tour or two day tours is very suitable for busy travelers and who has many things to do in Egypt, try to discover best #EGYPT_EXCURSIONS and know more about the Egyptian history with Ibis Egypt Tours 

Egypt Excursions collect all types of Tours and Daily trips in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam 

1- Cairo Excursions: cairo tours, Ibis Egypt Tours offering cairo excursions, Feast your eyes with cairo day tours, scout plenty of cairo trips, stare at the amazement of Pyramids in cairo, experience tours in cairo and enjoy the beauty of Giza pyramids, cairo museum, and more, cairo day tours will take you back to the ancient history of Egypt, visit Citadel of Salah El-Dein and more sites with Ibis Egypt Tours.
Egypt Excursions
Egypt Excursions
2- Luxor Excursions: Back to ancient time and more while experience Luxor Tours, Ibis Egypt Tours offering a plenty of tours in Luxor to escape the crowds, feel ravishing while stare at the magical Karnak Temple, Walk through Valley of the Kings, then visit Colossi of Memnon, moreover you can enjoy day tours to Aswan, Cairo and more with Ibis Egypt Tours.

3- Aswan: Excursions: Do not miss to try Aswan Excursions with Ibis Egypt Tours, Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere on Aswan, combining with magnificent archaeological sites, moderate weather on Nile River, try Aswan Tours that offers plenty of tours to stare at Unfinished Obelisk, walk through Philae Temple, enjoy relaxing at the majestic Nile river and more things to do in Aswan.

4- Hurghada Excursions: Experience the splendor and charm of Hurghada with Ibis Egypt Tours, Urbane sophistication and the greatness of nature make Hurghada a remarkable destination for visitors, with Hurghada Excursions snorkel and swim at Red Sea, try Hurghada Trips, moreover feel ravishing with Cairo Tours from Hurghada and more things to do in Hurghada.

Egypt Red Sea Excursions
Egypt Red Sea Excursions 

5- Marsa Alam Excursions: When it comes to superlatives, Marsa Alam simply has no equals, you can dive among the dazzling marine life of the world’s largest coral reef at Red Sea, and this is ultimate Marsa Alam Excursions to immerse yourself from experience thrilling water activities, scout the gleaming parts of Cairo and Luxor.
Egypt Excursions and Red Sea
Egypt Excursions and Red Sea 

6- Sharm El Sheikh Excursions: Take an extraordinary journey across Sharm El Sheikh unique and hidden treasures with Ibis Egypt Tours, amuse your soul and mind with Sharm El Sheikh Excursions to scout around the main activities you can do there, try Excursions in Sharm El Sheikh to dive into crystal water, horseback riding, sail boating, and more with Sharm El Sheikh tours.

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Egypt Tour Packages

Egypt has a lot of sites and landmarks to visit, enjoy variety of Egypt Tour Packages with Ibis Egypt Tours, Explore the best sites of Egypt, amuse your eyes by visiting Cairo with its marvelous sites and spots, Try the best of Luxor attractions, be amazed with Aswan Tours and Excursions, try Egypt Travel Packages and have the chance to enjoy combo holiday to Egypt and Jordan, it is new experience for you once you try visiting such different sites, choose between different  packages to gain different experience with Egypt Tour Package.

Giza Pyramids 
Enjoy the magic of the Nile river and try Nile Cruise to scout the magnificent sites between Luxor and Aswan, variety of ancient sites are available to visit with Egypt Tours Packages, get the chance to visit Karnak Temple with its amazing Pillars, Watch the glory of Luxor Temple, discover Valley of the Kings with its strange tombs, get astonished by visiting Hatshepsut Temple, visiting Aswan with its special sites is something different where you can visit Philae Temple, Aswan High Dam and the Unfinished Obelisk, there is more to see and enjoy with Egypt Vacation Packages.

Egypt Trip Packages will allow you to visit Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Islamic and Coptic attractions where you can taste the Old Culture by visiting Citadel of Salah El Din, the Hanging Church and Ben Azra Synagogue, Try Egypt Travel Package to scout more sites with Ibis Egypt Tours.

Mummy Room at the Egyptian Museum
Egypt Package Tours will give you the chance to enjoy Nile River in Cairo or to scout Luxor, Aswan,Edfu, Kom Ombo and other great Egyptian sites, other choices such as Lake Nasser Cruise where you can visit Amada Temple, Penout Tomb, try lake Nasser cruise and get comfortable accommodation and more with Vacation Packages to Egypt.

A lot of things to do in Egypt, and different activities, choose between the different packages enjoy Snorkleing at the Red Sea, or try to dive at different spots, try adventure tours at Egypt Desert by visiting Bahariya Oasis and White Desert, scout the White Desert and Black Desert, get to know more about Marsa Alam excursions, it is famous with its water sports and activities . Discover Egypt Package with Ibis Egypt Tours. 

Red Sea Snorkeling

The special atmosphere of Nile River will give you the chance to relax, the Red Sea Crystal beaches, with its weather are the best choice for luxury honeymoon, 

Travel Packages to Egypt are memorable and really wonderful, honeymoon in Egypt is much different, once you get your Nile Cruise to Luxor and Aswan, it will transfer you back to the past to taste the ancient Egyptian history, once you stay at Sharm El-sheikh – you will feel that you are touching the sky, Egypt Vacation Package will allow you to scout and see more and more. 

Honeymoon Packages 
Customers who are preferring Golf, will have the chance to enjoy Tour Packages to Egypt including Golf, Egypt with its warm weather and Beauty landscapes, will help golfers to get the most luxurious of Egypt Golf Packages. 

Not only this but also Package Tour to Egypt will allow golfers to enjoy playing Golf at Pyramids of Giza, and will give them the chance to Play golf at Katameya Heights Golf Resort, and more with Tour Packages to Egypt.

With Vacation Packages Egypt have the chance to visit the fascinating Alexandria with its gleaming beach, on the other hand have the chance to visit Alexandria attractions with its fascinating sites such as Qaitbai Citadel, Cata Comb of Kom El-Shokafa, Alexandria Library and Montazah Palace with its green beauty Gardens and more.  

Qaitbai Citadel 
Or who are searching for adventure tours and Desert Safari, Egypt is the best destinations for Safari Adventure in the world, Egypt Desert has wide range of Oasis, and each oasis has its specific landmarks, Camping at the white Desert is a new trial you have to try, Scout  Dakhla and Kharga Oasis, Do not miss the chance to explore Bahariya Oasis, plenty of sites and landmarks available for visit with Tour Package Egypt.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cairo Tours and Excursions

Feast your eyes and soul with flourishing parts of Cairo with plenty of Cairo Tours to stare at the amazement of Pyramids, experience the beauty of Bahariya oasis, moreover with Cairo Day Tours try a walk through the history at Egyptian Museum and feel astonishment at this flourishing day tour to the major landmarks of Cairo like Egyptian Museum, Citadel of Salah el din and Old Cairo with Ibis Egypt Tours, experience the amazement of Egyptian Museum, citadel of Saladin, and more with Cairo Day trips

For travelers seeking for adventure, Ibis Egypt Tours offering a ravishing day tour to pyramids of Giza, Sakkara and Memphis City, feel charming at mighty sphinx, stare at Sakkara Pyramid, and walkthrough the history at Memphis City. And enjoy by a quick excursion to scout the gleaming parts of Cairo with Ibis Egypt Tours, with Transit Tour to Cairo stare at the amazement of Pyramids, feel charming with panoramic view of Sphinx, then walkthrough Khan El Khalili street and more with Cairo Excursions.
Try Cairo Excursion to scout the ravishing finds of Luxor with Luxor Tours from Cairo by flight, be ready to feel charming while walkthrough Valley of the Kings, Valley of the queens, stare at the amazement Karnak Temple, experience the flourishing site of Colossi of Memnon and more with Cairo Day Tours. With Ibis Egypt Tours enjoy excursion to scout the flourishing Alexandria city which offers stunning coastline provide with variety of trips like explore Qaitbay Citadel, Walkthrough Catacombs of El Shoqafa, stare at Montazah Palace and more with Cairo sightseeing tours.

Walk through the Islamic and Coptic landmarks in Cairo with Ibis Egypt Tours, it is an amazing journey will take you to stare at the amazement of Mohammed Ali Mosque with its alabaster walls, feel ravishing while scout The Hanging Church, Ben Ezra Synagogue and more with Cairo Day tour.
Enjoy a scenic view of Cairo from Nile River, All aboard for this Cairo Dinner Cruise, Experience dining under the stars while you view the city and its twinkling lights, watch Belly Dancer, hear the Egyptian music, enjoy buffet Dinner including different items where you can taste and more with things to do in Cairo.
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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Classical Egypt Tours

Keen to experience Egypt Classic Tours when you plan to spent an amazing vacation in Egypt, pay homage to visit Pyramids of GizaEgyptian Museum, enjoy your time on stunning beaches at Hurghada, taste the real meaning of adventure with Egypt Desert Safari, Passing through the history on board The Nile River and more Classic Holidays Egypt with Classic Egypt Tours. One of the most unique ways of exploring the flourishing atmosphere of Egypt while experience Cairo Nile Cruise and Safari Egypt Tours, enjoy a visit to the Pyramids, walk through White and Black Desert, stare at the amazement of Hatshepsut Temple, Stretch and Relax on the amazingNile Riverand more with classical Egypt tours.

Giza Pyramids 
With Egypt classical tour Packages unleash your inner adventurer on this journey, with Ibis Egypt Tours try Cairo and Nile Cruise Package by Air and feast your eyes with the panoramic view of Pyramids, stare at the mighty Sphinx, walk through Valley of the kings, sail on board luxury Nile cruise and also amuse yourself while experience Cairo Nile Cruise and Lake Nasser Cruise with Ibis Egypt Tours, get the chance to explore the major attractions like Great Pyramids of Giza, scout the Mighty Sphinx, discover the fascinating finds of Lake Nasser like Amada Temple, Wadi El Seboua and more tours of Egypt.

Try Egypt Classic Holidays to know more about ancient history of Egypt that shows you past and present of Egypt, With Egypt Classic Holidays Explore some of Cairo's historic landmarks and then marvel at its Islamic and Coptic architecture, stare atGiza pyramids, walk through Citadel of Salah El-Dein and more with Cairo Vacation Packages. Then take the experience Cairo and Alexandria Tours with Ibis Egypt Tours, Wide range of activities you can do like visitPyramids of Giza, The Egyptian Museum, then touring Alexandria to visit Qaitbay citadel,Cata comb of el Shoqafa and more with travel packages Egypt.

Aswan Felucca Ride 
Try an amazing tour to CairoAswan, Abu Simbel and Luxor with Ibis Egypt Tours, unleash your inner adventure while stare at the amazement of Pyramids of Giza, walk through the glory of Abu Simbel, moreover feast your eyes with the fascinating finds of Luxor and Aswan while try Cairo and Nile Cruise Package with Ibis Egypt Tours, enjoy cruising the Nile River which is a spectacular way to get a step back to the Ancient Egyptian time while walk through Valley of the Kings, stare at the amazement of Karnak Temple, and more with Egypt Classic Tours. 

Scout around the incredible finds of Egypt Classic Tours packages and enjoy Cairo Nile Cruise, and Hurghada Tour with Ibis Egypt Tours, Travel through history with the diversity of this vacation while get the chance to stare at the glory of Pyramids of Giza, walk through Karnak Temple, try snorkel on the Red Sea at Hurghada and more with Classical Tours of Egypt.

Get Ready for the most exciting landmarks of Ancient Egyptian while try Cairo and Luxor Tours, gazed upon the amazement of Great Pyramids of Giza, enjoy walking through Old Cairo, Explore some of Luxor's historic landmarks when scout around Karnak and Luxor Temples, visit Valley of the Kings and don't miss this opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking Cairo Nile Cruise and Sharm El Sheikh Tours with Ibis Egypt Tours, be ready to get a glimpse of magic in Cairo while visit Pyramids,Sphinx, then cruising the Nile River to explore Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples, get relaxed at the sunny beaches in Sharm El Sheikh.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Egypt Easter Tours

Travel around Egypt and get new experience during your Egypt Easter Tours with Ibis Egypt Tours. Offers tours in Egypt and get best prices for #Easter_Holidays_in_Egypt. Enjoy your Easter Vacations in Egypt and know more about the ancient Egyptian history with your Egyptology Guide.

Egypt Easter Tours
Egypt Easter Tours 
Explore the new Egypt and unleash your feeling towards the pharaohs secrets and ask us about the mysteries of Pharaohs during your Easter Packages in Egypt. Ibis Egypt Tours offers many Packages Tours to Egypt in Easter:

1- Cairo Tours in Eastercairo Easter Vacation deals with Ibis Egypt Tours, Choose cairo Easter Package and scout Cairo with its marvelous sites, Book cairo Easter Holidays offers and enjoy our special prices, visit Pyramids of Giza Egyptian Museum and more with cairo Easter offers.

Egypt Cairo Easter Holidays Packages
Egypt Cairo Easter Holidays Packages
2- Nile Cruise Tours in Easter: you can make Nile Cruise Tours in Easter as a separate tours packages from your city with Ibis Egypt Tours. Travel to Luxor and Aswan with 5 star deluxe Nile River Cruise with Full Board basis including all sightseeing in Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Aswan except Abu Simbel Temple 

Nile Cruise Tours in Easter
Nile Cruise Tours in Easter 

3- Cairo and Nile Cruise Tours in Easter: Discover Easter Holidays to Cairo and Nile Cruise with Ibis Egypt Tours, Get the best Easter Offers to Cairo and Nile Cruise, Scout Cairo Tours and Excursions, get to know more about Ancient Egyptian history in Luxor and Aswan on board Nile Cruise and more

Cairo and Nile Cruise Tours Packages in Easter
If you would Like to enjoy your Egypt Easter Holidays and get best prices send us on info@ibisegypttours.com
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