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Discover Egypt Treasures

When you Visit Egypt, Keen to have best Tours to most rated Attractions in Egypt  with Ibis Egypt Tours that offers many tours and excursions to Discover Egypttreasures, try best Cairo tours that full of amazing Places that reflect the Egyptian art , Culture and history through different eras , also you have the Chance explore Luxor Tours to many valuable attractions in Luxor City , discover Aswan highlights or explore different Culture . If you are Search for relaxation and entertainment, you have to try Sharm El sheikh day tours. Also, you have the chance to enjoy amazing tours to explore beauty of Hurghada City, also you will be able to explore Dahab or Marsa Alam and more you will discover in Egypt with Ibis Egypt Tours.

Prepare yourself to discover more than you expected with Ibis Egypt Tours in unique  excursions to different marvelous Egypt Tourist attractions with best SharmEl Sheikh day tours , Amuse your eyes with amazing and Unforgettable adventure to Nuweiba where you will have amazing private tours to the Colored Canyon , explore this magic Valley that contains wonderful  natural Colorful stones with many wonderful colors like The reddish brown, red , Orange and yellow, experience best Snorkeling tours to Ras Mohamed National Park and Tiran Island . Discover Egypt nature with best adventure via the Red Sea to discover the underwater world that full of beauty, nature and Secrets. Discover St,Catherine Monastery that consider as the most famous important Coptic attraction in Egypt and more you will discover in sharm El sheikh .

Are you ready to Discover Egypt?  Travel to Luxor City with Ibis Egypt Tours that full of many attractions you have to visit. Discover east Bank tours where you will visit the famous Luxor Temple that dedicated to Triad of Thebes. Explore Amenhotep III colonnade and feast your eyes with the amazing reliefs on the pylon of King Ramses II, preoare yourself to explore Karnak Temples where you will touch the beauty of the great hypostyle Hall that Contains 134 column in different high. Try West bank tours  to discover the mortuary temple of Hatshepsut at El Deir El Bahari and feast your eyes with wonderful reliefs for her journey to Punt Land to bring incense . Walk through the Valley of the Kings that Contain royal tombs For King and nobles of the New Kingdom. Try our Luxor Tours to Abydos and Dendera Temple. Scout to explore Abydos temple that constructed by Seti I and Completed by King Ramses II, also explore Dendera temple that was constructed during the Roman Period.

Travel to Egypt with Ibis Egypt Tours and try our best tours in Marsa Alam City and be ready to Discover Egypt  treasures and beauty in one of the most attractive Cities in Egypt. Keen to try The Dolphins House tour and enjoy unforgettable Fun time while swimming and playing with Funny dolphins. Prepare yourself for amazing tour to Wadi El Gemal where you will discover wonderful Variety of animals. In Wadi El Gemal tours, you will be able to discover many different kinds of birds including many endangered species, Unleash your Soul with amazing and marvelous View of Sunset. Also In Mars alam City, you will be able to enjoy something different through our adventure in the desert in best wonderful and interesting unique Safari tour from Marsa Alam City, arrive to magical Bedouin Village and get many wonderful memories and photos in the desert and feast yourself with many interesting and enjoyable things to do like eating with Bedouin People and amazing Opportunity to explore their beautiful Life style. Also from Marsa Alam Start a memorable Snorkeling tours to Hamata Island and Sharm El Luli to explore the underwater Life that full of many Secrets, Feast your eyes with beautiful Coral reefs, Colorful Fishes , turtles and more .

Discover Egypt attractions through:
•             Cairo Day Tours
•             Luxor Tours
•             Hurghada Excursions
•             Sharm El Sheikh Excursions
•             Marsa Alam Excursions
•             El Gouna Excursions
•             Alexandria Tours

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Would You Like to Try Egypt Shore Excursions?

Don’t think more and take the decision to get valuable experience about Egypt through Egypt Shore Excursions. You have the Chance to Visit Egypt from different ports and Start wonderful Egypt shore excursions with Ibis Egypt Tours, you will find amazing tours to explore best Egypt tourist attractions, Travel to Egypt via the Sea and experience best Egypt Shore Excursions to explore many Egypt highlights, explore Alexandria City with best Alexandria Shore Excursions, explore the most important historical site in Egypt Luxor City in best Safaga Shore Excursions with wonderful tours to explore Luxor City and Hurghada City. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Aqaba Shore Excursions to explore Jordan attractions and get the chance to explore many wonderful tours and things to do in Cairo with best Port Said Shore Excursions to explore many wonderful tours in The Land of Pharaohs. Experience many wonderful excursions from Ain El Sokhna port or try Sharm El Sheikh Shore Excursions that contains amazing tours and activities.

Prepare your Passport and Luggage and enjoy Ibis Egypt Tours deals and offers with best Private Egypt Shore Excursions with best Special rates. Discover The land of The History with our beautiful and wonderful Port Said Shore Excursions, explore Cairo City the most important Site in Egypt that full of many important attractions will take you to another world , Get the Opportunity and discover Giza Pyramids one of the ancient Seven Wonders of The World that belongs to King CheopsChephren and Mykerinus. Move to the sphinx that consist of human head and lion body, Prepare yourself for amazing tour to explore The Egyptian Museumthe most important Center of The Egyptian art where you will watch the beautiful treasures of Tutankhamon  including the golden Mask and many Original masterpieces has different style of art  and more you will discover from Egypt ports .

If you want to explore Egypt history in Short time from Egypt Ports , With Ibis Egypt tours, you will find amazing Egypt Shore Excursions around The Land of the history  , You will be So Lucky , if you get our Safaga Shore Excursions that include many tours to explore our history try Luxor tours and discover Famous Luxor Temple where you will explore Amenhotep III Colonnade and  the beautiful two Statues of King Ramses II, manyExplmuchinformation about Egypt history while visiting Karnak Temple that dedicated to the main god Amoun Ra . Explore 10 pylons, 134 Column in The Hypostyle hall and may courts and halls. Also, you will Scout to many monuments in the West Bank where you will visit Hatshepsut Temple that was built in The New Kingdom and built by her architecture engineer Sennmot, explore royal tombs in The Valley of The Kings that contains royal tombs for kings and nobles of The New Kingdom. Don’t miss the chance and unleash your inner with this wonderful  Sindbad Submarine tours from Safaga Port to experience the Underwater World from Safaga.

Are you ready for best shore excursions from Egypt Ports? Take the decision and travel to Egypt via the sea and be ready for this amazing Sharm el sheik shore excursions from sharm Port. you will find many fantastic Tours from Sharm El Sheikh Port. Explore The Underwater world with Ras Mohamed National Park, touch the beauty and nature of the Red Sea and discover many Secrets of the Underwater world through diving, Snorkeling, and Swimming in Crystal water, experience different types of marvelous  Colorful Fish and Coral Reefs that are famous in The red sea. From Sharm Port, you can try an unforgettable tour to The Colored Canyon by 4*4 Jeep to explore our Safari adventure in this magic valley that Contains natural Colorful rocks and more you will find with best Egypt Shore Excursions.

Get Best unique Egypt Shore Excursions through:
  • Alexandria Shore Excursions
  • Port Said Shore Excursions
  • Ain Sokhna Shore Excursions
  • Safaga Shore Excursions
  • Sharm El Sheikh Shore Excursions
  • Aqaba Shore Excursions

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Celebrations of Christmas In Egypt

Are you Ready for Christmas In Egypt? Here is Ibis Egypt Tours invite you to entertain with us spending the most precious time Surrounding the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of activities and tours, starting with Cairo and its attractions passing by Memphis City, Saqqara, Egyptian MuseumCitadel of Salah El-Dein and also Khan El-Khalili following this, your Voyage Cruising between Aswan and Luxor, within magical and warm atmosphere that makes you will feel at home.
Spend unusual Christmas in Egypt to have enjoyable New Year holiday in wonderful atmosphere through Our Egypt Christmas tours, enjoy Cairo tours heading towards most attractive highlights exploring Abu Simbel Temples of King Ramses II that Carved in the Stone then visit the High Dam and know about its history, walk through the Unfinished Obelisk and Philae Temple that belongs to Hathor and Isis goddesses then explore the great temple of King Ramses II that Contain wonderful decorations then visit The Small Temple of Abu Simbel that belongs to Queen Nefertari where you will explore wonderful reliefs for Nefertari with Egyptian goddess. After that, enjoy amazing tours through Our magical Nile Cruise that Cruising between Luxor and Aswan, you will explore Aswan sightseeing, Kom Ombo Temple, Edfu Temple of Hours and Luxor attractions in the East and West bank passing by Valley of the Kings also Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the magnificent Colossi of Memnon. Your Embarkation will be next day, manage to visit Luxor Specifically Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple. Throughout this incredible Excursion, you will find amazing and wonderful day tours to Alexandria City where you will explore different Culture through visiting Qaitbay Citadel, Catacombs of Kom El Shokafa, The Roman Theatre (Roman Amphitheatre) and the wonderful Montazah Palace.
Experience many Tours To Do in Egypt through Unforgettable New Year’s offers in Egypt. Immerse yourself with marvelous Christmas in Egypt with Cairo New Year tours. Discover Cairo attractions Like Giza Three Pyramids that belongs to King CheopsChephren and Mykerinus where you will get wonderful experience about Pyramids Constructions within possibility to have memorable photos with one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World, then explore one of the huge Statues “The Sphinx” that Consists of human head and Lion body. Also in New Year Offers, you will experience the wonderful mosque of Mohamed Ali that Known by The Alabaster Mosque. Enjoy amazing tours to The Egyptian Museum at El Tahrir Square to festive your eyes with watching many valuable masterpieces to different eras, and refresh your mind with watching Tutankhamon treasures, explore Coffins and decoration which has different Style of art within Simplicity of architecture, Narmer Palette and many wonderful and Valuable treasures, then Manage yourself to Scout exploring Cairo Citadel of Salah El Dein and more are waiting for you in your Christmas.
The Most glittering Sights for you will find it Cruising between Luxor and Aswan to explore their sightseeing, Spend your Christmas In Egypt Starting from Aswan Airport, Our representative will escort you all the excursion, Release your negative energy enjoying the welcoming atmosphere transfer to your Nile Cruise, taste your extraordinary tours to the High Dam, head towards the Unfinished Obelisk, Entertain while visiting Philae Temple, Belongs to Isis and Hathor goddesses. fascinate your eyes while Sailing to Kom Ombo, pay a visit to the Temple, Sail towards Edfu, head out to visit the Temple of Horus in Edfu, then Sail towards Esna. Next awesome Day, Sail to Luxor, it is your day to Touch Luxor culture, walk through Valley of the Kings, next excursion will be to the majestic Colossi of Memnon, After fabulous day will be your disembarkation, It is wonderful day to scout the temple of Karnak, then head towards Luxor Temple which was established by Amenhotep III and Ramses II.
There are many Offers through Christmas in Egypt Like:
Cairo Tours In New Year
4 Days New Year Nile Cruise Tours
5 Days New Year Nile Cruise Tours
Cairo and Nile Cruise New Year Offer By Train
Cairo-Aswan and Nile Cruise New Year Offer By Air
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