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Best Travel To Egypt 2017

  Travel to Egypt to enjoy the beautiful nature, the perfect weather and also the greatness of the historical places, Ibis Egypt tours will let you have the best vacation with our different packages, chill out at the sandy beaches and enjoy some water activities with our Red Sea Tours to Hurghada, Luxor, and Sharm El Sheikh, you can also have a magnificent Holy Land Tour and enjoy discovering old Coptic and Islamic Culture with our tours, escape the stress of your busy life with our short break tours, manage to relax while your Travel to Egypt and also visit many places in just a few days.
Have the Best Travel to Egypt with our Red Sea Tours, enjoy the pureness of the Red Sea and the perfect Weather at Hurghada stunning beaches, head to Giftun or Mahmya Islands for a new adventure, you can also try some water activities like swimming, diving, and snorkeling to explore many kinds of beautiful fish and colorful coral reefs as well, head after that towards Luxor East Bank to watch the biggest temple in the whole world Karnak Temple, continuing to Luxor temple that dates back to the New Kingdom and was built in 1400 B.C, moving to the West Bank of Luxor to watch the greatness of the Valley of Kings, head towards the temple of the popular queen Hatshepsut known also as Bahri Temple, finally don’t leave before watching the giant two statues of Colossi Memnon.
If you want to discover a different type of Culture, Travel to Egypt and Join our Holy Land Tours that will escort you in great visit to all the old Coptic and Islamic places in Egypt and other countries like Jordan and also Israel, Start with exploring Cairo best sightseeing then head to Wadi El-Natroun which is well known as the monasticism area for Christians, find out more about the Christian Culture while your visit to Al-Baramus Monastery as it is the one of the oldest monasteries in the area, then head towards Anba Makar Monastery, you can also see Anba Bishoi Monastery, and finally watch El-Suryan Monastery, enjoy your tour to St Catherine passing by Moses Eyes on your way, continuing to the seven daughters Monastery, try a new adventure while climbing Moses mountain, enjoy the sun rising  view over Sinai Mountains, finally come down to arrive St Catherine Monastery.
Enjoy your short break in Egypt and have the chance to visit many places like Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and Sharm El Sheikh, start exploring Cairo with the famous Pyramids of Giza named by the great three kings  Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, then head to panorama area to take memorable photos, watch the great Sphinx as well, you can also visit the Egyptian museum one of the biggest museums in the world, head after that to Alexandria City to enjoy your visit to Catacombs of Kom El Shokafa, head to watch Qaitbay Citadel after that, also watch one of the greatest libraries in the world Alexandria Library, and finally amuse your eyes while passing by the gorgeous Montazah palace.

There are many of Travel to Egypt Such as:
  • Red Sea Tours.
  • Egypt Classic Tours.
  • Spiritual Tours to Egypt.
  • Egypt And Jordan Tours.
  • Egypt Budget Tours.
  • Egypt Holy Land Tours.
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Travel To Egypt And Explore The History

Don’t miss the opportunity and travel to Egypt that offers you to make best vacations enjoy wonderful packages and spend wonderful time in the land of the history and explore the culture and civilization, Travel to Egypt with Ibis Egypt tours makes you select your package from Classical packages, red Sea packages, short break packages, and also Honeymoon packages, you have the chance to enjoy in best places with low prices in Egypt budget packages, you can also have unforgettable adventure with safari tours in the desert, feast your eyes in best places while making meditation tours packages.
Gain beautiful experience about Egypt and enjoy unforgettable honeymoon which makes you spend romantic time with your lover, explore amazing places while your Travel to Egypt and visit Cairo attractions like the great pyramids of Giza and sphinx, also have an excursion to the great Egyptian museum to watch the gleaming treasures of Tutankhamun, also you have the different experience about the Egyptian wedding by enjoying with Zaffa that considers beautiful Egyptian music and folklore show, also you have the opportunity to enjoy in Sharm El sheikh with the best activities like snorkeling, diving and swimming to explore the hidden secrets of underwater life. Moreover, have the chance to make an optional tour in the desert to have a safari trip.
If you are an adventurer person, you have to explore a new level of excitement with our Safari Trips, Enjoy your Travel to Egypt and explore the secrets of the Egyptian Desert, head to Bahariya Oasis to have a wonderful visit to the Temple of Alexander the great, move after that to the nobles Tombs, also you can head towards the Museum of Golden Mummies, before leaving don’t miss the chance to enjoy watching Ain El-Mephtella, you can also move to reveal the secrets of the black desert while exploring the Crystal mountain, and have the opportunity to discover the desert roses and the arch, you can also explore the beautiful white desert where you can watch the beautiful formations which the wind carved sculptures which sympathize both human and animal faces.
Travel to Egypt and explore best places to visit in beautiful short breaks in Egypt, try to Travel to Egypt you have the chance to enjoy exploring the sightseeing of Cairo, explore the pyramids and the Egyptian museum, through short tours you have the chance to visit Luxor and explore the East and West bank, in East bank visit Karnakand Luxor temple which dedicated to Triad of Thebes, in West bank you can visit the valley of the kings and Hatshepsut temple and know about her history, in short breaks you have the opportunity to explore Sharm El Sheikh and enjoy spending wonderful time exploring the beauty of the Red Sea and discover underwater life while making the wonderful activities and watch many landscapes, also enjoy best weather on sunny and sandy beaches.
There are many Parts through Travel to Egypt Such as:
  • Egypt and Jordan Tours
  • Egypt Honeymoon Packages
  • Egypt Budget Tours
  • Spiritual Tours to Egypt
  • Egypt Holy Land Tours
  • Egypt Golf Packages
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Travel to Egypt Best Packages

Have unforgettable Travel to Egypt with Ibis Egypt Tours different packages, amuse your eyes and soul and have a great meditation experience with our spiritual vacations, you can also enjoy the warm weather while having a luxury experience in some of the best Golf five stars resorts in the Middle East. Travel to Egypt to spend a perfect honeymoon, our Tours will make you have the best memories of these special romantic moments.
Enjoy a perfect meditation tours in your Travel to Egypt, start with Aswan and discover Isis Temple that will make your Throat Chakra in balance to express what you think and what you feel, you can head after that toward satet Temple that locates in the island of Elephantine, it was also dedicated to Satet goddess of the Nile floods, head after that to Discover Fayoum Oasis and visit Karanis, the ruins of the old city with its monuments belongs to Coptic, Roman and also the early Islamic period, continue to watch the famous Water Wheels in Fayoum, then move to then move to Qaroun lake which is one of the natural and oldest lakes in the world, then head to Qaroun Palace which is considered as one of the remains of Roman City, move then to discover wadi El Hitanwhich is an Arabic name means the Whale Valley.
  Travel to Egypt to try a new level of Luxury golfing with our Tours that will escort you to Katameya Heights Golf Resort as it’s a five star golf resort, also well known in Egypt as well as the Middle East, you can also enjoy the beautiful landscape while your golfing in Dream Land Golf Resort, head after that to Sharm El Sheikh to enjoy playing Golf at Maritim Jolie Ville Golf Resort, you can also relax and Chill out at Sharm El Sheikhsandy beaches and watching the pureness of the Red Sea, you can also try some water activities swimming, diving, and snorkeling to watch beautiful kinds of fish and colorful coral reefs.
Enjoy your honeymoon in Egypt with our Tours that will make these romantic moments perfect for you, start with Cairo and visit Giza Pyramids Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, head after that to Panorama area to take photos with such a great Landmark, move then to watch the Sphinx that was built to combine a humans head with a lions body, you can also have a walkthrough the valley temple, moving then to the Egyptian museum it is one of the largest museums in the world, head toward Aswan after that to explore the High Dam and also Philae Temple , then move to explore the unique unfinished obelisk, head after that to Luxor East Bank to watch Karnak Temple as it is the biggest temple in the world, and also the great Luxor Temple, moving after that to the West Bank of Luxor to enjoy your walkthrough the Valley of kings, then enjoy your visit to  the Temple of queen Hatshepsut.

There are many of Travel to Egypt Such as:
• Egypt Classic Tours
• Egypt and Jordan Tours
• Egypt Budget Tours
• Red Sea Tours
• Egypt Holy Land Tours
• Spiritual Tours To Egypt

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