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Enjoy Cheap Holidays to Egypt

Amazing places are waiting for you to visit Egypt with our Cheap Holidays to Egypt. With us you will have an entirely new experience, Find the joy and discover many historical places in Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, Abu simbel, Luxor and Hurghada. Also you can enjoy with our Nile cruises, all of that with our offers Cheap Holidays to Egypt.

Cairo is full of historical places that you can visit in Cheap Holidays to Egypt, start with Giza Pyramids Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus and the great Sphinx. Do you want to take photos to remember these moments and share your experience with your friends? In the panorama area you can take exceptional photos with the three pyramids, then heading to valley temple, don’t miss the chance to see the Hanging church which is considered as one of the oldest churches in Egypt, and Abu Serga Church that known as one of the sites visited by the Holy Family during their escape from King Herod to the land of Egypt, Ending with Ben Ezra synagogue in old Cairo. then heading to Alexandria where you can amuse your eyes with the beauty of Mediterranean Sea, after that you visit Catacombs of Kom El-Shokafa its tombs dates back to the 1st and 2nd centuries AD, visit the great Alexandria Library which is one of the largest and greatest libraries in the world as it contains a books, articles and papyrus scrolls dates back to Pharaonic and Greek era, and watch Qaitbay Citadel one of the landmarks in Alexandria plus it was the strongest fortress on the Mediterranean Sea, try to pass by Montazah Palace before you leave this magnificent city.

Cheap Holidays to Egypt offers Nile cruise that sails between Aswan and Luxor, explore Aswan attractions Such as Philae temple, the name of Philae is a Greek name means beloved. Also visit the unique Unfinished Obelisk which reflects the magnificent of stone-working techniques at ancient Egyptian, and the Great High Dam which is considered as one of the most successful achievements of modern Egypt was mainly built to protect Egypt from the danger of flood and drought , From Aswan you can sail to Kom Ombo to visit Kom Ombo Temple which is shared by Two Gods Sobek and Horus, after that you can head to Edfu where’s the Temple of Horus, move through the beautiful Esna, going then to West Bank of Luxor to visit the valley of queens, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and Colossi of Memnon the most popular statues in west bank as they stand on a free space as witnesses the temple of Amenhotep III, After that you can visit in East bank the great Karnak temple which is considered as the largest temple in the world, and Luxor temple which was established in1400 B.C.

You can visit Luxor through our Cheap Holidays to Egypt where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the red sea, visit an amazing islands like Mahmya and Giftun island where you can try some water activities like swimming, diving, or snorkeling and explore a new magical world full of wide variety of colorful fish and coral reefs.

There are many tours through Cheap holidays to Egypt Such as:

Cheap Tours To Cairo And Luxor

Cairo, Luxor And Hurghada Cheap Tours

Cheap Tours To Cairo And Hurghada

Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel And Luxor Cheap Tours

Cairo And Nile Cruise Budget Tours

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Best Cheap Holidays to Egypt

Do you want to have wonderful Cheap Holidays to Egypt? So, don’t miss the chance and enjoy having best tours with Ibis Egypt Tours that offers you best Budget Tours in Egypt which full of fantastic tours with low prices, take the opportunity and Come to Egypt to get beautiful experience about the history of Egypt, know more about Culture and Civilization. Also you will have the Chance to explore Cairo, Abu Simbel, also enjoy having Luxor and Aswan tours in an amazing Nile Cruise. Enjoy wonderful excursions for feel relaxation and fun in the beautiful City Hurghada .

Spend wonderful time in best Cheap Holidays to Egypt to explore Cairo attractions through wonderful budget Trips to Egypt, you can enjoy visiting most important structure Giza Three Pyramids which belong to kings Cheops , Chephren and Mykerinus and dates back to the Old Kingdom, then move to visit The Sphinx, and enjoy taking memorable photos in Panoramic area. Try to prepare yourself for wonderful trip to The Egyptian Museum that includes about 120,000 masterpieces, walk through between the museum galleries to feast your eyes with watching beautiful and Valuable masterpieces dates back to different eras. Enjoy watching, Tutankhamun Treasures, Akhnaton Collection, Narmer Palette and Chephren Statue.

Have wonderful tours to explore Luxor attractions through best budget Holidays to Egypt, you have to enjoy visiting Luxor Treasures in East and West bank, explore East bank sightseeing through Visiting Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple of Amoun-Ra, enjoy best Cheap Holidays to Egypt to explore west bank Sightseeing , try to visit Colossi of Memnon then you can feast your eyes with watching wonderful decorations in Hatshepsut Temple at El Deir El Bahari, then you can amuse yourself by walking through The Valley of The Kings which include about 62 K.v which include Tutankhamun tomb.

Try to have beautiful City Aswan that full of nature landscapes for The Nile River, enjoy exciting Cheap Holidays to Egypt and try to choose your favorite tour and explore The great High Dam which protects Egypt from Flood and Drought, then enjoy visiting the beautiful Temple that date back to Roman Period that is Philae Temple and dedicated to Isis, also you have to enjoy a wonderful budget Trips to Egypt to explore a wonderful obelisk which ordered to built by Queen Hatshepsut and Called The Unfinished Obelisk which still in the Location of the building Cause the Cracks on the granite in the obelisk .

Enjoy with our Cheap Holidays to Egypt and Spend nice vacation in Hurghada which is the most beautiful City on The Red Sea, you can enjoy nature through Cheap Egypt Tours in Hurghada beaches, Spend great time in Sunny and sandy beaches, and enjoy dazzling Water activities in Crystal water such as Swimming, snorkeling and diving to feast your eyes with wonderful Coral Reefs and different kinds of Colorful Fish.

There are many tours in Cheap Holidays to Egypt Such as:

Cheap Cairo Tours

Cairo, Luxor And Hurghada Cheap Tours

Cheap Tours To Cairo And Luxor

Cheap Tours To Cairo And Hurghada

Cairo And Nile Cruise Budget Tours Packages

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Options for Memorable Holidays In Egypt

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Come to The Land Of Pharaoh and feel the magic and beauty of the great history of Egypt , enjoy amazing Holidays in Egypt with Ibis Egypt Tours to explore many monuments and attractions through many wonderful Egypt Tours Package to fill your Soul with history and explore Egypt Tours with amazing rates Suitable for your Pocket, enjoy wonderful Holidays to Egypt through Red Sea Packages and live the adventure in the desert with best Safari Packages, or try unforgettable Egypt and Jordan Tours .

With your Holidays in Egypt , be witness to try Cairo and Alexandria to discover the great history and most famous attractions , back to history with Cairo attractions tours as Giza Three Pyramids of King Cheops , Chephren and Mykerinus which was one of ancient Seven Wonders of the World , explore the great Pyramid of King Cheops and you will be amazed at the high of the Pyramid which is 138 m, The Sphinx which Consist of human head as a sign of the wisdom and body of Lion a sign of Power . enjoy Holidays in Egypt to Visit Alexandria ( The Bride of Mediterranean Sea ) where you will explore Qaitbay Citadel of El Sultan El Ashraf Qaitbay also you will explore Alexandria Library and don’t miss the Chance to know the more about the burial way which was through the Roman Period in wonderful trip to Catacomb of Kom El Shoqafa

Refresh your mind and your Soul and have Positive energy through unforgettable and memorable Holidays in Egypt in best meditation tours in the land of history in many historical Sites, enjoy meditation in Saqqara inside The Step pyramid of Djoser , try amazing way for meditation while visiting Luxor City, refresh your Soul through walking through seven doors of Sekhmet Temple ,also you have the Chance to enjoy unforgettable tour to Dendera and Abydos, where you will explore Dendera Temple that dedicated to Hathor the goddess of Love, beauty and motherhood and explore Abydos Temple (Seti I Temple ) that dedicated to god Osiris , enjoy Meditation in Cairo through our amazing Spirituals tours to Giza Pyramids to explore the positive energy that of The burial Chamber of the king inside the Pyramid and enjoy meditation beside the Sphinx ( The mighty statue )and more with best Spiritual tours in Egypt.

Relax, Chill out, have fun and more in best Holidays in Egypt to explore Charm of Red Sea, enjoy Red Sea Packages to explore magic of Sharm El Sheikh where you will touch the beauty of The Pure blue water where you will enjoy amazing Snorkeling Tours in Tiran Island and Ras Mohamed National Park , it’s the best way to enjoy amazing Holidays in Egypt to touch beauty of the Red Sea that full of Colorful Fish and Coral Reefs and don’t miss the chance to explore beauty of Nuweiba through Colored Canyon tours. Enjoy a wonderful holiday in Hurghada through our tours to beautiful Giftun Island or Sinbad Submarine tours to explore amazing hidden secrets of underwater life.

There are wonderful Holidays In Egypt Through:
  • Egypt Classic Tours
  • Egypt Honeymoon Packages
  • Red Sea Tours
  • Egypt Short Breaks
  • Egypt Budget Tours

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Amazing Holidays in Egypt for You

giza sphinx

If you don’t have much time and you’d like to have some days off and relax, come and join our to have incredible Holidays in Egypt in only a few days with our short break tours, you can also join our budget packages that will give you the opportunity to visit lots of magnificent places and have much fun, all of that at a reasonable price. Try our Holy Land Tours, fascinate your eyes and watch some of the most amazing sightseeing in Egypt and the Middle East.

Spend a magnificent vacation and have a lot of fun in only few days, Holidays in Egypt will give the opportunity to visit Cairo sightseeing, Alexandria, and Sharm El Sheikh, visit Alexandria and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, and watch great historical places as well, visit Catacomb of Kom El-Shokafa, discover the greatness of Qaitbay citadel, explore one of the greatest libraries in the world Alexandria Library, you can also have walk through the beautiful Montazah Palace, and don’t miss the chance t visit The Roman Amphitheatre, you can also try visiting Sharm El Sheikh to relax and enjoy relaxing at the stunning Beaches, you can also try some water activities like swimming, diving, and snorkeling, or you can have an exciting adventure and head from Sharm El Sheikh to try Desert Safari at the heart of Sinai Desert.

Visit various Historical places and enjoy the pureness of the nature at reasonable prices with our Budget Tours, visit Cairo and discover the greatness of Giza Pyramids names by the Great Three Kings Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, you can head also to The unique Sphinx, after that you can take a memorable photos in this beautiful place in Panorama area, don’t forget to Pass by the Valley of Temple, after that Holidays in Egypt will give you the opportunity to visit one of the greatest museums in the world the Egyptian museum, heading after the to Aswan to visit Philae temple which Belongs to Isis and Hathor goddesses, the unfinished obelisk, and have the chance to see one of the greatest projects in the history of modern Egypt The High Dam, was built basically top protect Egypt from the danger of drought and flood, and it generates electricity as well, moving after that to Temple Abu Simbel, it is one of the most fascinating sights you have ever seen.

Holidays in Egypt will take you in an unforgettable tour to discover the beauty and the greatness of our Holy Lands, starting with Wadi El-Natroun which is well known as the monasticism area for Christians, then head to Al-Baramus Monastery one of the oldest monasteries in this area, you can also visit Anba Makaryus Monastery, Anba Bishoi Monastery, and finally El-Suryan Monastery, you can also have an unforgettable experience watch Moses Eyes, continuing to see the seven daughters monastery, till you arrive St. Catherine monastery, where you can try different adventure while climbing Moses mountain, enjoy the view of the sun rising over Sinai Mountains, then coming down to a magnificent visit to Saint Catherine Monastery,you can also pass by Room of the Skulls, finally the famous burning bush.

There are many types of Holidays in Egypt Such as:
  • Egypt Classic Tours.
  • Egypt And Jordan Tours.
  • Red Sea Tours.
  • Egypt Desert Safari.
  • Egypt Honeymoon Packages.

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Great Holidays in Egypt

Karnak Temple 5

Find the real joy of our Holidays in Egypt and discover our various packages to spend an unforgettable vacation, try our Meditation Tours and amuse your soul with this amazing experience, Or you can take a tour around all the historical places to explore the greatness of the Egyptian ancient History with our classical tours, and if you’re an adventurer try our desert safari Tours and explore the real meaning of excitement.

Start your Meditation Tour with Our Holidays in Egypt visiting the Step Pyramid of Sakkara and Dahshur Pyramid, after that visit Red and Bent Pyramid belongs to King Sneferu, continuing to the step Pyramid of Sakkara, discover the healing energies of the ancient which is still active at Sakkara, explore Unas Pyramid as it displays all the energy device, visiting after that the Serapeum, subterranean complex as it was an integral part of a huge energy device, moving after that to Luxor where you can visit Karnak temple, then move towards Luxor Temple, it is connected to the third chakra, Luxor Temple which describe the human body structure combined with the centers of its energy, you can head after that to Seti I Temple which is Known as Abydos Temple, was constructed by the King, The Pharaohs believed that the god of underworld buried at Abydos Temple, then move towards Dendara Temple known as The Temple of Hathor, as Hathor was known as the Goddess for Love and joy.

Join our Classic Tours and have the chance to see some of the greatest historical places in the world, Holidays in Egypt will escort you on a tour to discover the greatness of the Ancient Egyptian civilization, visit Cairo to discover the Great Pyramids of Giza named by the Three Kings Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, move after that to Panorama area to have a fabulous photos to keep these beautiful memories, head after that to The great sphinx which is a great statue combines a Human head with a lions body, after that you can visit the Egyptian museum, one of the largest museums in the world, moving to Alexandria enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, and discover a different type of culture Catacomb of Kom El-Shokafa, moving to Qaitbay citadel, explore one of the greatest libraries in the world Alexandria library, after that you can amuse your eyes watching Roman Amphitheatre, try to pass by Montazah Palace before leaving.

Have a new adventure with our Safari Desert Tours, our Holidays in Egypt will escort you to reveal the secrets of the Bahariya Oasis discover Alexander the great Temple, the nobles Tombs, the Museum of the Golden Mummies, heading after that to Ain El-Mephtella. Moving after that to the Black Desert where you’ll visit the crystal mountain, also the desert roses and the arch, moving to the White Desert to explore the formations, the wind carved sculptures that sympathize both human and animal faces, Continuing to discover the formations that resemble the surface of a different planet.

There are many types through Holidays in Egypt like:
  • Red Sea Vacations.
  • Egypt And Jordan Tours.
  • Spiritual Tours To Egypt.
  • Egypt Holy Land Tours.
  • Cheap Holidays To Egypt.
  • Egypt Classic Tours.

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