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Enjoy Discovering Egypt Tourist Attractions

Unforgettable experience is waiting for you with Ibis Egypt Tours, choose what destinations you would like to visit to watch best Egypt Tourist Attractions, you can spend an amusing tour while discovering Cairo Highlights, also join our Hurghada day tours to enjoy a new level of relaxation, forget about the stress while enjoying the beauty of the Red Sea, also join our Alexandria excursions to explore the glory of the historical places, manage to try our Taba excursions as well to enjoy many fun activities that you enjoy with your family of friends, discover some of the biggest Egypt Tourist Attractions during your day tour in Luxor, and don’t miss the chance to join our Aswan tour where you will find out more about the ancient Pharaonic Civilization.

Chill out while amusing your eyes with the exceptional beauty of the Red Sea during your Hurghada excursion, start with a magnificent tour by your boat till you arrive Mahmeya Island to have a fascinating snorkeling tour, enjoy watching the dazzling coral reefs and the ravishing kinds of fish full of colors, manage to relax after that while enjoying the nice sunny weather, you can also have a new adventure with another day tour in Hurghada deserts, start with your quad bike to reveal the secrets of the desert of Hurghada, till you arrive the Bedouin Village to discover the simplicity of their lifestyle, also try some Bedouin tea, you can also have another day tour to be amazed by the magical beauty of the nature at Giftun Island.

Have an amusing day around Luxor to scout the wonders of its monuments that considers some of the best Egypt Tourist Attractions, start your excursion with discovering the West Bank of Luxor where you will stare at the glory of the Valley of Kings as the ancient Egyptians built it to prevent the robbers from stealing their valuable graves, enjoy your walk through some of the greatest Kings and Nobles tombs, next move will be to Queen Hatshepsut Temple was called before the Northern monastery but now it’s called El-Deir El-Bahary, also pay a visit to Colossi of Memnon the great unique two statues stands on a free space, then move towards the East Bank of Luxor to explore the biggest temple ever constructed in the whole world, the Karnak Temple, then move to Luxor Temple that was built Greco-Roman kingdom era, you can also have a new experience and try our amusing Balloon Tours to enjoy the Panoramic view that overlooks Luxor Highlights, enjoy while amusing your eyes with this breathtaking view.

Be ready to feel amazed during your tour in Aswan, start your excursion to one of the most huge projects in modern Egypt the Great High Dam that was constructed at 1960 to prevent the danger of Nile river flood and drought, it also plays a beneficial role as it provides Egypt with electricity, continue your tour discovering Egypt Tourist Attractions till you arrive Philae Temple enjoy staring at its gleaming, Philae is a Greek name that means beloved, means in Arabic “Anas El-Wogoud” as well, next point will be the Unfinished Obelisk, you can also relax on your Felucca ride in another day tour, manage to escape the crowd and feel amused while watching the gleaming of the view of the Nile River, enjoy sailing around Elephantine Island, continue sailing to explore the beautiful Botanical Gardens, also never miss the opportunity to pass by the magical way Agha Khan Mausoleum to enjoy the perfect weather.

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Unforgettable Tours To Explore Egypt Tourist Attractions

Have a nice time in wonderful day tour to visit Egypt, it’s your chance by ibis Egypt tours to have memorable tours to explore the history and culture, visit Egypt Tourist Attractions and have great civilization from our places to visit, you can collect information about ancient Egyptian history, also you have to take a great excursions to Red Sea cities to feast your eyes with the great world of underwater, like Marsa Alam, Sharm EL Sheikh, Hurghada, and El Gouna.

Have an unforgettable day tour to Luxor and breath the ancient civilization, you can enjoy wonderful places to visit and enjoy having Balloon Ride to soar over Luxor city, explore Egypt Tourist Attractions and have the chance to watch best panoramic view of Luxor west bank, you have to watch the sunrise on the sky, and feel relaxation while soaring over the valley of the kings and the valley of the queens, you have to feel different feeling and watch the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and also from your balloon ride you can watch the two statues of Colossi of Memnon. You can enjoy another day tour to visit the great attractions in the west bank, you can know about the culture of Karnak Temple that is the largest temple in the world and has 6 temples, you can enjoy the great history of this ancient and most famous temple in Luxor, after that you have to move to Luxor temple and know that was built by Amenhotep III and Ramses II.

You can enjoy wonderful day tour to explore the charm and beauty of Hurghada in one day, enjoy discovering Egypt Tourist Attractions and have to take unforgettable tour To Mahmya Island, try to feast your eyes with magnificent views and have the chance to start an amazing water activities like dazzling snorkeling to explore the fascinating world of underwater, you can enjoy best landscapes that full of coral reefs and colored fishes, also you have the chance to make other activities like diving and swimming, feet relaxation while amuse your eyes with the wonderful view of the red sea and enjoy sunny and sandy beaches. Have another unforgettable day to Hurghada and visit the desert in best safari trip, have four-wheel-drive Jeep to arrive at Bedouin village, make real adventure trip to enjoy desert Safari , have a different atmosphere and enjoy the magnificent view of the sunset in Hurghada desert, also have a the best taste of Barbeque at the dinner.

Have the chance to enjoy wonderful day to visit great Egypt Tourist Attractions in Alexandria the beautiful city, you can enjoy watching the civilization of this city, start your day tour by visiting Catacombs of Kom El Shokafa, and also you haveto explore the Citadel of Qaitbay, you have the chance to have unforgettable trip to Alexandria Library, after that get the chance to walk in the best gardens of Montazah Palace, moreover you have to visit the Roman theater and amuse yourself with the unforgettable design of it that dates back to the Roman period. You have another day tour in Alexandria to Alamein and enjoy visiting Alamein World War II Museum which is the remains of the world War II, and then try to amuse your eyes by watching the Flights, Tanks, Bikes, and also you have to watch the different types of weapons that date back to the World War II, you have to see Rommel, Montgomery, and others who already participated in the world war II.

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Have Information About Egypt Tourist Attractions

Get information about Egypt Tourist Attractions and try to explore ancient history of Egypt, with Ibis Egypt Tours have wonderful day tour to know about the beauty of the great sightseeing, you have the chance to visit Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, watch ancient pyramids and temples, you have also amuse your eyes in wonderful places like Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam, El Gouna, and Dahab to explore the magical world of underwater while making best activities like snorkeling, diving and swimming, also you can explore the beauty of Alexandria city.

Have the chance to explore Egypt and enjoy having great excursions to Cairo, you can explore the history and visit the three pyramids of Giza Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, that consider the royal tombs and also enjoy exploring sphinx, after that you have to move to the panorama area to take many photos to be a good memory, you have to get experience about Egypt from the Egyptian museum, you have the opportunity to explore the treasures of Tutankhamun in unforgettable tour, you can watch the great statue of Queen Hatshepsut and the wooden statue of Sheikh El Balad. Also, have a memorable tour to Cairo and try to enjoy exploring Dahshur pyramids where you can watch the glory of Red and Bent Pyramid after that you have the chance to explore the step pyramid of Sakkara “King Zoser pyramid” that consider the oldest stone in the world. And more Egypt Tourist Attractions in Cairo.

Enjoy memorable excursion in Taba and have the opportunity to discover Egypt Tourist Attractions, you can amuse your eyes with the great panoramic views and have excursion to the Colored Canyon in Nuweiba , you can watch beautiful colors of rocks and walk in the valleys of Granite and sandstone, you have to hike among the rocky mountains, you have the chance to watch the beautiful colors reflected from the oxidized. Have an excursion in Taba and enjoy best tours to Aqaba, you can explore the wonderful views of Gezerit El Fraraun, you have the chance to amuse your eyes with wonderful snorkeling and make other activities, you have to watch very much created coral reefs the island. Get other excursion in Taba to make best Safari tours by the Quad bike, you have to gain knowledge about Taba desert and visit the Bedouin village, try to eat the Bedouin food and enjoy by tasting the Bedouin tea, you have the chance to ride camels and try to taste the barbeque dinner and enjoy different atmosphere in the desert of Taba. And more excursions in Taba.

Give yourself a break and have unforgettable excursions to Aswan explore Egypt Tourist Attractions , try to enjoy one day to visit the great High Dam that is big project from 1960, the dam protects Egypt from floods and drought, also helps us in electricity generation, after that you have to watch the great unfinished obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut, then give yourself the chance to explore the temple of Philae that is large and famous temple in Aswan, it Belongs to Isis and Hathor goddesses. Also you have another excursion in Aswan to try to explore the Nubian museum and Kalabsha Temple, the temple which constructed Toutmosis II and Amenophis II, and also it considers the biggest Egyptian Nubian temple and it is dedicated to the Ptolemaic era, and then you have to watch the Nubian museum that contains 3000 pieces that lost in Lake Nasser, and its name was taken from the old word Nubia. And more unforgettable day tours in Aswan.

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Spectacular Egypt Tourist Attractions

Have a perfect day tour with Ibis Egypt Tour various excursions that will escort you to enjoy visiting some of the Best Egypt Tourist Attractionsfind the gleaming of the Sightseeing in Cairo during your excursion, also enjoy unforgettable excursion in Luxor to explore its great Landmarks, also have a tour to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and visit many glamorous places all at the same time during your Alexandria Tour, or you can give yourself a break with our Hurghada Tours and enjoy the perfect weather and the beauty of the Red Sea at the magnificent Beaches, enjoy many of these excursions to discover many Egypt Tourist Attractions just with Ibis Egypt Tours.
Discover the glory of the historical places during your Luxor excursion, start with discovering the West Bank and enjoy a magnificent walk through the Valley of Kings and enjoy discovering the great ancient Kings tombs and the Nobles as well, the valley of Kings was built in the first Place to prevent the robbers from stealing the graves of Pharaohs, head then to the Temple of the beautiful queen Hatshepsut, it was called before the Northern monastery, but now it’s known as El-Deir El-Bahary, make sure that you pay a visit to the great Colossi of Memnon two statues before leaving the West bank, head to continue your day tour at the East Bank and have the opportunity to watch the biggest temple ever built in the world the great Karnak Temple, also don’t leave before watching one of the most important Egypt Tourist Attractions Luxor Temple that was built during Greco Roman kingdom era, have another day tour to have a new experience, try Hot Air Balloon Ride and enjoy the Panoramic view of Luxor Landmarks during your ravishing tour.
Chill out and give yourself a break during you day tour at Sharm El-Sheikh, enjoy the sunny weather and the spectacular sandy beaches in unforgettable excursion, start with an amazing trip to Tiran Island and enjoy sailing while watching the Golf of Aqaba on your way, continue sailing till you arrive blue Laguna which is a well known snorkeling site, enjoy snorkeling and diving at the best snorkeling point and amuse your eyes with the dazzling Coral reefs, moreover various kinds of colorful fish, after that manage to sail to the Thistlegrom wrecks,  one day at this fascinating city wouldn’t be enough for you to enjoy so have another excursion and enjoy the beauty of Ras Mohammed National Park, ride your boat to have a magical snorkeling trip enjoy watching beautiful fish and coral reefs at 2 or 3 remarkable points, swimming is available as well.
Spend a perfect excursion that you will never forget in Cairo to explore the gleaming of Egypt Tourist Attractions, start with scouting one of the Seven Wonders of the World the three Pyramids of Giza CheopsChephren and Mykerinus, enjoy watching the remarkable Sphinx as well during your ravishing tour, and if you want to take remarkable photos to keep these moments and share it with your friends, Panorama area is there just for that, then proceed to the Egyptian museum to see some of the best monuments and treasures of the Pharaohs, also try another excursion and enjoy tasting a different type of culture while visiting Al Azhar where you will embrace the Islamic history, also manage to visit the famous El Hussein mosque, next point will be El Sayeda Zeinab Mosque, after that head towards El Sayeda Nafisa Mosque, continuing your tour through the glamorous Amr Ibn Alss Mosque, watching  Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque is a must as well, last point in your tour will be the Citadel of Salah El Din.

Discover many Egypt Tourist attractions with our different excursions like:
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Discover Egypt Tourist Attractions

Dare to Experience some of the hidden Egypt Tourist Attractions around many places like Taba Excursions, LuxorHurghada, Dahab, El Gouna, Marsa Alam excursion, Cairo Day Tours, Sharm El-SheikhAswanAlexandria, here Is Ibis Egypt Tours is ready for your help to build your Tailor-Made itinerary ad entertain every single moments and put limits to your days, visit each realm you prefer it, hot offers on your tickets, secure online payment, the most surprising we promise you to organize your budget, just contact us.
Chill out during your visit to Egypt Tourist Attractions Such the adorable one Tiran Island Snorkeling in Sharm El-Shiekh, Ibis Egypt Tours will escort you to Sharm Marina, embarkation to your boat for an wonderful trip to Tiran Island, Sail for around two hours, watch the Golf of Aqaba while sailing, continue till arrive to the famous snorkeling site known as Blue Laguna, it is for a wonderful trip to Tiran Island, Sail for around two hours, watch the Golf of Aqaba while sailing, continue till arrive to the famous snorkeling site known as Blue Laguna, it is the best point for swimming or even diving, during your Cruising there, watch the ravishing coral reefs, beside the amazing colors for different kinds of fish, lie on the sun deck of your boat, it will be great while sailing to the most famous Thistlegorm wreck dive which is one of the west coasts of the Sinai Peninsula in the Red Sea, then sail back to Sharm Marina.
Discover Luxor the main historical Place in Egypt Tourist Attractions, start your adorable East and West Bank Luxor Tour by visiting the West Bank, walk through Valley of the Kings (visit 03 tombs), head out towards Hatshepsut Temple, has a particular decoration and design, one of the Characteristic temples, the Temple was called before “ Northern monastery”, it is well-Known as El-Deir El-Bahary, your next move towards Colossi of Memnon, your last stop will be to Karnak & Luxor Temples at the East Bank, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy with the awesome Monuments ever and save every single memory. Explore Seti I Temple (Known as Abydos Temple) which is constructed by the King Seti I and completed by Ramses II, Abydos Temple located in Sohag City, the best paintings for Pharaohs and Gods already on the walls of Osiris Temple at Abydos, then move towards Dendara Temple (The Temple of Hathor), Hathor was the God of Love and Joy, behold Qena Town, Dendara Temple was constructed at the Roman period, considered the one of the latest Temples in Egypt, Dendara Temple decoration was combined with the Roman Emperor and the Egyptian Gods.
Enjoy Egypt Tourist Attractions by visiting the awesome Saint Catherine Monastery, change your mood with the most famous Monastery in the World within rich important religious and historical structure. For over fifteen years, one of the most wonderful centers of religious pilgrimage, its magnificent walls then move towards Room of the Skulls, watch a lot of Skulls for previous Monks of the Monastery and the last point will be to the Chapel of the Burning Bush, then heading towards Taba, you can make shopping and you will be amused. Add to your itinerary to visit the Quad bike riding point, start an amazing Tours to gain more Knowledge about TabaDesert, have testing drive before you ride your Quad Bike, then start to drive your Quad Bike, immerse yourself in a real adventure till arriving to Bedouin Village, you will relish Bedouin tea, and also know about their life, where they live in the desert, after that taste the Barbeque Dinner in different atmosphere in Taba Desert, try a different experience while watching dancing and firing Show, it is something different you have never seen it before.
There are many Egypt Tourist Attractions through our tours around Egypt Such as:
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The Most Amazing Egypt Tourist Attractions

When you Visit Egypt, Keen to have best Tours to most rated Egypt Tourist Attractions with Ibis Egypt Tours that offers best tours and excursions in The Land of the History ,Scout to Cairo City that full of amazing Places reflect the Egyptian art through different eras , also you have to try Luxor Tours to explore many valuable attractions in Luxor City ,get the chance and explore best Aswan highlights  or explore different Culture . If you are Search for natural attractions in Egypt, you have to try Sharm El sheikh day tours or be witness to touch the beauty of Hurghada City, also you will be able to explore nature and wonders of Dahab or Marsa Alam and more you will find out in Egypt with Ibis Egypt Tours.

Come to The Land of Pharaohs and prepare yourself to discover more than you expected with many excursions to different marvelous Egypt Tourist Attractions with best Sharm El Sheikh day tours , Amuse your eyes with amazing and Unforgettable adventure to touch the real  beauty of Nuweiba with our private tours to Colored Canyon , explore this Magic Valley that contains many natural Colorful stones with many wonderful colors like The reddish brown, Orange , red and yellow, also you have the Chance to explore best Snorkeling tours to Ras Mohamed National Park and Tiran Island , explore the underwater world that full of beauty and nature . Enjoy a valuable tour to famous  St, Monastery Monastery themost  famous important and  Coptic attraction in Egypt and more.

Travel to Luxor City that full of many attractions you have to visit. Enjoy many tours and excursions to the East Bank where you will visit the famous Luxor Temple that dedicated to Triad of Thebes. Scout to The famous Colonnade that was built by King Amenhotep III and feast your eyes with the amazing decorated pylon of King Ramses II, visit Karnak Temple the hugest temple. Enjoy wonderful panoramic view in the great hypostyle Hall that Contains 134 column in different high. Prepare yourself for amazing Egypt Tourist Attractions tours in the West Bank .get the chance and explore Hatshepsut Temple at El Deir El Bahari and feast your eyes with beautiful reliefs for her journey to Punt Land to bring incense, experience wonderful decorated royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings that Contain many Royal tombs For King and nobles of the New Kingdom, enjoy amazing tour to  tour Abydos Temple that was constructed by Seti I and Completed by King Ramses II , also you can explore Dendera  temple that was constructed during  the Roman period .

Come to Egypt with Ibis Egypt tours and try our excursions in Marsa Alam. Explore magnificent Egypt tourist Attractions with many memorable tours Like The Dolphins House tour , enjoy unforgettable time for Fun and entertainments , while swimming and playing with Funny animals ( the dolphins ). Enjoy our adventures to the most Top rated Egypt Tourist Attractions in Marsa Alam, just Prepare yourself for Wadi El Gemal  where you will experience many amazing Variety of animals. In Wadi El Gemal tours, you will be able to discover many different kinds of birds including many endangered species , Unleash your inner and your Soul with amazing and marvelous View of Sun set . In Mars alam, you will be able to Start wonderful adventure in the desert through our unique Safari tour from Marsa Alam , arrive to Bedouin Village and get many memories in the desert  and many interesting things to do like eating with Bedouin People and amazing Chance to explore their Life style . Prepare yourself to enjoy memorable Snorkeling tours to Sharm El Luli and Hamata Island to explore the underwater world that full of many Secrets ,you will Feast your eyes with amazing Coral reefs , Colorful Fishes , Turtles and more .

Experience best Egypt Tourist Attractions through:
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