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An open World begins with an Open Mind, don’t hesitate to ask Ibis Egypt Torus’s Staff about any of your Requirements, Contact Us Via Phone or Online Chat, we always ready to help. Get Ready to make your Vacation more interesting by visiting many of attractions, Highlights, and treasures through memorable Tours ever. Explore many things to do to Discover Egypt throughout your visiting Egypt enjoying many of Our Services around your needs from scratch accommodations, amenities according to your request, include Restaurants, Hotels, Golf Clubs, entertainments you prefer. Discover Egypt offer holidays to Cairo day tours, Alexandria Excursion, Aswan, LuxorTabaDahab, Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, Marsa Alam, El-Gouna and more are waiting for you.
Revive yourself with full entertainment in Hurghada Excursions, On Egypt’s Red SeaCoast which is well-known as a Crowded resort town. Discover Egypt with the best Stunning Giftun Islands and the Eastern Arabian Desert, It has seen huge amounts of developments in the Past decade, Some of the World’s best diving and Snorkeling Sites are Just Offshore, Join Ibis Egypt Tours Snorkeling Trip to Giftun Island and Catch your Cruise for a fascinating Snorkeling Trip the magnificent National Park exploring Underwater green gardens World, and Colorful tropical fish, all Surrounded by the gleaming Coral reefs, Crystal-Clear Waters of the Red Sea and more. Take a leisurely Snorkeling and Swimming to Sharm El-Naga Bay from Hurghada, discovering the Underwater World Color Fish, availability for diving at the area, after that, you can ride Camels Or Horses Upon your Request, there is an area to enjoy the Playground which is designed especially for the Kids.
Start your Outstanding tour that really Informative and Thorough to the awesome City ever “Aswan”, that Located in the South of Egypt also considered a busy Market and tourist Center Combining with magnificent archaeological sites, moderate weather On Nile River.  Join Us as Ibis Egypt Tours, Live life of Pharaoh or Get a taste at this excellent tour, feel Charming with stupor of Edfu Temple which was dedicated to the God Horus staring at the glorious KomOmbo Temple which contains two Temples Sobek and Haroeris Temple, Moreover you will find tombs from the Old Kingdom near to KomOmbo Village, then move towards Horus Temple which is One of the best ancient Temples in Egypt, the Largest after Karnak Temple the first pillars located on the hall contains images for God Horus and God Hathor. Or you can head towards to Kalabsha TempleDiscover Egypt with Other Nubian Pieces, but it was constructed originally in Kalabsha, it is considered the biggest Egyptian Nubian Temple and dedicated to the Ptolemaic era, next move towards the Nubian Museum which contains 3000 pieces was already lost at Lake Nasser and returning to Several periods, previously the visit to the Museum was allowed 1977.
Involve your soul in Taba a Small Egyptian Town near the Northern tip of Gulf of AqabaOverlooks the Legendary beauty of the Red Sea also famous for the busiest border Crossing with Eilat, make sure that you will feel at home with Ibis Egypt Tours. Dive within Aqaba Golf Bay discovering the Coral reefs and Colored tropical fish throughout your Aqaba Snorkeling Tours from Taba all inclusive transfers, Services, Amenities, Accommodations, Clubs and more are waiting for you. Book your Quad Safari Tours With Ibis Egypt Tours, Simply, Discover Egypt while you gonna make a real Journey till arriving to Bedouin Village, Start an amazing Excursion to gain more Knowledge about Taba Desert, have testing drive before you ride your Quad Bike, Touch a real  adventure till arriving to Bedouin Village , Bedouin Tea are the best activity you will make, Know about their life, see their Hospitality and Traditional, after that try Camel ride, Prepare yourself to the fabulous Barbeque Dinner in different atmosphere with an Open Air Place within dancing and firing show, Something different you have ever seen before.
Discover Egypt attractions through:
•             Cairo Day Tours
•             Luxor Tours
•             Hurghada Excursions
•             Sharm El Sheikh Excursions
•             Marsa Alam Excursions
•             El Gouna Excursions
•             Alexandria Tours
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Best All Inclusive Travel Egypt

Looking forward Spending amazing holiday , book online with Ibis Egypt Tours and be ready for amazing and wonderful So what about having amazing and wonderful Travel Egypt Holidays with Ibis Egypt Tours that offers you unique Collection of Egypt Holidays packages full of interesting activities in the Sea with best Red Sea Vacation, also you have the chance to enjoy amazing and wonderful  Egypt Classic tours to discover Egypt highlights with vest Egypt Classic Tours, Explore the hidden energy in different historical sites with best Egypt Spirituals Packages and more you will find just  with ibis Egypt Tours .

Be ready for interesting Red Sea Vacations to explore many exciting activities and things to do with marvelous Red Sea Packages. Discover the beauty of Sandy and Sunny beaches of Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh. Get memorable Travel Egypt All Inclusive offers with best holidays to Egypt in Hurghada City where you will break the routine with a chance to experience many wonderful sea activities tours. Enjoy spending amazing time on Sunny and Sandy beaches of many Luxury hotels and resorts in Hurghada and prepare yourself for a memorable excursion for a snorkeling excursion to beautiful Giftun Island. Amuse your eyes with wonderful landscapes full of nature, penetrate the magic world and Spend amazing time while watching many types of Colorful fishes moves around you, In Hurghada Holidays Packages, you will be able to explore magic of the Red Sea with Sindbad Submarine tours to explore Coral Reefs and dazzling Colorful Fish Or What about if you travel to Sharm El Sheikh with Ibis Egypt Tours? you will have amazing Ras Mohamed Snorkeling tours in Sharm El Sheikh to explore the hidden secrets of the underwater world. In Sharm things to do, keen to try our adventure via the desert to enjoy the beauty of Nuweiba with wonderful Colored Canyon Tour that contains many wonderful Colored Stones. also you the opportunity to explore best Egypt Tours to Luxor and Cairo from Sharm and Hurghada.

Relax and chill out with best Travel Egypt Spiritual Tours, here with Ibis Egypt Tours, you will have the chance to experience a different way of meditation in the Land of history and discover the healing energies through wonderful Meditation tours to CairoSaqqaraLuxor, and Aswan. Keen to try Cairo Meditation Tours to Giza Pyramids, Prepare yourself to meditate in famous Giza Pyramids and beside the mighty Sphinx. Also there is unforgettable meditation tour in Luxor City, Prepare yourself to refresh your Soul with Luxor meditation tour through walking through seven doors of Sekhmet Temple, get the Opportunity to Spend our memorable travel Egypt All Inclusive Packages to magnificent Dahab where you will get memorable meditation with beauty of Dahab in The Blue Hole that considers as a wonderful and magic Place full of nature and beauty and best for Snorkeling and diving

Planning for Romantic honeymoon need a lot of searching about Luxury travel agent Offers unique honeymoon Packages with Low Fees, enjoy well planned holiday in Egypt If you are a honeymooner and Still planning for memorable Romantic Honeymoon in Egypt, Let Ibis Egypt Tours be your honeymoon Organizer, you will be amazed by our Travel Egypt Honeymoon Package, Keen to try our unique Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh Honeymoon. Build a wonderful memory through your trip to Giza Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinus that dates to The Old Kingdom, Visit the Egyptian Museum that Locates at El Tahrir Square and Consider as on full of wonderful Original masterpieces Like Tutankhamon Treasures, Akhenaton Collection, and Narmer Palette. Enjoy Best Travel Egypt Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh with amazing time for Fun and relaxation. Love and joy on Sunny and sandy beach of Sharm El Sheikh, Pure Crystal water, wonderful weather and many interesting activities in Sharm El Sheikh.

Enjoy best wonderful Travel Egypt through :
Egypt Classic Tours
Egypt And Jordan Tours
Egypt Budget Tours
Red Sea Tours
Egypt Desert Safari
Egypt Honeymoon Packages
Egypt Holy Land Tours

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Discover Egypt Historical Sites

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Are you ready to Discover Egypt? Enjoy watching wonderful highlights of many cities in Egypt, with Ibis Egypt Tours you can visit Cairo where you can explore the pyramids and sphinx, also visit Luxor and try to explore the great history of Egypt, also visit Aswan where you will find unforgettable attractions, you have the chance to amuse yourself in red sea cities like Marsa Alam, DahabSharm El Sheikh, and Hurghada, and enjoy exploring the underwater life that full of colorful fishes and coral reefs, moreover you can make an activities like snorkeling, diving and swimming, also you can visit Taba and El Gouna with ibis Egypt tours.
Have a great day tours to visit Cairo, start your tour by visiting Cairo to Discover Egypt and have the opportunity to enjoy discovering the great ancient attractions, the three pyramids dedicated to the Kings Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, it’s a royal tomb date to the old kingdom, you have also enjoy exploring Sphinx which is the big statues, you can also take great photos with this attractions, after that you can visit the valley temple and also buy souvenirs to your family and friends. You can enjoy another tour to Cairo to watch the great Egyptian Museum, you can amuse yourself by exploring the great ancient treasures of Tutankhamun. You can enjoy having an Islamic tour Cairo to visit many mosques like El Hussein that is a famous mosque, continue your tour to visit El Sayeda Zeinab Mosque, also visit El Sayeda Nafisa Mosque and head to Amr Ibn Alss Mosque that consider the oldest mosque in Egypt, you can also visit many other mosques like Ahmed Ibn TulunMosque, El Sultan Hassan and El refaey Mosques and Mohamed Ali Pasha mosque.
Dahab is full of beauty where you can watch wonderful landscapes, you have the opportunity to have a trip to three pools snorkeling that the best snorkeling sites in Dahab, this three natural pools has sandy bottom surrounded by corals, enjoy beautiful weather while your swimming, you can spend a great time while your tour to Wadi Gnay district. Have a wonderful tour to Dahab to watch the dolphin show, play with three dolphins in the water that is the beautiful thing you can do, also you can dance in the dance floor. Also you can Discover Egypt while your tour in Dahab to visit St. Catherine, try to enjoy new adventure while climbing Moses Mountain, also you can amuse your eyes with the sun rising over Sinai mountains, after that you can explore St. Catherine monastery, and try to pass the room of skulls in the monastery, at the end of your tour enjoy shopping in Dahab.
Get ready to explore Egypt attractions while visiting Luxor in best day tours, you have the chance to amuse your eyes with the ancient places, give yourself the chance to Discover Egypt and enjoy visiting the East and West bank, start your tour by visiting the west bank to explore the valley of the kings and also move to explore the great temple of Queen Hatshepsut, after that move to explore Colossi of Memnon, try to explore the wonderful east bank where you can visit Karnak temple that is the largest temple in the world and also you have to explore Luxor temple. From Luxor, you can enjoy discovering Edfu and Kom Ombo, in Edfu you can explore Edfu Temple that belongs to Horus, and also in Kom Ombo you have the chance to explore Kom Ombo temple that belongs to Sobek and Haroeris.
Enjoy many memorable day tours to Discover Egypt such as:
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Top Travel Egypt Packages

Have you ever dreamed about spending amazing Holiday in Egypt the Land of History? Achieve your dream with Ibis Egypt tours and be ready to explore many Travel Egypt Packages full of exciting tours the most famous attractions in The Land of Pharaohs. Get valuable experience about Egypt history, Culture and Civilization while visiting many sites through our Egypt Classic Packages, refresh your mind and gave Fun with many interesting things with our Red Sea Tours. Also you can save money with best Budget Egyptian Travel Packages with Low Fees for Egypt Travel or explore our Holy Land Tours in Egypt, Jordan, Israel and more.

Catch our Travel Egypt All Inclusive Packages to the most attractive historical Sites in Egypt with best Egypt Classic Tours through Cairo and Nile cruise Tours ,Experience our  Cairo tours to Giza Pyramids of King Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus , Watch The sphinx and visit The Valley Temple then prepare yourself to explore The Egyptian Museum the best Place to enjoy The Egyptian art through different times , enjoy Luxor and Aswan Nile Cruise via the great Nile River . Discover Luxor City , with wonderful tours to East bank  attractions where you will visit Luxor Temple , Karnak Temple , Hatshepsut Temple and Valley of the Kings , Sail to Edfuabs be ready to explore the second huge temple after Karnak Complex, Visit Kom Ombo Temple through memorable  sailing to discover beauty of this double Shared temple , In The end of your Nile Cruise Tours , you will explore Aswan attractions Like The great High Dam and The Roman Philae Temple that dedicated to Egyptian goddess ( Isis ) .

Do you feel boring? So try Something new with Ibis Egypt Tours and we Promise that you will spend unforgettable Fun and relaxation Holiday , we will help you to break the routine in best Red Sea Travel Egypt Holidays, enjoy best Egypt Holidays in Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh where you will refresh your mind and your body in magic world that Full of beauty , nature and magical landscapes , enjoy  water activities Like Swimming and Snorkeling , In Sharm  El Sheikh , you have to try this wonderful Ras Mohamed Snorkeling tour and you will be able to visit the most important and famous Coptic attraction in Egypt which is St, Catherine Monastery and The Colored Canyon, in Hurghada , Spend unforgettable time with water activities and be ready Giftun Island and more with best Holidays in Egypt .also in Red Sea Packages , you have the Chance to enjoy Luxor tours from Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada City , explore East bank attractions Like Karnak Temple , Luxor Temple that Contains amazing Colonnade belongs to King Amenhotep III with unforgettable tour to west Bank attractions Such as  Hatshepsut Temple and the Valley of the King and more with best Red sea Packages.

Have you ever heard about The Land of History (Egypt)? So what about if you get amazing Combo Travel Egypt All Inclusive Package? Ibis Egypt Tours Offers unforgettable Chance to Egypt and Jordan in The Same Package. Enjoy Egypt Holidays with unique tours in Cairo to explore Giza Pyramids The Valley Temple and The Egyptian Museum with amazing Luxor Aswan Nile Cruise via The Nile river to experience the gleaming attractions of the Pharaohs Then you will have amazing and wonderful Jordan Travel, explore Petra the Red Rose City that is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, touch the real beauty while visiting this Carved building and have wonderful Photos through Petra excursion. also enjoy an amazing and exciting Safari adventure to Wadi Rum that full of many wonderful rocks where you will get many photos in Panoramic position , Spend interesting time with  Camel or Hours Ride and more with best Travel Egypt .

There are many types through our Top Travel Egypt Packages  Like:
Egypt Classic Tours
Egypt Jordan Tours
Egypt Budget Tours
Red Sea Vacations
Honeymoon in Egypt
Egypt Holy Land Tours
Spiritual Tours To Egypt

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