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Luxor Tours

Enjoy a fascinating look of some of Luxor's most alluring temples and other amazing sights on this Luxor Tours, Luxor has often been described as the world's greatest open air museum, being home to an unparalleled number of monuments, With Luxor Holidays have the chance to explore the most famous like the Luxor and Karnak Temples, Explore majestic Luxor and revel in the majesty of Pharaonic Heritage and more Things to do in Luxor with Ibis Egypt Tours.

Hatshepsut Temple, Luxor Tours

Experience the enchanting Pillars at Karnak Temple on this amazing Luxor Excursions, enjoy exploring the largest temple in the world, which it consists of 6 Temples, stare at the glory of the Great Temple of Amon Ra, moreover with Luxor Day Tours scout around the gleaming finds of The Temple of Khonso, all in this one day excursion with Ibis Egypt Tours.

Luxor Temple, Luxor Holidays

Luxor is an extraordinary country filled with color and vitality, offering a dazzling mix of culture, intriguing history, and beautiful landscapes, with Luxor Things to Do catch this opportunity to discover the beautiful finds of Valley of the Kings, The Valley of the Kings was created to prevent grave robbers from robbing the Pharaoh’s, There were over 60 chambers,4 many included Pharaohs such as Tuthmosis I, Rameses I and Amenhotep I, and more to find while booking your Holidays to Luxor.

Valley of the Kings, Things to do in Luxor

Ancient Pharaonic History, the glorious Luxor City and powdery Yellow sand and turquoise banks of the Nile River, say Hi to Luxor for an enchanting Luxor Tour Adventure, Be witness to the glory of Hatshepsut Temple, the temple is unique because it was designed like classical architecture, the inscriptions on the walls of the temple tells the story of the holy birth of Queen Hatshepsut and more to explore when you decide to experience Luxor Day Tour with Ibis Egypt Tours.

Luxor Day Tours

Learn about the heavy influence Pharaonic Kings rule on Egyptian History and architecture during this colorful Tours in Luxor. See the gleaming Luxor Temple and have the chance to walk through its walls, pillars and tombs, One of the amazing landmarks of Egypt is Luxor Temple, which consider the largest temple on the east bank of Nile River, this temple date back to New Kingdom and was established in1400 B.C and more to know about while trying Tours in Luxor Egypt.

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Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan

Make your vacation to Egypt remarkable with Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan, A relaxing yet thought-provoking Nile voyage taking in Luxor, Edfu and Aswan and classic sites like the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, and Navigate the historic past of beautiful Upper Egypt on this Nile Cruise Luxor, Embrace the culture and meet remarkable people as you sample some traditional fare with a Nubian family in a local village. Feel the buzz of vibrant bazaars in Aswan and Luxor, but still manage to relax and watch life unfold as you sail the Nile in a traditional Luxor Nile Cruise.

Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan

Experience the highlights of Luxor when you travel to the great city of Egypt. With Nile Cruise Luxor to Aswan be the witness to the glory of Luxor which developed its immaculate architecture, historical landmarks, and unique culture. Our Karnak and Luxor Temples Tours show you the deep history embedded in this center of Luxor culture. Embark on an adventure through Valley of the Kings with Luxor to Aswan Cruise, viewing TutAnkAmun Tomb, in addition to other landmarks associated with Luxor Heritage. Visit the fascinating Hatshepsut Temple and more with Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan.

Luxor Nile Cruise

When it comes to great holidays that you remember forever, we believe passion is at the very heart of the trip. On this Nile River Cruise from Luxor to Aswan create new memories is often the best part of any journey, and there's no better place to indulge in that passion than Aswan the twinkling city, According to beauty, Aswan has cultural experience, scout around the gleaming find of Nubian culture and shop for spices, try to draw henna tattoos, moreover with Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan have the chance to visit Philae Temple, High Dam and Unfinished Obelisk and more with Ibis Egypt Tours.

Nile Cruise Luxor

With Nile Cruise Luxor, there is variety of things to do in Aswan, feel ravishing with the magic of the Nile at sunset, taste the lifestyle of the Nubians and try their food and traditions, stare at the stupor of the Temple of Isis at Philae, walkthrough the Unfinished Obelisk, then head out to High Dam and more with Nile Cruise Luxor to Aswan.

Hot Air Balloon Luxor

If you plan for a memorable tour when you visit Luxor, there is no competition when take off at first light, reinforced wicker baskets filled with people, heading into the skies over Luxor, Egypt with Hot Air Balloon Luxor, Only from a balloon high in the sky, in the clear air of the early morning, can a visitor begin to grasp the beauty of antiquities on the ground in this one-time Egyptian capital known in ancient times as Thebes and more to see with Luxor Balloon.

Hot Air Balloon Luxor

Luxor Balloon Ride offering a chance to soar over Luxor city and see the sunrise from the sky it is a magical experience do not miss, your ride through the sky will last about an hour and is sure to be a thrilling time and more with Luxor Air Balloon.

Luxor Balloon Ride

With Hot Air Balloon Ride Luxor explores the city in southern Egypt is one of the world’s largest outdoor museums, boasting majestic Pharaonic temples on the east bank of the Nile River and heavily adorned tombs of some of the best-known ancient kings including Tutankhamen and more with Balloon Ride Luxor.

Luxor Balloon

The path of the brightly colored balloons is determined by prevailing winds. On the Luxor Balloon Flights, the silence is broken only by the whoosh of the gas burners and the occasional exclamations from tourists awed by the sights, The details of life in rural Egypt come into view as the balloon begins its descent, with farmers toiling in the fields and children heading to school on the dusty roads of the west bank and more with Luxor Hot Air Balloon Ride.

Luxor Air Balloon

A life experience you will have through your Balloon Ride in Luxor Egypt, A dedicated ground crew riding rugged truck tracks each balloon. The trucks maneuver in anticipation of the landing spot. Once the balloon touches down, all people hurry to grab ropes to prevent it from taking off again or moving sideways and more fun you will have with Balloon Excursion in Luxor.

Karnak and Luxor Temples Tours

An activity-filled family trip into the heart of Luxor where you’ll discover what Karnak and Luxor Temples look and feed your knowledge with the fascination history with Karnak and Luxor Temples Tours, A fascinating cultural tour of Luxor showcasing its history, architecture, archaeology, craftworks and more with Luxor East Bank Tour to Karnak and Luxor Temples, which affords an extra layer of insight.

Karnak Temple

Capture the essence of Karnak Temple on this Day Tour to Karnak and Luxor Temples. Do not miss the chance to feast your eyes with the amazement of Karnak Temple in Luxor, which considers the largest temple in the world, it consists of 6 Temples, enjoys visiting The Temple of Montho, then head out towards the Temple of the God Osiris.

Luxor Temple

In addition with Private Tour Luxor Karnak and Luxor Temples, stare at the glory of the Great Temple of Amon Ra, scout around the gleaming finds of The Temple of Khonso, feel ravishing while explore The Ipt Temple, prepare yourself to blown away the magnificence of The Temple of Ptah and more with Luxor and Karnak Temples Tours.

Temple of Karnak

Prepare yourself to be blown away with the magnificent of Luxor Temple with Excursions to Luxor and Karnak Temples, the temple is too close to the Nile River, and dedicated to Amon-Ra, it was built on a site for temple also dedicated to Amon-Ra, it located in the middle of Luxor city and was connected to Karnak Temple by avenue of sphinxes at ancient time and more with Karnak and Luxor Temples Day Tour in Luxor to East Bank.

Temple of Luxor

Marvel at elaborate architecture and design in one of Egypt's oldest Temples while trying The East Bank of Luxor Day Tour, When visit Luxor Temple feast your eyes with the courtyard of Amenhotep III, It consists two large columns, The walls of this colonnade are decorated by scenes of the Opt Festival, special ceremonies for the visit of the "Triad of Karnak" to the Temple of Luxor and more to explore with Tour The East bank in Luxor.