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Egypt All Inclusive Holidays Travel

Travel Egypt and get ready to explore it with Egypt All Inclusive Holidays by visiting the famous and historical places, try our different packages to find what you love like Egypt classic tours by visiting the classic places in Egypt like the temples or museums and more or you can try the holy land tours if you love to know more about the Islamic religion by visiting the most famous mosques in Egypt like Muhammad Ali Pasha Mosque, Amr Ibn El-Aas Mosque, Al-Hussein Mosque, and Al Azhar Mosque, try the desert safari tours to make a safari journey in different places in Egypt like, Bahariya Oasis, Dakhla Oasis, Kharga Oasis and more , you will find the red sea tour if you want to feel relaxed in Sharm El Shiekh or Hurghada.

Be ready for your great tour around Egypt, like Cairo, LuxorAswan and more attractive places with Egypt All Inclusive Holidays, Cairo is a great place to take a tour around it,  it has one of the greatest things in the world (the pyramids), the pyramids are good choice to know more about ancient Egypt. Get ready to your new package of knowledge around LuxorLuxor has too many historical places you can hear about it in your tour around Egypt. Try to travel to Aswan, there  you will amuse your eyes while visiting Philae Temple, The name of Philae is a Greek name means beloved and it’s a great temple you should visit, the second place that you can go in Aswanis the high dam, high dam is a successful project starts at 1960 and finished at 1971 after finishing the area behind the high dam flooded with water and become the lake Nasser high dam provides water and electricity to Egypt and it’s one of the great landmarks in Aswan, try to visit Abu Simbel temple the most famous temple in Aswan.

Prepare yourself for your journey to Explore Alexandria with Egypt All Inclusive Holidays, start your journey in Cairo by visiting the most famous attractions in it like the three pyramids of CheopsChephren and Mykerinus then visit the great sphinx the guardian of the pyramids, then visit the panorama area to get a great collection of photos or visit the valley temple to see the great statues of Chephren and know about his history, time to visit the Egyptian museum to watch a rare collection of masterpieces and statues of ancient Egypt kings. From Cairo to Alexandria to visit the most attractive highlights  there, start with the great library of Alexandria is considering a research center, because it contains a books, articles and papyrus scrolls dates back to Pharaonic and Greek era, besides others eras including Islamic and Coptic period it built by Ptolemy I son of Alexander at 3rd century BC, there is the Roman theater and Citadel of Qaitbay, the citadel is the most gleaming landmarks of Alexandria and it was the strongest fortress on the Mediterranean Sea.

Have a great Nile cruise around Luxor and Aswan with Egypt All Inclusive Holidays, start your journey in the Nile in Cairo, sail through the Nile of Egypt to get your destination to Lake Nasser the lake is just a results of the high dam project after finishing the project the area behind the high dam flooded with water and become lake Nasser, then visit Abu Simbel temple in Aswan and hear about the history of Pharaohs and how was the life and people in ancient Egypt, and then you continue your Nile cruise tour to Kom Ombo temple, Kom Ombo temple has many columns shows us the history of Pharaohs and the victories of the kings of ancient Egypt, keep going for your Nile cruise tour to Edfu temple  also named as a temple of Horus , it has too many columns and statue of Horus beside it’s one of the most famous temples in Aswan.

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