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Would You Like To Travel To Egypt?

Enjoy your vacation with Ibis Egypt Tours many packages, Travel to Egypt and have an exceptional Safari Tour in the Egyptian desert, a new level of excitement is waiting for you, you can also explore our classical tour that will escort you an unforgettable tour to explore the greatness of the historical places that lasted for thousands of years and still stands till our day, find the best vacation, discover different type of culture, enjoy many fun activities, and amuse your eyes  with the beauty of the nature all at reasonable prices.
Have a new adventure in the Egyptian desert with our Safari tours, Travel to Egypt to start with Cairo, and then head to Bahariya Oasis to discover Alexander the great Temple, then move to scout the Nobles Tombs, moving then to Museum of the Golden Mummies, finally stare at Ain El-Mephtella before leaving, after that to discover the secrets of the black desert and visit the crystal mountain, also the desert roses and the arch, moving to scout the white desert where you will see the  formations the wind-carved sculptures that sympathize both human and animal faces, head toward Dakhla Oasis after that to watch the Old Covered City and the courthouse with its dwelling chambers, also have a visit to Deir El Haggar, after that move to Kharga oasis and discover the remote Roman village of Qasr El Labakha, Temple of Hibis, and also El Bagawat Cemetery.
   Travel to Egypt to discover its greatest Landmarks, start with Cairo and scout one of the Seven Wonders of the World the pyramids of Giza Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, move then to take memorable photos in Panorama area, don’t miss the chance to watch the Sphinx before leaving this area, you can also have a visit to the valley temple,  head then to watch one of the biggest museums in the world the Egyptian museum, have a walk through Old Cairo after that and visit the Hanging Church and Abu Serga Church, then towards the beautiful Alexandria City to explore CataCombs of kom El Shokafa, then move to discover the greatness of Qaitbay Citadel, have the chance to watch one of the biggest libraries in the world Alexandria Library, try also to pass by Montazah Palace before leaving.
Try our budget packages and explore how you can spend a great vacation with reasonable prices, Travel to Egypt have an amazing tour through Cairo Sightseeing, head after that to Aswan to see Philae Temple that belongs to goddesses Isis and Hathor, also watch the unfinished obelisk, discover after that one of the biggest projects of the history of modern Egypt the great high Dam, moving then to scout Luxor West Bank where you will have a walk through the valley of kings, also the temple of popular queen Hatshepsut, and the two giant statues of Colossi Memnon, finally moving to the East Bank of Luxor to discover that biggest temple ever constructed Karnak Temple, and also the Huge Luxor Temple.
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Are You Ready To Travel To Egypt?

Have you ever heard about The Land of History? Now with Ibis Egypt Tours that enjoy best and unique Travel To Egypt, you have to explore the wonders of Egypt attractions, also you have the opportunity  to explore many wonderful places to gain different experience, also you can explore different historical places with our Classic Holidays to Egypt, also explore the charm and beauty of the beautiful beach with our Red Sea Tours, don’t miss the Chance to enjoy while  exploring  Egypt with Low prices with our tours, moreover have the Chance to explore wonderful Egypt and Jordan tours and Holy Land Tours and more.
Spend a beautiful time in Egypt and enjoy with the low prices in best budget tours in Egypt, you have the opportunity to visit Cairo and Explore the attractions such as The Pyramids and the Egyptian MuseumTravel to Egypt makes you have a Nile cruise sailing between Luxor and Aswan, start by watching Aswan attractions such as the Unfinished Obelisk  and The great High Dam, amuse your eyes during  sailing to the temple of Kom Ombo, after that sail by your Nile cruise to Edfu temple, sail via Esnato Luxor and explore its Attractions, you have to get information about the west bank of Luxor and walk through the valley of the queens, then move to the Temple of The Queen Hatshepsut and you have to know about her story, also you have to enjoy exploring Colossi of Memnon, in The East bank you have the chance to visit Karnak temple and Luxor temple while your tour by The Nile cruise.
Are you Ready to spend a great time in Egypt and Jordan in one package? Enjoy beautiful and unique Travel to Egypt and combine between the attraction of Egypt and Jordan, you have to visit wonderful places in Egypt like CairoLuxorAswan, and Abu Simbel. In Jordan you have the chance to feast your eyes with the Red Rose City Petra that consider one of the seven wonders of the world, you have also to ride camels and horses and enjoy walking through the city and explore the wonderful Carved building and take beautiful photos with amazing view, moreover you have to explore Wadi Rum where you have to enjoy driving by four-wheel Jeep and watch the beauty of Rocks and also ride camels and horses. And more while your Travel To Egypt.
Enjoy best adventure tours in Egypt and have different cultures about the deserts of Egypt that give you the chance to have best Safari vacation in Egypt, you have the chance to know more about the secrets of the desert, in your safari tour you have to explore Dakhla and Kharga Oasis, also you can enjoy exploring Bahariya Oasis, explore the Temple of Alexander the great, and also watch the nobles tombs and the Museum of Golden Mummies, while your Travel To Egypt don’t miss to explore the secrets of the black and white desert, in the black desert watch the beauty of the crystal mountains, and also discover the charm of the white desert where you watch the wonderful formations which the wind-carved sculptures that sympathize both human and animal faces.
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Travel to Egypt and Have fun

Enjoy your extraordinary excitement holidays when you Travel to Egypt try to enjoy every single moment with the sightseeing and the beauty, take the opportunity and change your mood during your tour to Egypt. Enjoy shopping through your tours which are generally open almost whole the day and extended hours during the summer. Fascinate your eyes through Lake Nasser Nile Cruise, enjoy the places which are important historical inscriptions and have fun.

Explore an amazing Classic tour to Cairo and Lake Nasser, Travel to Egypt and start your tour by visiting Cairo and see its sightseeing, continue your Cruise by visiting the glorious museums “The Egyptian Museum” by ibis Egypt Tours. Arrive to Abu Simbel, visit its Temple, watch life unfold while sailing towards Kasr Ibrim, watch it from the sun deck of your Cruise ( it is not allowed to enter Kasr Ibrim ), next sail to Amada, enjoy a fabulous visit to Amada which is the oldest of the Lake Nasser temples and also Temple of Derr the only Nubian temple with a facade that faces to the north, simultaneously feel the culture by visiting Pennant tomb, continue sailing to Wadi El-Sabua Temple that originally known as “House-of-Amun”. Another exciting tour, towards the magnificent Temple of Dakka and Temple of Mehra aka then you will sail to the magnificent Kiosk of Qertassi, then to Aswan, passing through the High Dam, head towards The Unfinished ObeliskTemple of Beit El-Wally and release your inner while visiting Philae temple that belongs to Isis and Hathor goddesses. While sailing to Kom Ombo, pay a visit to the Temple shared by Two Gods Sobek and Horus, sail towards Edfu, and head out to visit the Temple of Horus in Edfu, sail towards Esna. Next tour, towards Luxor, walkthrough Valley of the Kings then to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut arriving at Colossi of Memnon. Last day, towards to Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple.

Spend your marvelous Leisure short break time in new places, Travel to Egypt and entertain with Ibis Egypt Tours. Start your tour by visiting Cairo and see its sightseeing exploring the magical atmosphere during your round. Start your tour from Pyramids of Giza, proceed to Panorama area and take fabulous selfies for the three pyramids, next move to the SphinxThe step pyramid of Saqqara, visit the Valley Temple, continue your tour by visiting the Egyptian Museum then proceed to Old Cairo including the various Churches (maximum 02 churches) like Ben Ezra synagogue. Next tour to Sharm El-Shiekh, have relaxed at the stunning beaches of Sharm, different water activities are waiting for you including swimming, diving, and snorkeling.

Do you search for new ideas for your honeymoon? Travel to Egypt and fascinate with Honeymoon Package with Ibis Egypt Tours enjoying with fabulous Pharaonic village, upon your arrival you will be welcomed by Zuffa ( Egyptian band and music), watch folklore show, it is a new experience to feel the Egyptian Wedding while listening to the oriental music, then you will enjoy an unforgettable round to the Pharaonic Village. Next tour will be to the stunning beaches of Sharm El-Shiekh, one of the most extraordinary diving destinations, enjoy the sun, parasailing, diving around the red sea which is the coral reefs and the tropical fish are among you and can get across.  About the magical desert landscape of the southern Sinai which is optional to try Safari there
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