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Spectacular tours of Egypt

Enjoy with Tours of Egypt, during it you will enjoy traveling to enjoy many interesting tours and excursions. As through this article, you will enjoy so many interesting excursions as Egypt Classic Tours, Egypt Short Breaks. As through Egypt classic tours, you could pick from the next tours Abu Simbel Festival Tours, Holy Family in Egypt Tours Package, Cairo, Nile Cruise and Safari Egypt Tours, Cairo, Nile Cruise and Hurghada Package, And from Egypt short tours. Cairo City Break Tour Package, Cairo and Alexandria City break, Sharm El Sheikh and Cairo Short Breaks, Short Breaks to Cairo and Hurghada Etc…
So you will find many entertaining tours in all Tours of Egypt, Starting with Abu Simbel Festival Tours you will enjoy visiting the three pyramids at the first day there you will enjoy exploring many amazing info about their three kings Cheops , Chephren and Menkaure . And the date of their construction.Then you will move to visit the Egyptian museum that contains more than 150.000 piece , that returns to many marvelous eras as the amazing golden  mask of Tut Ankh Amun .Then you will transfer to the south of Egypt to visit Luxor and Aswan , there you will explore many ancient temples as in Luxor you will enjoy visiting Karnak & Luxor temples , as there you will explore amazing info beside the fascinating views that gonna let you know how was the ancient pharaonic culture was impressive. After that during your Tours of Egypt, you will move to visit the west bank of Egypt as there you will visit the amazing temple of Queen Hatshepsut 18 dynasty; it was built during the 15 century B.C.
Then with Tours of Egypt, you will move to visit Edfu and Kom Ombo as there you will visit many temples that exist there. As the temple of Horus which has the falcon symbol .then you will move to Kom Ombo temple that was built during the Ptolemaic era in Egypt .Also you will enjoy visiting the amazing Crocodile Museum.
Also, you will enjoy visiting the high Dam and you will know how important it is.  Then you will enjoy visiting the amazing unfinished obelisk that was built by order of Queen Hatshepsut around 1508–1458 BC. Then you will move to Philae temple that was built for Goddess Isis.  As it’s a Greek name which means the beloved goddess which was Isis. Then during tours of Egypt you will move to Abu Simbel temple to spend the festival that takes place there tow times per year on 22 October & 22 February. As the sun lights entering in a small room for four statues (Ptah, Amun-Ra, Ramses II, and Ra-Horakhty) there you will enjoy with folkloric shows and Nubian groups are dancing as a celebration of Abu Simbel sun festival, so if you want to enjoy pick this program to explore the southern ancient Egyptian culture.
Then if you want to pick other Tours of Egypt, from Short tours of Egypt. you will have so many options as Sharm El Sheikh and Cairo Short Breaks, Cairo and LuxorShort Breaks, Short Holidays in Cairo & Marsa Alam, Cairo, and Alexandria City Break. Etc..
Through Sharm El Sheikh and Cairo Short Breaks you will enjoy visiting all amazing sightseeing in Cairo, as three pyramids, the Egyptian Museum & Old Cairo with all of its amazing monuments as churches, mosques & synagogues that’s beside the folkloric areas there as Khan El Khalili Etc…Then you will move to Sharm El Sheikhto explore all the amazing Red see views that will charm you while being there.

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