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Eminent Tours of Egypt

Ibis Tours is providing you so many tours and choices to explore the oriental world especially have a magnificent  Tours of Egypt, which through it you will know many interesting, surprising & unknown info about every single place in Egypt . So through Egypt tour packages, you will explore many interesting excursions , in this article we chose to give you a small hint that Egypt is not only a place for visiting ancient places but also it have so many amazing places for Safari  So let’s see & explore together where we could have our spiritual , tour ..With Ibis tours , through Tours of Egypt you will have so many ones to choose from them as , Luxor Desert Safari Tour , Bahariya Oasis, White and Black Desert Tours from Cairo , Another amazing packages that you could pick from gonna be Egypt classic package as its full of interesting tours as Cairo, Nile Cruise and Hurghada Package , Cairo, Nile Cruise and Sharm El Sheikh Tours, Etc… Also, you could select another category from our site as Egypt Budget Tours , inside it you will enjoy other entertaining excursions as Cheap Tours to Cairo and Luxor , Cheap Holidays to Cairo and Marsa Alam , Cheap Tours to Cairo and Hurghada and another more interesting.
As with tours of Egypt through Bahariya Oasis, White and Black Desert Tours from Cairo you will enjoy exploring the amazing width of all of those deserts. With its amazing monuments. And with increasing the interest in natural remedies in Egypt and the world, Starting with this tour you will enjoy visiting the amazing three pyramids and knowing a lot of its amazing, incredible info about all the dynasties that was responsible of building them, As the three pyramids were built through the 18 dynasties around the During the reign of the three successive kings, Cheops, Chephren & Menkaure . There also you will see another three smaller ones that were built for their mothers was so appreciated. Then you will enjoy seeing the sphinx that was a huge symbol for pharaohs of intelligence & strength as it has the human mentality & the lion force.Then you will enjoy visiting the amazing Egyptian museum as there you will enjoy seeing more than 150.000 invaluable piece from thousands of eras .
The Egyptian oases have topped the most important treatment areas for many patients, especially rheumatism and skin diseases. Starting with the visit of the monuments, as there you will visit the amazing temple of the Great Alexander, in which he offered offerings to the god Amun in his temple.
Then you will move to visit the Museum of the Golden Mummies & the Nobles Tombs or the necropolis, that is to the Greco-Roman period that discovered by Zahi Hawas . it’s about 10.000 golden piece that returns approximately 2.000 years from so many epochs. And he said that this is the first time that Egyptian diggers have found mummies that embody the expressions of their faces. Then you will visit the fountains of Ain El-Mephtella, that returns back to the 26th dynasty, supervising its construction the priest Ged Khansu Ivo Ankh,
In Bahariya oasis also was found a dinosaur structure at 1912 and was sent to Munich at the Museum of Germany, but the museum was destroyed during the Second World War and most parts of the dinosaur have been lost. Later was found another was found there another Skeleton of dinosaur was found in the marine oases and was named Bahriat Sor.
There also you will find many other interesting monuments that return to the Greek, Roman, Coptic and Islamic eras, and a number of scenic natural sites Such as natural water oases and ecological sites, such as the Maritime Oasis .that have so many natural benefits to the body.
Then during tours of Egypt, you will visit the White and Black desert. Starting with the white desert as It was declared a nature reserve or a natural protected area in 2002, it called the White Desert because it has the white color covering most of its length.  That is around 3,010 square kilometers. It also has a huge chalk rock. The desert contains many formations formed by sandstorms in the region. Then you will enjoy visiting the amazing black desert that Consists of volcanic hills dating back to the eruption of the dark volcanic materials, which is due to the formation of black rocks. By enjoy climbing to the highest point in the black desert, you can see the most beautiful and wonderful view of this desert.
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