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Astonishing Tours of Egypt

Also if you were in Egypt and wanna explore more interesting places in Egypt in short tours, So Ibis Egypt tours is offering you many entertaining excursions through Cairo City Break Tour.  As all the tours of Egypt is so magnificent and with Ibis tours you will have so many services that will gonna make the tour more joyful.So choose from the following excursions to start  your vacation with us : As you could pick from Egypt classic tours many interesting ones as , CairoLuxor, Aswan and Alexandria Tours Packages, Cairo and Nile Cruise Tours by Sleeper Train, Cairo, Nile Cruise and Safari Egypt Tours , And from Egypt Short tours, you could pick from the following ones as, Cairo and Alexandria City Break, Cairo and Luxor Short Breaks, Short Breaks to Cairo and Hurghada and many other entertaining  ones .
Starting with Cairo city break tour package, you will enjoy during this tour with visiting the three pyramids that will give you a huge knowledge about the amazing three kings Cheops, Chephren & Menkaure. There you could find so many pyramids not only the three ones as pharaohs were considered the pyramid as a cemetery or tomb that must be built before their death especially for Kings & Queens. And for every pharaonic king in their eras was very important for them to build for each one of them including their families as their mothers, wives & sons.So the three grand pyramids, as Menkaure is the son of Chephren & Chephren is the son of Cheops etc.. Then through the  tours of Egypt  , you will move to the Egyptian Museum that locates in Tahrir Square , As it one of the most famous and precious temples around the world. This museum passed with many changes from its first day of constructing till 1902 that was during the epoch of Khedive Abbas Helmy II , as first was constructed on 1835 during the epoch of Khedive Ismail, and the area that was built in had a great flood , so they had to move it to its recent place . And what we mean that the Egyptian museum contains more than 150, 000 archaeological artifacts,  one of the most attractive of them is the archaeological collections of paranoiac kings and queens that was discovered in their tombs.Then through  tours of Egypt  through Cairo city break tour package , you will continue it by visiting  old Cairo as there you will visit a variety of religious places for more than one religion as Ben Ezra Synagogue for the Jewish culture, For Christian culture will be the Hanging church , Abu Serja Church , St Barbra Church , St George church  and many other ones , that’s beside the special mosque of the Islamic culture is the mosque of Amor Ibn al-As and many other ones ..
Also, an Ibis Egypt tours is offering you so many other tours from Egypt classic tours as  5 Days Cairo and Alexandria tours Package with  tours of Egypt . At the first day you will enjoy visiting so many interesting places in Cairo as at the morning gonna be the three pyramids , the Egyptian Museum , Khan El Khalili  , By  night you will have so many other interesting optional tours tow of them gonna be having an amazing, luxurious Dinner Cruise on the charming magical Nile River that will offer you a wonderful, oriental belly dance show that will let you know more about the Egyptian culture with many of its sides .Also, you will see another folkloric show that refers to the southern side of Egypt as the cities of Luxor, Aswan etc…The second day through Cairo and Alexandria City Break you will move to visit Alexandria, that known in Egypt with the Mermaid of the Mediterranean, as it was the capital of Egypt previously. So now it also considered the second capital of it after Cairo for what it has of the amazing landscapes and monuments there you will visit the Alexandrian library. The marvelous palace of Montazah, The Roman amphitheater, enjoying the fabulous views of the sea ….
So explore with Ibis Egypt Tours   & Tours of Egypt, the most historical and famous attractions  through Egypt Tour Packages  also with many different tours packages as the following :
  • Egypt Budget tours.
  • Egypt short breaks.
  • Red sea tours.
  • Spiritual tours to Egypt.
  • Egypt desert safari.
  • Egypt classic tours
  • Spiritual tours at Egypt
  • Egypt honeymoon packages.
  • Egypt & Holy land Tours.

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