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Tours of Egypt & Jordan

Enjoy with Ibis Egypt Tours, with the best entertaining tours ever .that will gonna make you remove all Your worries, hassle and heavy loads of the daily days, so keep all of that away from you. and Let’s  try to start an interesting period with a very entertaining trip, as Ibis Egypt Tours is providing so many interesting tours around the world in many attractive places as in Egypt, Jordan, and many other interesting areas …So you gonna enjoy a lot with Ibis Egypt Tours . But Today we gonna  give you a small back gourd about what you could visit with Ibis Tours  through  Tours of Egypt  Jordan as you could pick from the next packages as Egypt Classic Tours , Egypt and Jordan Tours,  Egypt Budget Tours, Egypt short breaks, Red sea tours, Spiritual tours to Egypt , Alexandria tours, Egypt honeymoon packages ,Egypt desert safari Etc..
First of all throughyou will visit all the sightseeing  from Cairo to Jordan if you where passionate to visit more than one country  so Ibis Egypt Tours will provide you that  so many  interesting trips So  Tours of Egypt during the tour of Road from Cairo to Jordan Travel you will enjoy your journey in Egypt especially in Cairo there you will enjoy visiting many places of its precious land ,  as the amazing three pyramids , there you will explore many interesting info about the amazing three pharaoh kings Cheops , Chephren and Menkaure .and explore many things about their great history that returns to the twenty century B.C .  And their great history will remain forever. Those kings have made many magnificent decisions that have moved Egypt to a greater civilization. Then you will move from the three pyramids to enjoy visiting the wonderful Egyptian museum as there you will see more than 150.000 precious, ancient, pieces that return to many different eras as the Pharaonic, the Greek , the Coptic etc..  But one of the most famous areas there is the room of king Tut Ankh Amun ,as there you will find his golden mask, many of his personal belongings and know a lot of his secrets of his life .after that you gonna enjoy the amazing ancient Citadel of Salah El-Dein, that was majestic and highly fortified & its  defenses were in strict control of Cairo  in all of the ancient middle ages , that’s beside all of its amazing rooms & buildings that returns to many Egyptian ancient eras . As the fabulous Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali, then  you gonna continue your tour to visit the rest area of ancient Egypt as you will move to the Coptic area in  Cairo where you will Visit The Hanging Church ,  where The Holy Family, “the Virgin Mary, Jesus the Child and St. Joseph  refuge there when they escaped  from Jerusalem . Also there you will find many precious ancient churches that you will take their blessings. Then if you have the passion to explore more about the Jewish culture in Egypt , it also exists as you will find the Synagogue of  Ben Ezra that contains so many important documents for the Jewish community.Finally if you wanna make a popular shopping Ibis guide gonna show you one of the best popular  places in Egypt which is the street of Khan El Khalili , there you will find a variety of popular stores that will provide for you many interesting , precious souvenirs that always will remind you of each step of being in Egypt .
Also through your  Tours of Egypt  and Jordan you will enjoy visiting Jordan and entertain of visiting Amman, It’s an ancient city that combines history, originality and heritage. As its cultural ruins return to more than 7,000 years old, in addition to the nomadic and wildlife of the city’s inhabitants. As while enjoying the camel riding there you will explore many wonderful view of the dessert in addition to the amazing Bedouins that providing you very high professional services and help.   That gives you a fabulous feeling excellence & uniqueness.  In Jordan you will enjoy visiting so many interesting excursions as the mountain of Nebo that was believed that it relates to the profit Moses that he stand in this mountain to see the Promised Land from it  .then you will visit St George’s Greek Orthodox Church. then you will entertain and be amazed of the great natural spa of the dead sea there as this sea is provided of a plenty of rare minerals as Calcium, Potassium, Sodium etc.. that gives to the body so many benefits.
After that during Road from Cairo to Jordan Travel  Tours of Egypt  You will enjoy moving to Petra to visit this amazing rose city that was built during the 6th century. Close to the city, there is profit Haroun Mountain, which is believed that it includes the Tomb him there. Petra was chosen in 2007 as one of the seven new wonders of the world. There also was filmed so many famous movies as Lawrence of Arabia, Passion in the desert, May in the Summer, The Last Days on Mars and many other ones.

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