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Holy tours in Egypt

Ibis Egypt tours love to offer you many interesting tours in Egypt to explore the charm & magic of it as there you will enjoy   visiting all the ancient monuments, besides the amazing new places that you will visit as there you will explore many interesting locations as through Egypt classic tours, you will enjoy exploring the best areas that was visited by the holy family beside many other attractive  tours in Egypt   as the amazing Egyptian museum, the great three pyramids, the folkloric area of khan el khalili , as in all those areas you will explore the greatness of the ancient Egyptian civilization with all of its interesting info .
Then you will explore the other interesting locations that the Holy Family was in during being here in Egypt , first one will be the area of Tel Basta that was an important religious center and one of the ancient capitals of old Egypt & the great idol of that ancient city that called “Popastis” was the graceful cat goddess, was the goddess of love .Once the holy family entered this place  there was a Water well that was exploded suddenly to let Jesus drink from it .then you will enjoy moving to Sakha that was also a great city, It was called in the era of the pharaohs (Khast) and in the Greek or Roman era called (Axis)
And after the entrance of Christianity, it had a better position as there is a huge rock that Jesus Christ’s  foot was printed on it when he was two years old. Then you will move to Semanud  and visit many churches that one of the most famous of them is the church of St. Abanoub. After that you will move to Wadi Al Natroun Tour as there you will visit many amazing Monasteries as Al-Baramus Monastery, Anba Makar MonasteryAnba Makaryus Monastery, Anba Bishoy Monastery, After that  while enjoying of your  tours in Egypt   you will move to Cairo to continue visiting the ancient precious churches as The famous Hanging Church ,  Abu Serga Church , St. George Church Also  while you spending your sacred, adventurous  tours in Egypt  you will visit the amazing St. Marry church at Maadi . Then you will move to visit the rest of the holy places in the rest of Egypt, As the city of Al Minya that locates at the south of Egypt, have many other sacramental places as the church of Gabal Al Teir in Al Minya too.
After that, you will move to another city called Sohag to visit the white Monastery that was built by Saint Shenouda the Archimandrite. The next day you will continue your  tours in Egypt  so you will move to Luxor to visit the amazing east and west banks as in the east one you will visit the great Karnak complex as it was built by king Senusret the first .then you will enjoy moving to the west bank as there you will visit the great temple of Queen Hatshepsut that was built during the eighteenth dynasty by order of her . Then during the great Nile cruise tours, you will pass to visit Edfu & Kom Ombotemple. Finally, you will enjoy visiting Aswan the most important cities of Nubia, as there you will enjoy visiting the amazing High Damunfinished Obelisk, that’s beside the amazing Philae Temple,
Also with ibis tours, you will have other interesting  tours in Egypt  to explore other ways of entertain of other imaginable places in Egypt.As during Spiritual Tours to Egypt that will let you enjoy with meditation in Egypt through wonderful interesting excursions by taking a Nile Cruise and discover Aswan  Nile Cruise and discover all your internal energies that will let you refresh yourself.
As first you will enjoy visiting the great temple of Goddess Isis enjoy spending a sufficient time for your Spiritual Meditation there and prepare yourself to make your Throat Chakra in balance discover benefits of  the Five states of Consciousness to express what you think and what you feel , that will be in the early morning,  Then you will enjoy  meditation in the other amazing  temple of  was of Satet that dedicated to the goddess Satet that is the goddess of the Nile flooding  . After that, you will enjoy visiting all the amazing sightseeing in Luxor, Edfu, and Kom Ombo. After finishing the great sightseeing in south Egypt you will enjoy moving to Cairo also to enjoy visiting the great locations there.
After that during your tours in Egypt  you will visit another new place it’s the simple traditional city Fayoum as there you will enjoy the amazing views of the desert with visiting the ruins of the Roman city that called Karanis that was built during the era of Ptolemy the first. Then you will move to visit the amazing lake of Qaroun, then the great palace of Qaroun. While visiting all of those natural places you will enjoy giving yourself another great space of Psychological & spiritual calmness & you will be more passionate to repeat this adventure again.
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