Monday, May 14, 2018

Egyptian Tailor Made Holidays

Prepare yourself to enjoy our Tailor Made Holidays, you can explore Egypt and have the chance to create your holiday, add day or remove day from the itinerary, your holiday will be like what you want, with ibis egypt tours you have to enjoy packages and visit many cities in Egypt, you can explore classic tours or budget tours, also have a short break to Cairo and Alexandria or Hurghada, also you have to play Golf and choose your itinerary from many places to play. And more packages.
Get ready to have wonderful Tailor Made Holidays and have magnificent red sea package, you can enjoy visiting Sharm El Sheikh to amuse your eyes with the beauty of nature, have the chance to make you holiday and have 8 or 7 days in your itinerary, and have an excursion to Ras Mohammed National Park, you can enjoy best activities of the water and enjoy exploring the wonderful coral reefs and have beautiful colored fishes, watch beautiful landscapes underwater while your diving, snorkeling and swimming, you have to try different adventure and have the opportunity to visit St. Catherine Monastery, you can enjoy visiting the room of skulls in the monastery, also you have to watch the sun rising over Sinai Mountain, you can have an optional excursion to visit the Colored Canyon where you can watch Valleys of granite and sandstone, you have to visit Luxor or Cairo to enjoy discovering the ancient Egyptian attractions.
Amuse you self and have great holiday in Egypt, you can explore the wonderful sightseeing, have the chance to make your Tailor Made Holidays in best and romantic honeymoon in Egypt, you can visit Cairo and watch the ancient royal tombs of the kings in The three pyramids, you have also discover sphinx that is the huge statues consist of head of a human and body of lion, then you can explore the history of Egypt while having an excursion to the Egyptian museum to discover the magnificent civilization while walking through it, after that you have the chance take a Nile cruise between Luxor and choose to travel to Aswan by Train or by flight, when you arrive at Aswan you have to watch the attractions like the unfinished obelisk and the High dam, also watch the fascinating Philae temple, after that you can sail by the Nile cruise to Kom Ombo temple, then continue sailing to Edfu temple, also you can visit Luxor and watch Karnak temple and Luxor temple in the East bank, also watch the tombs in the valley of the kings, and explore the magnificent Hatshepsut temple.
Have an adventure tour to enjoy different experience about the deserts of Egypt, have a tour to Bahariya Oasis to explore the beauty of Alexander the great Temple, and also visit the nobles Tombs, then you can visit the Museum of the Golden Mummies, you can know about Ain El-Mephtella, you can enjoy exploring the black and white desert and watch the beautiful desert roses, also watch the formations that resemble the surface of a different plane, you can enjoy having best tour to Farafra Oasis and watch Badr museum, you have the opportunity to drive to Dakhla Oasis the old covered city and watch Muzzawaka and Deir El Haggar, also continue to Kharga oasis where you have to discover the museum of Kharga and El Bagawat cemetery. After that, you have to choose to continue your tour and take a Nile cruise sailing in the Nile River in your Tailor Made Holidays, and you can try an optional excursion to visit Alexandria to amuse your eyes with the natural views.

Have unique Tailor Made Holidays packages Such as:
  • Egypt Desert Safari
  • Egypt and Jordan vacation
  • Egypt Honeymoon tours
  • Red Sea trips
  • Egypt Holy Land Tours
  • Egypt Golf trips
  • Egypt cheap package
  • Egypt Classic packages
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