Monday, May 14, 2018

Discover Egypt Civilization

Try to Discover Egypt and have wonderful tours with ibis Egypt tours, you can enjoy great information about Egypt and try, have one day tour to explore great civilization and enjoy discovering magnificent history of Egypt, visit Cairo and enjoy exploring the great pyramids of Giza, also you can amuse yourself in Alexandria by watching the beauty of Mediterranean sea, also have excursions to visit Aswan and Luxor, also you can visit Red Sea cities like Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, and El Gouna and more places in Egypt.
Enjoy great excursions and explore many attractions while visiting LuxorDiscover Egypt and have one day to explore the east and west bank, start your tour west bank, you have the chance to walk through the valley of the kings and also enjoy exploring the temple of Hatshepsut, you can enjoy discovering the design of the temple and know more about the history of Queen Hatshepsut, after that try to explore the great statues of Colossi of Memnon, also give yourself the chance to enjoy visiting the east bank of Luxor, you can amuse your eyes with the great Karnak temple, it is an ancient temple and contain 6 temples. Also, you have the opportunity to enjoy visiting Luxor temple that established in 1400 B.C by Amenhotep III and Ramses II who added the front of the temple.
Have great tour in Dahab and try to Discover Egypt in day tour with ibis Egypt tours, enjoy the chance to explore the underwater of the red sea by having glass boat tour, you have the chance to explore the ravishing Coral reefs and also watch many different kinds of fishes that have beautiful colors, amuse your eyes with the charm of the underwater world, have unforgettable experience with us in our best Dahab day tours. Also have another day tours, enjoy St. Catherine tours, you can climb Moses Mountain, you have the chance to escape the crowds and have beautiful different adventure, you can enjoy the sun rising over Sinai mountains, and also visit St Catherine monastery to pass the room of Skulls inside it and more tours in Dahab.
Have a great time exploring the great attractions of Cairo, you have the chance to enjoy visiting wonderful places in Cairo to explore the most highlights of it, give yourself the opportunity to know about the pyramids of Giza and collect information about this royal tombs and Discover Egypt, enjoy discovering the history while visiting sphinx in memorable tour, and then you have the chance to watch the valley temple and have great photos with this attractions, after that you can head to the Egyptian Museum, in the museum you can explore the ancient treasures of Tutankhamun. You can try another day tour to explore Cairo and visit old Cairo attractions, at first try to enjoy exploring the Citadel of Salah El Dein and have excursion to the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali, then you can explore old Coptic Cairo and explore the Hanging ChurchAbu Serga Church, and also Ben Ezra Synagogue.
Have the chance to explore great ancient attractions in Alexandria city, you have the opportunity to enjoy exploring the great library of Alexandria that has more than eight million books, then you have the chance to explore the great Roman theater in Alexandria to amuse yourself with its beautiful design, also you can walk through the market of Alexandria that full of Egyptian gods, head to explore the mosque of El Nabi Daniel and also you can enjoy discovering Abu El Abbas Mosque that considers the biggest mosque in Alexandria, also you can visit Montazah Palace.
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