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The Most Important Egypt Destinations

Are you ready for amazing adventures to best Egypt Destinations? Come to Egypt with Ibis Egypt Tours and explore many Places to Visit through you many wonderful tours and excursions around Egypt, explore many important attractions and highlights through our marvelous Cairo tours, discover many attractions through best tours to Aswan City and get amazing excursions to discover the history in Luxor City. Enjoy an amazing tour to explore different Culture in Alexandria City through amazing tours to different attractions, also you to catch our tours to Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada to have many things to do with interesting activities for Fun and entertainments. Explore our tours to beautiful Egypt Destinations with amazing holidays in Marsa Alam, Taba, Dahab and more with best tours to different destinations in Egypt.

Get ready for best Tours in Egypt to explore the most attractive highlights in Egypt through best Cairo tours, amazing tours is waiting for you to visit Giza Pyramids of King Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus through the Old Kingdom, spend interesting time through Camel ride tours. Move to the mighty Statue (The Sphinx) that consists of a Human head as a sign of wisdom and Lion body as a sign for Power. Enjoy one of the best amazing tours to The Egyptian Museum that was built in 1902 and is a home to an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities and masterpieces. Stare between galleries of this museum that contains Tutankhamon treasures including his golden mask and Akhenaton Collection that has a different way of Style. One of the best destinations in Egypt is El Moez Street that is one of the most important historical Streets in Egypt and is named for El Moez Li Din Allah the fourth caliph of the Fatimid dynasty and one of the most wonderful streets in Islamic Cairo that dates to the Fatimid Period, enjoy wonderful time in Al-Azhar Park to amuse your eyes with unforgettable Panoramic View for Cairo and more with Egypt Destinations tours .

Travel to Luxor which has frequently been characterized as the (world’s greatest open air museum) and consider as on of the most important Egypt Destinations through a wonderful variety of tours to different attractions. Enjoy East Bank tours to explore the famous Luxor Temple that In the Egyptian language is known as Ipet Resyt which mean “the southern sanctuary”. Then visit Karnak complex the hugest temple in Egypt, the Construction was being started during the reign of King Senusret I in the Middle Kingdom and continued into the Ptolemaic period. Enjoy Luxor West bank tours. Visit Hatshepsut Temple at El Deir El Bahari it is located beneath the cliffs at El Deir el-Bahari near to the Valley of the Kings, Scout to the Valley of the Kings that Contain many Royal tombs For King and nobles of the New Kingdom,Try this amazing tour Abydos Temple that was constructed by Seti I and Completed by King Ramses II through the new Kingdom , Be ready to explore Dendera temple that was constructed at the Roman period.

If you are planning to visit Egypt and still Searching for different destinations for memorable Tours In Egypt, book Online with Ibis Egypt Tours and get best recommended tours to Top famousEgypt Destinations , Scout to Alexandria City ( The Bride of Mediterranean Sea ) through best Alexandria Day Tours , Scout to Qaitbay Citadel that is one of the most important defensive strongholds, not only in Egypt, but also along the Mediterranean Sea coast ,Visit Catacomb of Kom El Shokafa the Roman Necropolis The name of the site, Kom el Shoqafa, means “Mound of Shards.” The name comes from heaps of broken pottery in the area; explore Alexandria Library that Contains many important books and documents. Amuse your eyes with the beauty of Montazah Palace that built in 1892 by Khedive Abbas II.

There are many tours to different Egypt Destinations Such as:
• Cairo Day Tours
Hurghada Excursions
Sharm El Sheikh Excursions
Taba Tours
• Dahab Tours
• El Gouna Excursions
• Alexandria Tours

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