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Most Popular Egypt Destinations

You Cannot stop loving Egypt if you have visited for the first time, you will repeat your vacation and see different Egypt Destinations. Egypt is considered the oldest travel destination on earth, most people come to Egypt to view its ancient monuments, natural attractions. Enjoy amazing excursions to Cairo attraction Like Giza Pyramids, Dahshour, Old Cairo, Coptic area including Churches and many places. Experience amazing Vacation in Luxor where you will explore many historical attractions will take you to another world and you will gain a lot of information about it. Explore many Remarkable and highlights with largest Aswan temples and tombs, Relax with beauty in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, El-Gouna and more.

Add to your Tailor-Made itinerary visiting several Egypt Destinations Such as the marvelous northern area of Taba at Aqaba Gulf Bay to Pharaoh Island “Gezerit El-Frauna” a site of incredible enthusiasm from the chronicled. The Northern East coast of the Island has particularly very much created coral reefs the island itself known as a coral island. Have a nice time with the snorkeling day by the island, and you soon run over an entrancing Bay known as Salah El-Racket Post and this stronghold was based on the Island in the Byzantine Period, it was involved in the campaigns in 1116 and developed around then by Sultan Saladin. It is surely understood as Saladin Fortification. Or you can change your heading towards Aqaba Golf Bay to the Colored Canyon in Nuweiba, and Continue your different Egypt Destinations exploring the Colored Canyon including its astonishing Colors while traveling through incredible desert scenery and steep-sided valleys of granite and sandstone, Hike among the Rocky Mountains, enjoy many colors reflected from the oxidized surfaces by the Sunlight.

Try, as much as possible, to visit as many of Egypt Destinations that your trip will allow! There is nothing worse than going home and wishing you had visited somewhere you didn’t! Like Marsa Alam, the pretty attractive town in south-eastern Egypt located on the western shore of the Red Sea then transfer to Wadi El-Gemal protected area. Start your Safari tours in Wadi El-Gemal by riding Camels and see the most charming areas in Wadi El Gemal such as El Fustat Ecolodge, the Ababda Bedouin, Minerals and Gold, Coastal Marsh at Ras Baghdadi and Wadi El Gemal island. The coastline of the recreation center is around 120 km and has a few vital points of interest, you will enjoy Sun set, eating with the nearby Bedouin, watch the surprising snake show, and recognize their heritage well, appreciate the Bedouin singing and hit the dance floor with them, toward the end of your Wadi El-Gemal Safari Tour from Marsa Alam, transfer back and overnight.

If you want to have exceptional tours to explore Egypt history, Get the perfect opportunity while watching Egypt tours like Luxor City where you will explore Luxor Temple that contains The famous Colonnade of King Amenhotep III that includes 14 Columns, Visit Karnak Temple the hugest temple that dedicated to the main god Amon-Ra, enter into the great Hypostyle Hall that includes 134 column in different high. Explore many attractions in the west bank, Continue your Egypt Destinations to Visit Hatshepsut Temple that well-Known now as El Deir El Bahari, Find beautiful and important reliefs for The Myth of the divine birth of the queen and built in the same design of Mentuhetp II Temple , Walk through the Valley of the Kings that was royal necropolis Contains royal tombs For King and nobles of the New Kingdom include the famous royal tomb of the King Tutankhamon that discovered by Howard Carter 1922 where Tutankhamon Collection was Found, also you will stare at the Colossi of Memnon the huge Sitting Statues and more in Luxor City.

There are many tours and excursions to most Egypt Destinations Such as:

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