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Competitive All Inclusive Egypt Holidays

It’s time now for getting the extreme level of joy with Ibis Egypt Tours, get into the event and scout our competitive All Inclusive Egypt Holidays which will enable you to have a whole idea about Egypt the most attractive destination all over the world, full of excited sightseeing, Ibis Egypt Tours will take you to a journey of a lifetime, travel through ages to know all the secrets of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, if you really interested in knowing everything about ancient era, just join us and we will give you the full information in such an excited details through our professional knowledgeable expert tour guides who will make all your sightseeing tours all over Egypt just be unforgettable and surely you will recommend Egypt to all your friends who didn’t visit the land of pharaohs yet.
Ibis Egypt Tours will take you to its competitive All Inclusive Egypt Holidays, to relish every moment in Egypt, first you will visit Cairo, the capital of Egypt, where located the most famous sightseeing, near to Cairo there is Giza city, which is famous for the great three Pyramids of Kings Cheops (Khufu) the largest one, Chephren (Khefra’e) the second one & the smallest one Mykernius (Mankaura’e), also you will view the Valley temple, see the great Sphinx who has a human head with a lion body, the ancient Egyptians believed that Sphinx guarded the pyramids area, move on to view the step pyramid of Sakkara of king Djoser, the first pyramid built which contains 6 layers of stone steps,  have you ever asked yourself before about the reason for building the pyramids? Here is the simple answer, the ancient Egyptians believed in afterlife, so that the kings bodies were mummified in a super intelligent ways which enable their bodies to survive till now, so every king build a huge pyramid for him and save everything he could need in afterlife such as food, clothes everything as he will live again the same life.
Come into this experience and discover as much as you can during your All Inclusive Egypt Holidays , not only Cairo you have to visit it while you are staying in Egypt, but also there is some destinations you can’t never miss them, such as Aswan the kind city, which is famous for its kind people who will meet you with a happy smiley faces to welcome you to their city, through walking down Aswan streets you will see wonderful colors everywhere, in houses walls, spices in shops, everything has a shiny colors, in Aswan you will visit the High Dam which protects Egypt from water flood, and provide us with electricity, also you will view Philae Temple, unfinished obelisk, botanical garden around Elephantine island, Nubian museum, Nubian houses, and surely if you where stay in Aswan so you will pass everything to reach the magnificent Abu Simbel temple of king Ramses II, don’t hesitate to ask your professional expert  tour guide about every single secret about king Ramses II, and he will answer you clearly and give you the full information.
Luxor, the land of Thebes, one of the great famous cities all over the world, Luxor contains the most precious monuments which belong to the ancient era, there is no complete tour to Egypt without visiting Luxor city, during your All Inclusive Egypt Holidays you can’t neglect Luxor, sure you heard about the great fabulous Karnak Temple, so let your eyes catch every moment to scout every side in Karnak Temple, continue moving to visit Luxor temples, after finishing the East Bank, stir to the West Bank, where located the Valley of the Kings, Queen Hatshepsut temple, Colossi of Memnon and many other fascinating sightseeing you will never see them except you come to Egypt,
Once you join our All Inclusive Egypt Holidays you will find more than you can ever imagine even in your thoughts, Ibis Egypt Tours will cover all Egypt destinations, and we guarantee a superb service for you once you arrive in Egypt, you will enjoy feeling privacy, all your transportation will be by a private modern vehicles, our drivers are well trained professional drivers, you will never feel tension while riding your car with them, the road will be just smooth to arrive your direction in safe and peace, also your expert tour guide will be private for you & your partner in all sightseeing tours, however in Cairo, Aswan, LuxorAlexandria or any other destinations.
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