Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Enjoyable Egypt holidays all inclusive

Enjoy with Egypt holiday all inclusive  with Ibis Egypt tours as there you could pick so many interesting tours and excursions in Egypt to spend your vacation with . As during 05 Days Cairo And Luxor Tours package you will enjoy visiting the great Egyptian museum and the great three pyramids in Cairo to explore more about the ancient precious eras of the pharaohs . Then you will enjoy moving to old Cairo as there you will enjoy visiting so many ancient religious, interesting places as the synagogue of the Ben Ezra , The hanging church & The mosque of Amr Ibn EL As plus other entertaining places like that . Also you will enjoy moving to south Egypt as there you will enjoy visiting Luxor and Aswan as there in Luxor you will enjoy visiting the great temple of Luxor &Karnak temples as Luxor temple was built for king Ramses the second from 1100 BC-1600 BC. Then you will move to Karnak temple as that was built during the era of king Senusert I  , for god Amun Re . Then you will enjoy moving to the west bank as there you will enjoy visiting the great temple of Queen Hatshepsut that was built during the eighteenth dynasty  from about 3500 year , Its  dedicated to the worship of God Amon as once being in this amazing temple you will enjoy seeing many amazing paintings on the walls that refers to the importance of God Amun in addition to many other important gods as Horus , Anubis etc.. So you will enjoy a lot during this tour .
Also if you want to enjoy with the beauty of the red sea so during Egypt holiday all inclusive ,Cheap Holidays to Cairo and Marsa Alam you will enjoy visiting many interesting places in both great cities Cairo and MarsaAlam , as in cairo you will enjoy visiting the great three pyramids enjoy knowing its importance in the pharaonic eras as it was built to be the kings tombs and many of their needs of food and drinks beside many of their belonging was kept with them after death to find it when they return to their lives again . Then you will enjoy moving to the Egyptian museum as there you will see amazing monuments up to 150.000 piece . After that you will enjoy moving to Marsa Alam as there you will enjoy with the great landscapes of this great city as there you will find many natural islands and many protected areas as Abu Dabab ,Wadi el gemal , Mangrove and many other interesting areas  and there you will enjoy seeing  many wonderful rare creatures in the sea as the Blue Spotted Stingray,TassledScorpion fish, Giant Moray Eel, Lionfish and so many marvelous ones . Also there you will enjoy many interesting activities like snorkeling, diving. Fishing etc…
As well through Egypt holiday all inclusive you also could enjoy picking Cairo and Alexandria City Break, as there you will enjoy visiting Cairo exploring so many interesting places as the three pyramids, the Egyptian museum. Then you will enjoy moving to Alexandria as there you will enjoy moving to Qaitbay Citadel in Alexandria, Catacombs of el Shoqafaand many other interesting places .
So explore various amazing Egypt holiday all inclusive    as historical enjoying the most famous attractions of Egypt through Egypt Tour Packages also you could pick from the following tours as:
  • Egypt Budget tours.
  • Egypt short breaks.
  • Red sea tours.
  • Spiritual tours to Egypt.
  • Egypt desert safari.
  • Egypt honeymoon packages.
  • Egypt & Holy land Tours.
  • Egypt Golf Packages.
  • Egypt Classic tours.
If you interested in the wonderful Egypt Tour Packages & spending your Egypt holiday all inclusive.
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