Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Breathtaking tours in Egypt

Enjoy with Ibis Egypt Tours, spending your vacation with us as this summer we are offering you so many interesting tours in Egypt and excursions as Cheap Holidays to Cairo and MarsaAlam , that through it you will enjoy visiting both interesting cities Cairo &MarsaAlam with a very budget coast , In Cairo you will explore the ancient Egyptian civilization through its great places and locations as you will visit the great three pyramids , the great Egyptian museum knowing a lot about pharaohs , then moving to the great coastal city of MarsaAlam as there you will enjoy exploring many attractive beaches , amazing islands to relax in, as Wadi el Gemal as its one of the marvelous places ever, as there you will find the water is mixed with the mountains , there you will find many rare plants as  Siderites or the mountain tea , also there you will find a lot of wild animals as wildebeests & wild eagles , there also you will find so many beaches as Hankhurp  , Hamata there you will enjoy so many entertaining activities like snorkeling, diving, swimming and so many entertaining activities .
Also through your charming tours in Egypt you could pick another interesting tour as Luxor and Cairo Short Breaks as through this tour you will enjoy visiting  the marvelous place of Cairo in addition to the great historical city of Luxor as in Cairo you will enjoy knowing a lot about the ancient Egyptian culture with the great info about all of the three kings Cheops , Chephren & Menkaure , All those kings formed a huge and magnificent history of the great Egyptian civilization especially in Cairo .Then you will move to the Egyptian museum as there you will find more than 150.000 piece from thousands of eras about Pharos and many other kingdoms.After that  while enjoying your tours in Egypt you will enjoy exploring the great fantastic city of Luxor which consider a very important part of the Egyptian civilization as it contains a large number of ancient temples, museums that’s besides its greatness & kindness of its people .as there you will enjoy visiting the great temples of Karnak & Luxor in the east bank those ones are dedicated to Amun Re the God Of Sun for pharos ,then you will move to the west bank to visit the great temple of Queen Hatshepsut as there you will enjoy  with the great structures and buildings of the temple  with its ancient sculptures on its walls that refers to amazing  details about pharaohs lives .
As well during your tours in Egypt you will enjoy so many other interesting tours that will let you explore the variable coastal places in the red sea Hurghada ,Sharm el sheikh etc.. , So during Sharm El SheikhSt Catherine Monastery and Luxor Tours you will enjoy exploring the great city of peace, Sharm el Sheikh as there you will enjoy exploring its marvelous areas, as there you will enjoy visiting so many interesting places as the protected are of Ras Mohamed , as there you will enjoy with its amazing beaches , marvelous corals that could be your first time to see also if you were a lover of the desert also there you will find your goal as there are so many marvelous areas so try moving between the amazing lands of the desert enjoying many entertaining activities there as quad biking , stargazing , meditating , camping and so many other interesting ones . As the desert atmosphere is great and it’s a very important reason to come to Egypt .as it gonna give you a great mood and a large portion of joy.
So explore various amazing tours in Egypt   as historical enjoying the most famous attractions of Egypt through Egypt Tour Packages also you could pick from the following tours as:
  • Egypt Budget tours.
  • Egypt short breaks.
  • Red sea tours.
  • Spiritual tours to Egypt.
  • Egypt desert safari.
  • Egypt honeymoon packages.
  • Egypt & Holy land Tours.
  • Egypt Golf Packages.
  • Egypt Classic tours.
If you interested in the wonderful Egypt Tour Packages & spending your tours in Egypt .
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