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Attractive Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Egypt Tours

 Enjoy with Ibis Egypt Tours during Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Egypt through its amazing excursions, many interesting offers that will let you explore many amazing tours of Egypt. As you could pick so much from the upcoming ones. Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh Cheap Tours , Cairo, Nile Cruise and Alexandria Budget Tours, Cheap Holidays to Cairo and Marsa Alam , Cairo and Nile Cruise Budget Tours Packages, Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel and Luxor Cheap Tours, Cairo, Luxor and Hurghada Cheap Tours, Cheap Tours to Cairo and Hurghada, Cheap Tours to Cairo and Luxor and many other interesting tours that you could pick your preferable ones ….
Starting with Cheap Tours to Cairo and Luxor In Cairo, you will visit so many amazing locations as the three pyramids that return to many centuries about 20 century B.C. As it the only monument from the old seven wonders of the world that remains till now, it also considers the highest building on the ground over 3800 years that was totally built by humans.So while visiting the three pyramids you gonna explore many amazing precious info those three kings and much more .
As during Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Egypt you  will visit the amazing Egyptian museum that is also returned to ancient eras. As it returns to 1835. It has more than 150.000 piece for pharaohs, Romans, Copts & Muslims,
After that with Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Egypt, you will enjoy traveling to Luxor as there you will visit the east & the west banks, starting with the visit of the east bank that contains the temple of Luxor & the temple of Karnak. Luxor temple was constructed approximately at 1400 BCE. then you will move to Karnak templewas constructed during the era of king Senusret I , AS it was built for the divine Trinity the three Gods Amon, His wife  Mut and their son Khons   , this complex is considered an open-air museum as its length is about 2 kilometers & Karnak name means in pharaonic the fortified village. Then during Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Egypt,    you will move to the west bank as there you will visit the temple of Queen Hatshepsut that was built from the seventh year till the twentieth year of her judgment, this temple was dedicated to the Son God Amun. After finishing your tour in the south of Egypt you will return back to Cairo to continue your tour. Once you reach and relax a little in Cairo you will enjoy moving to Alexandria, to enjoy & visit a little of its amazing places & monuments. As there you will visit Kata komb which is a historical archaeological site located at Kom El Shokafa in Alex as it considered one of the most important tombs of the city, it maybe was a tomb of a rich family and from the sculptures and engravings that are on walls approved that the Roman art is so compatible with the pharaonic art . Then you will move to visit the defensive fortress located at the 15th-century, about, 1477, as it was built during the era of Sultan Al-Ashraf Sayf al-Din Qait Bay.Then you will move to visit the Alexandrian Library as it was constructed at the era of Alexander the first from  around 23 century B.C, And many other  people thought that it was built during the era of Ptolemy II  at the beginning of the third century B.C . It was fired so many times but recently at 2002 was renewed again.. then you will move to visit Montazah palace that was built during the era of Khedive Abbas Helmi The second at 1892.And recently this palace became a filming location.So come and Enjoy with us during all the amazing tours of Egypt …
And if you want to explore more famous attractions around Egypt so  Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Egypt have many different tours packages like pick one of them and enjoy with us :
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