Monday, April 16, 2018

Astounding tours in Egypt

Ibis Egypt Tours will enjoy offering you many interesting excursions & tours in Egypt to enjoy with your family & Friends many interesting budget tours to explore many cities in Egypt with its entertaining areas, as Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh Cheap Tours, there you will enjoy visiting Cairo the great Capital of Egypt, It consider one of the largest Arabian cities in terms of population and area, As there you will enjoy exploring many interesting areas as the three pyramids, the Egyptian Museum & the amazing traditional area of old Cairo .Then you will enjoy moving to Sharm El Sheikh to enjoy practicing your preferable water sports as swimming, diving or snorkeling for the whole day, then relaxing on the stunning beaches and by night you will enjoy with Bedouins , your friends listening their music .
Also if you want to explore and visit another city through your tours in Egypt on shores of the red sea ,  so ibis tours during its amazing tours of Egypt you could enjoy with Short Holidays in Cairo & Marsa Alam  ,As during this amazing excursion you will enjoy spending most of your entertaining 6 days during your vacation as you will spend your first two days in Cairo to visit the amazing sightseeing there , as you will visit the great three pyramids , exploring a lot of its interesting info of the three amazing kings Cheops, Chephren , Menkaure then exploring may other impressive info about the other great smaller pyramids of their mothers , then you will explore more about the amazing sphinx that that was a great Symbol of intelligence and force for pharaohs as it has the head of king Chephren and the body of a strong lion . After that you will move to enjoy at Marsa  Alam as there you will enjoy having a very interesting time if it was, with your friends, your family or even alone, as there you will have a plenty portion of relaxation that will motivate you to return to you  daily life with a sufficient energy to continue it so content . As Marsa Alamis no longer considering a hidden city as its beauty  is so obvious  This city is about marvelous, heavenly beaches that located on the shores of the Red Sea , As there you could choose from your preferable areas there as its full of great islands & protected areas as Sharm El Luli , Abu Dabab & Wadi El Gamal , so once being there you will enjoy of all those amazing places with  Ibis Egypt Tours .
Also if you looking to spend some adventurous days while spending your vacation, So with your tours in Egypt during CairoAlexandria and Siwa Oasis Tours could be on your schedule, as in Cairo you will enjoy visiting the three amazing pyramids, that’s beside the Egyptian museum. That’s beside the amazing visit to the mermaid of the Mediterranean Alexandria, as there you will enjoy exploring many interesting places that will show you the Egyptian culture and civilization of many eras from the paranoiac till the era in which we are now.As you will enjoy the visit of the Alexandrian Library, the roman amphitheater in which you will enjoy knowing a lot about the Roman epoch with all of its advantages .not only but you will enjoy visiting the great citadel of Qaitbay that was built during the era of Sultan al-Ashraf Abu al-Nasr Qaitbay at 882 The reason for building this fortress was the large number of direct threats to Egypt by the Ottoman Empire. Then you will enjoy visiting the amazing Temple of the World War II that locates between the Alexandria and the oasis, once reach to the oasis of Siwa as there you will visit the best places ever to enjoy your Safari . As there you will visit the great Fortress of Shali that was built during the 13th century. Then you will enjoy visiting the great area of Bir wahid or the well of Wahid it’s about cold fresh water that you could swim in, then you will enjoy visiting the Mountain of the Dead that is about a huge mountain full of tombs from the third era B.C and many other entertaining areas to visit that’s why your tours in Egypt  will be unforgettable and you will be passionate to retry it again.

So explore various amazing tours in Egypt as historical enjoying the most famous attractions of Egypt through Egypt Tour Packages also you could pick from the following tours as:
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