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Egypt All Inclusive Holidays Tours

It’s the perfect time to travel Egypt to explore it in just a journey with Egypt All Inclusive Holidays, try our different tour packages like Egypt Budget Tours take a journey around Egypt without paying too much money like visiting CairoLuxorAswanAlexandria and more attractive places around Egypt or you can try Egypt short breaks visiting Cairo attractions in a short time or any different city, you will find the holy land tour packages to win more knowledge about the religions by visiting places like the most famous mosques and the Islamic places, famous churches in it.

Get ready for your journey to Egypt and Jordan to visit two of the Seven Wonders of the World with Egypt All Inclusive Holidays, start your journey in Egypt by visiting the Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus to know more about the history of Egypt and visit the great sphinx the guardian of the pyramids, then visit the valley temple of king Chephren to know more about his great history, valley temple was the main entrance to the pyramids and it’s full of history then you can visit Step Pyramid of Sakkara ( King Zoser Pyramid ), the oldest major stone in the world. Time to visit the Egyptian museum to watch a great collection of masterpieces and statues for kings of ancient Egypt, from Cairo to Amman to visit Madaba one of the most magnificent cities in Jordan you can visit there many different places then visit mount Nebo to visit the Memorial of Musa (Moses) .then explore The Old Monastery, overlook the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, Jericho and Jerusalem, time to go to the Rose City (Petra City) to visit the famous tombs there and Petra house one of the seven wonders of the world to Explore it and know more about the history of it  and you can visit the Siiq, path to Petra or the lonely cave and more amazing attractions there.

Prepare yourself for your Nile Cruise journey around Egypt with Egypt All Inclusive Holidays, start your journey in Cairo attractions the pyramids and the great sphinx to know more about the history of ancient Egypt, then visit the Egyptian museum to enjoy while watching a great collection of masterpieces  and statues then after you finish your tour in Cairo sail to Lake Nasser in Aswan to know more about it and discover Aswan, Lake Nasser was just a results because of the high dam After finishing the high damthe water folded behind it and become the Lake Nasser and it consider the largest manmade Lake in the world, time to visit Abu Simbel temple the most famous temple in Aswan it was built by Ramsesse  II and it’s a great temple full of history you will be happy by visiting it continue your tour in Aswan by visiting Kasr Ibrim, Amada, Wadi El Seboua, Dakka Temples, Meharakka, kalabsha temple The temple is back to the Roman times and was dedicated to the Nubian god Mandoulis, and dates back to the time of Roman emperor Augustus, later other emperor have contributed for the construction such as kaligula. Then visit Beit El-Wali The Temple of Beit el-Wali is carved into the rock, which was constructed by Ramses II in Nubia ‎as an evidence of his strong control over the area, This temple consists of a courtyard and a hall, with many colored texts and inscriptions and some scenes of the King during his fights.

After you get you journey around Cairo and get ready for your red see tour with Egypt All Inclusive Holidays by going to Sharm el Sheikh and spend your holiday there run away from the crowds and enjoy relaxing at beaches and the beautiful activates that you can do there like swimming and diving to see the colorful world under the water and amuse your eyes with the magnificent view, you can make a tour in the mountains and camp there or you can visit the most famous island there like Tiran Island then visit Ras Mohammed National Park and dive there to see all types of underwater fishes.

There are many beautiful Egypt All Inclusive Holidays tours packages like:

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