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Prepare yourself for a magnificent journey around Egypt with Cheap Holidays Egypt in Egypt budget tours package, you can visit all places you want in every city like Cairo, LuxorAswanAlexandriaHurghada, and more, you can explore all these places you will be able to visit the most famous temples in the world to know about history of ancient Egyptians and their life you can visit the most beautiful citadels in the world and visit all Egypt tourists attractions, you will find what you like in this package and try all the activates in Egypt without paying too much.

Get ready for your tour with our Egypt budget tours in Cairo, the most glamorous city in the world with Cheap Holidays Egypt, it’s full of beautiful place you can spend your time in it, start with the pyramids one of the most attractive places in the world to see the history of Egypt in front of you and Explore the three pyramids of CheopsChephren, and Mycerinusthen visit the great sphinx the guardian of the three pyramids with a body of lion and a human face, they thought he is the guardian of the tombs of the kings, after you finish your tour in the pyramids go to the panorama area to get a great collection of photos of the three pyramids the visit the valley temple to the statues of king Chephren. Time for the great Egyptian museum tour to watch the coffins of the mummy, the kings of ancient Egypt statues and papyrus design from ancient Egypt and more you will see.

Have a great time while you explore Egypt with Cheap Holidays Egypt, take your tour around Egypt with a cheap price, start the tour in Cairo by visiting Cairo attractions such as the pyramids, Egyptian museum, and citadel of Salah El Din to know more about the history of ancient Egypt then travel from Cairo to Luxor to Explore the land of the sun, first place you will visit in Luxor will be Karnak temple that temple is the largest and the greatest temple in the world  and it consists of 6 temples, temple of Amon Ra, temple of Khonso, temple of Ptah, temple of Montho, temple of the god Osiris, and the Ipt temple. After you finish from you tour in Karnak temple, time to visit one of the amazing landmarks in Luxor (Luxor temple) the temple was established in1400 B.C the temple is too close to Nile river and Amenhotep III start to build this temple, and Ramses II added the front part and completed the temple, the temple is full of historical columns and more.

Prepare for your Nile cruise in Egypt with Cheap Holidays Egypt, start your tour in Cairo by visiting the three pyramids, the great Sphinx, valley temple, and more attractions in the pyramids, then go to Egyptian museum to see the archaeological statues and coffins of the mummy and more magnificent monuments of ancient Egypt, then start you Nile cruise to go to AswanAswan has many attractive places you can visit start with Lake Nasser to know about the great high dam and how it built in the nineties and how built it and more, then visit Philae Temple, the temple of Philae date back to the reign of King Taharqa, and you can visit unfinished obelisk to know about the history of it,  continue your Nile, then travel Luxor by ship to visit valley of the queens, Colossi of Memnon in the west bank of Luxor and Luxor temple, the great Temple of Karnak in the east bank.

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