Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Last Minute Tour Egypt

Egypt has a lot of sites and landmarks, here with Ibis Egypt Tours, you will be able to explore best excursions in memorable Tour Egypt Packages full of many tours to the best sites of Egypt . When you visit Egypt keen to try our Classic Tours that Offers Cairo Holidays amazing Nile Cruise Tours .get the chance and try best Short Tours to LuxorAswan, Cairo and Hurghada. Decrease Travel Fees with best Cheap Holidays To Egypt, and get amazing Combined holiday to Egypt and Jordan in The Same Package, or get experience with Egypt Holy Land Tours Egypt, Jordan and Israel , explore many adventures with  our unique Egypt Safari Packages and more with Ibis Egypt Tours .

Head across the Nile River with Ibis Egypt Tours through amazing classical Tour Egypt through many adorable Cairo and Nile Cruise Tours, explore Cairo attractions to the most famous attractions , then travel to Luxor where there are amazing majority of the ancient attractions , back to history and explore The Egyptian Civilization and history at the ravishing Karnak Complex ,get new experience about the most important period in Egypt ( Pharaonic era ) through  the gleaming Luxor Temple, and be ready to walk through Valley of the Kings, Explore wonderful the mystery of queen  Hatshepsut in her  Temple at El Deir El Bahari , then Sail to Edfu Temple of Hours The Elder , Continue Sailing to Kom Ombo the double Shared of god Sobek and Hours  , head to Aswan City and visit different  Aswan highlights, discover Philae Temple, explore the great High Dam that built to Protect Egypt from Flood and drought, visit Unfinished Obelisk of queen Hatshepsut and more with our Luxury travel agent .

If you are one golf Lovers around the world, this packages is for you , here with Ibis Egypt Tours , you will get the chance to be enchanted with Beautiful landscapes, warm weather , magic atmosphere  while playing golf in best luxurious Egypt Golf Resorts, Try Golf Tour Egypt packages  and enjoy Playing  golf in the  most famous golf centers and clubs in Egypt  , also Feast your eyes with amazing and wonderful panoramic views at Katameya Heights Golf Resort , also at dream Land golf resort . While golfing Egypt packages at Cairo City , you will have amazing historical Package to fill your eyes and Soul with best Egypt Treasures , enjoy amazing tours to Giza Pyramids , Feast your eyes with amazing masterpieces at The Egyptian Museum, also explore Old Cairo attractions Like The Hanging Church, ,ben Ezra Synagogue and Abu Serga Church .

Discover interesting  Egyptian mysteries and facts with Ibis Egypt Tours beside visiting Jordan attraction in One Package, in best All Inclusive Tour Egypt and Jordan, explore wonderful package to Cairo Sightseeing , explore Giza Pyramids one of the ancient Seven wonders of the world that Consider as the most famous attraction in Egypt .Visit The Egyptian Museum at El Tahrir Square , Amuse your eyes with the famous golden mask of Tutankhamon and the colorful decorated Coffins ( Sarcophagus )  ,experience Akhenaton Collection , explore Luxor the most famous historical site , visit Luxor Temple that was famous with Opet Festival and Karnak Complex with its 10 Pylons and the great Hypostyle hall , also you will visit Hatshepsut Temple at el Deir El Bahri . Discover Aswan attractions Like the Unfinished Obelisk and The great High Dam. Visit Abu Simbel Temples of Ramses II through the new Kingdom then enjoy amazing Package tours, visit Wadi Rum and touch the magic of its majestic mountains , enjoy horse or Camel riding  , amuse your eyes , Soul and mind with beauty of Petra one of The Seven Wonders of the World while exploring its beautiful carved buildings and more you will discover in Petra which known as The Red Rose City .

There are many things to do through our Tour Egypt Packages  :
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