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Sindbad Submarine
Have memorable tour to explore the beauty of Egypt, you have the chance to amuse yourself while discovering the wonderful sightseeing, discover Cairo, LuxorAswan, and many other beautiful cities in Egypt, you can explore red sea cities in best red sea package in Egypt, also with ibis Egypt tours you can enjoy wonderful safari tours to know about the hidden secrets of the deserts, enjoy great Holidays Egypt to play golf in best resorts and sits, meditate in Egypt and have the chance to enjoy our spiritual package to visit many places, you can also enjoy your honeymoon in Egypt and explore the wonderful places to visit in a romantic atmosphere, and more packages with Ibis Egypt Tours.
Have the opportunity to amuse yourself in Egypt in bet red sea package with us that makes you enjoy visiting Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, you can explore the beauty and charm of Hurghada while making a snorkeling tour to Giftun Island that is a great national park, you can enjoy the best time during snorkeling and diving in this magical place, you can watch the corals underwater and also have the opportunity to explore the kinds of fishes that have great colors, have a great Holidays Egyptto visit Mahmya Island to watch the beauty of Nature to make the activities of the red sea water, in Hurghada you can enjoy Sindbad submarine to explore the underwater when you below the water level around 25 meter. In Sharm El Sheikh you can explore the beauty of Ras Mohamed national park and amuse your eyes with the natural landscapes, also you can visit St. Catharine and explore the colored canyon. From red sea cities, you have the chance to enjoy visiting Cairo and Luxor and more tours in red sea packages.
Prepare yourself to have one package combine between Egypt and Jordan sightseeing, you will start your tour by visiting Egypt, explore Cairo attractions, you can visit the pyramids of Giza and try to enjoy discovering Sphinx to take fabulous photos with these attractions, have the opportunity to visit the Egyptian museum and scout the monuments of the pharaoh, also you can pass the room of mummies, after that you can visit LuxorAswan, and Abu Simbel attractions, after that transfer to Taba to start your unforgettable tour to Jordan, visit Wadi Rum and have the opportunity to watch the landscapes in this magical place, you can explore the majestic mountains, continue your Holidays Egypt to visit Petra which was founded by Nabataean Arabs during the 6th C. BC, it well known by Red Rose City, watch the natural charm and watch the beautiful handmade carved city, try to ride camels and walk inside the city. And more tours in Egypt and Jordan package.
Try to feast your eyes in our spiritual tour in Holidays Egypt and refresh your Soul and your mind through the package to make meditation in wonderful places, ibis Egypt tours offers a wonderful Variety of Egypt Spirituals Tours to try meditation in ancient historical Places, have new energy and refresh your mind in Cairo you have the Chance to try meditation in Giza Three Pyramids through entering inside the great Pyramid which belongs to The King Cheops, you can get rid of your negative energy and have new positive energy during your tour in Luxor refresh your Soul and have healing Power through walking through Seven Doors of Sekhmet Temple and more tours in spiritual Holidays Egypt with ibis Egypt tours.
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