Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Exceptional Egypt Holidays

Enjoy a perfect vacation that you will never forget with Ibis Egypt Tours Packages, enjoy your Egypt Holidays with our Classical tours and enjoy discovering the greatness of the ancient Egyptian civilization, you can also join our tour to enjoy the pureness of the Red Sea, manage to relax and chill out at the Sandy beaches while enjoying the perfect sunny weather, or you can join our budget tours if you’re looking for the best reasonable prices, we will let have the best vacation with incomparable prices you can also enjoy a new adventure in the Egyptian Desert with our Safari Tours, and feel the real excitement while revealing the secrets of the desert, you can also have a tour to amuse your soul and refresh your inner energy with our Meditation Tours, choose from these tours to spend best Egypt Holidayswith us.

Have a memorable Egypt Holidays and save your money at the same time with our budget tours, start your amusing excursion with a visit to Cairo and enjoy a visit to the great Pyramids of Giza, the Three Pyramids named by the Great Pharaonic Kings Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, then head towards Panorama area to take memorable photos, head then towards the great gigantic Sphinx, pay a visit to the Valley Temple after that, head after that to scout one of the most famous museums in the world the Egyptian Museum, head after that towards Luxor to continue your tour, start with the East Bank of Luxor and discover the glory of Luxor Temple also try to visit the biggest temple in the whole world, Karnak Temple, head after that towards the West Bank of Luxor and have a walk through the Valley of Kings, after that head to scout the gleaming of Hatshepsut Temple, your next point will be towards the massive two statues of Colossi Memnon, you can have an optional tour after that in Alexandria the beautiful City.

Have an exciting adventure in the Egyptian Desert with our Safari Tours, start your Egypt Holidays with Kharga Oasis, start with a visit to the Museum of Kharga, then head to El Bagawat Cemetery, after that proceed to Temple of Hibis, next move will be towards the remote Roman village of Qasr El Labakha, head after that towards Dakhla Oasis and scout the Old Covered City watch its oil press and school, also have a ravishing visit to the courthouse with its dwelling chambers, visit Muzzawaka as well, before leaving try to pass by Deir El Haggar.

Amuse yourself during your vacation with our Red Sea Tours, start your tour with Hurghada, head to the spectacular National Park Giftun Island, and enjoy having an exceptional snorkeling experience, you can also enjoy swimming to feel the pureness of the Red Sea, after that head to have unforgettable with Sinbad Submarine that will take you 25 meters below the Sea level, stare at the dazzling Coral reefs and fascinate your eyes while watching colorful fish from various kinds, after that enjoy a tour in the great Cairo City and enjoy your visit to the great Pyramids of Giza, also manage to scout the Egyptian Museum, after that you can head to enjoy an optional tour in Hurghada City, relax and enjoy the weather at the sunny sandy Beaches, find a new level of beauty while feeling the gleaming of the Red Sea, also you can head to Tiran island to spend a magical excursion.

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