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Top Egypt Destinations

Gain valuable experience about Egypt through best tours and excursions to best Egypt Destinations with Ibis Egypt Tours. You have to try our day tours and excursions to explore many tourist attractions in top best Places in Egypt. You will find many unique tours to explore Land of history. Prepare yourself discover many attraction and highlights in Cairo tours. Explore top-rated attractions in the most famous destination in Egypt (Luxor City), don’t miss the Opportunity to explore best Aswan tours, Experience another destination in Egypt through our tours to Alexandria City. Chill out and relax through magnificent destinations in Egypt Sharm El Sheikh, HurghadaMarsa Alam and more Just Let Ibis Egypt Tours be your guide.
Are you ready to explore one of the best important Egypt Destinations? Take the decision and Explore Egypt through wonderful excursions and day tours to Cairo City where you will explore Giza Pyramids the most famous structure in Egypt that belongs to King CheopsChephren, and Mykerinus, also you will discover Dahshour where you will visit The Bent and Red Pyramids, Enjoy amazing tour to The Step Pyramid in Saqqara that belongs to King Zoser and consists of 6 steps. Scout to famous Tahrir Square to visit the Egyptian Museum that contains amazing Canopy Jars that was used to protect organs of the body through the mummification, Feast your eyes with wonderful Tutankhamon Collection and prepare yourself to explore the famous Cairo Citadel that was built by Salah El Dein. Prepare yourself to explore Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali Pasha, experience The Hanging Church, Ben Ezra Synagogue and more you will discover in Egypt Destinations Tours
Let Ibis Egypt Tours to be your guide in Egypt to explore one of the best Egypt Destinations ( Aswan ) that known as the Land of The Gold discover this beautiful City , where you will be able to explore many highlights, explore many magnificent attractions Like Philae Temple that dedicated to Isis and was constructed during the Roman Period, explore one of the most important modern highlights in Egypt (The high Dam) that had built to save the water and to protect Egypt from Flood or drought. Discover The Unfinished Obelisk that was ordered to built by Queen Hatshepsut, experience this obelisk that Suppose to be the hugest Obelisk in Egypt but unfortunately, the cracks appeared in the Obelisk and the workers didn’t Finish the Project.One of the Most Egypt Attractions that you have to visit through your Egypt holiday in Aswan is Abu Simbel temples,explore the great Abu Simbel temple of King Ramses II who built this temple to memorize his victory in Kadesh battle , head to the Small Temple of Abu Simbel which was constructed by Ramses II for his royal wife Nefertari and many wonderful Egypt tours with Ibis Egypt Tours .
Visit Egypt and explore best tours in Egypt to Cairo the twinkling City , don’t miss the Chance and Sharm El Sheikh ( The City of Peace) , you will have amazing Egypt Destinations tours with best Egypt Safari Tours in Sharm El Sheikh by 4×4 Jeep to explore The amazing Colored Canyon that contains natural Colorful stones with many beautiful colors , experience one of the best wonderful Snorkeling tours to Ras Mohamed National Park or the magnificent Tiran Island where you will enjoy best Snorkeling tours in Pure blue water to refresh your eyes with beautiful Coral reefs and wonderful Colorful Fish . In Sharm el Sheikh day tours to St, Catherine Monastery that was Founded by Justinian I, you will be able to explore the important Coptic attraction while exploring the burning bush and the Skull room which contained bones of the priests who served in the monastery and many beautiful attractions you will visit in Egypt.

Explore many Egypt Destinations through many day tours like:
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