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Cairo Holidays

Cairo Holidays
Cairo Holidays

   Fill yourself with history , Culture and Civilizations and more through wonderful Chance to explore Cairo Holidays with Ibis Egypt Tours which helps you to explore many wonderful Things To Do In Cairo ,helps you to back to history to discover wonderful historical places in Cairo also you have the Chance to enjoy memorable time in Cairo through Lunch or dinner Cruise , Felucca Ride Tours , Pharaonic Village Tour In Cairo . also you have to try wonderful Day Trips From Cairo
 Like St,catherine monastery Tours , Petra in Jordan , Luxor , Alexandria or experience travelling Via the great Nile River in wonderful Nile Cruise tours between Luxor and Aswan.
Giza Pyramids
Giza Pyramids 
        Gain amazing experience about the gleaming treasures of Egypt through wonderful Cairo Excursions to one of Seven Wonders of the ancient World  Giza Pyramids which dates to Old Kingdom and belongs to King Cheops , Chephren and Mykerinus .explore this Structure which its high is about 138 m also you have the Opportunity to have memorable Photos in panoramic view  with Pyramids and Sphinx . also you have the Chance to explore First Egyptian Pyramid The Step Pyramid in Saqqara Which belongs to King Djoser through the third dynasty and Consist of 6 Steps , also you have the Opportunity to explore Memphis The ancient Capital of Egypt that was founded by the pharaoh Menes and Consider as an Open air Museum

 Fayoum Oasis
    Visit Cairo and get the Chance to explore amazing highlights in Fayoum Like an amazing Trip To   Fayoum Pyramids , Scout to Hawara Pyramid which dates to Middle Kingdom and belongs to King  Amenemhat III who was King in 12 Dynasty also known as Black Pyramid this name Comes from brick stones which used in the building of Hawara Pyramid then  Scout to  pyramid of Senusret II at el-Lahun ( Bent Pyramid ) which characterized by its two separate entrances , also you have an amazing trip to explore Meidum Pyramid had built for Huni, the last pharaoh of the Third Dynasty .also one of our amazing tours in fayoum is Fayoum Oasis Tours from Cairo which helps you to explore  visit the famous Water Wheels in Fayoum and explore the nature through oldest lakes in the world Qaroun lake, 
Montazah Palace
Montazah Palace
      Explore The Bride of Mediterranean Sea Alexandria from cairo to memorize your vacation in Egypt its consider as one of the best Cairo Holidays . explore Alexandria Citadel that known by Qaitbay Citadel  which had Founded by El Sultan El Ashraf  Seif El Dein Qaitbay then explore of the most important Culture Centers in Egypt and Visit Catacomb of Kom El Shoqafa the Roman necropolis and amuse your eyes with wonderful and amazing tour to Montazah Palace which Consider as a piece of beauty through the amazing design and wonderful gardens which Full of Colorful Flowers .
Things To Do In Cairo
Things To Do In Cairo 
    Get the chance and enjoy  Local markets Tours in Cairo visit traditional markets to explore wonderful goods also you have the chance to buy  , have the Chance and enjoy wonderful Lunch or dinner in Egyptian House,  you will be welcomed by Egyptian Family who will be friendly with you have wonderful and delicious Food and explore how to Cook the Egyptian Food . enjoy Unusual tours to explore Cairo Village By Tok Tok , in this tour you have the Opportunity to explore the Egyptian Life through exploring Shopping markets cafes and restaurant,also you have the Opportunity to get Souvenirs through visiting bazaars and shops for papyrus .

There are many amazing Cairo Holidays Such as :

  • Day Tour To Pyramids Of Giza, Sakkara And Memphis City
  • Islamic Mosques Day Tour In Cairo
  • Pyramids Quad Bike Tour
  • Giza Pyramids And Egyptian Museum Tour
  •  Nile Cruise Trip To Luxor And Aswan
  • Cairo Tour To St. Anthony And St. Paul Monasteries
  • Overnight Luxor Tours From Cairo By Flight
  • Pharaonic Village Tour In Cairo
  • Day Tour From Cairo To Minya

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