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Egypt Tours Packages

Egypt Tours Packages
Egypt Tours Packages

Egypt is full of treasures and attractions , explore it through best Egypt Tours Packages with Ibis Egypt Tours which offers you a wonderful Collection of Unique Packages . you have the Chance to Try best Egypt Holidays relaxation and entertainment through our Red Sea Packages to explore beauty and nature , Classic  tours to explore most historical Sites , Honeymoon Packages to enjoy wonderful memorable Honeymoon ,
also you have to try playing Gulf through our Gulf Packages , enjoy Holy Land Packages  to explore our wonderful Sacred tours or try our Egypt and Jordan Packages to explore Charm of Egypt and Jordan through one Package . also you have the Opportunity to explore The land of history through our Egypt Short Tours or explore the desert through unique adventures in Egypt safari Packages through best Egyptian Travel packages with Ibis Egypt Tours .

Underwater Life
Underwater Life
  Don’t miss the Chance to enjoy our Red Sea Packages to enjoy an amazing Egypt Vacations Packages to relax and to take a break to refresh your mind and to give yourself a break in a wonderful Life to feel like you are live in Paradise , you have the Chance to explore our Hurghada Holiday to explore this an amazing City where you have the Chance to Chill out through Sunny and Sandy beach and Crystal water , also you have the opportunity to explore Giftun Island to try water activities such as Snorkeling and Swimming also through your Hurghada holiday you have the Chance to try Sindbad Submarine tours to explore the hidden secrets of this magic world , also through our All inclusive Egypt Holidays you have the Chance to enjoy a wonderful Vacation in Sharm El Sheikh where you will have the Chance to explore Ras Mohamed National Park where you have have the Chance to explore Coral reefs and many types of Colorful Fish .
From Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada you will have the Chance to explore
1- Cairo Sightseeing Such as Giza Three Pyramids and  The Egyptian Museum
2- Luxor Sightseeing Such as Luxor Temple , Karnak Temple and Valley of The Kings .

Hatshepsut Temple
Hatshepsut Temple
   Gain a wonderful and valuable experience about Pharaoh Treasures through best Egypt Tours Packages which offers you an amazing Classic Tours , through this category you will find wonderful Nile Cruise Tours
sailing via the Nile river between luxor and Aswan . explore Luxor east bank where you have the chance to explore Luxor Temple which had been built through the New Kingdom then Scout to the most huge temple Karnak Temple which contains 10 pylons , Hypostyle hall and sacred lake , in west bank you will explore The Valley of The Kings which was a Royal necropolis Contains royal tombs for Nobles , Kings of the New Kingdom then explore Hatshepsut Temple at El Deir el Bahari . enjoy a wonderful Sailing to Edfu where you will explore Edfu Temple of Hours the falcon god , Continue Sailing to Kom Ombo where you will explore the double shared Temple which dedicated to Crocodile god Sobek and Falcon god Hours the Elder then explore the beauty of Aswan which full of beauty through the wonderful view of the Nile and the Colorful houses where you will explore Philae Temple of the Egyptian goddess Isis wife of Osiris the god of the Underworld and the High Dam which protects Egypt from the flood and drought .

The Egyptian Museum
The Egyptian Museum 
    Have the Opportunity to explore best Egyptian Travel Packages to explore Cairo Excursions in Short time , you will have the Chance to explore Cairo Sightseeing such Giza Three Pyramids of King Cheops , Chephren and Mykerinus , explore Giza Pyramids one of ancient wonders of the world where you will take amazing and wonderful Photos in Panoramic view then you have the Chance to explore the Sphinx which Consist of human head and Lion body also you have the Opportunity to explore The Egyptian Museum where you will amuse your eyes with beauty of Tutankhamoun Treasures , Wooden Statue ( Sheikh El Balad ) then you will have the Chance to explore Akhnaton Collection which date to 18th Dynasty in the New kingdom then enjoy your wonderful trips to Old Cairo where you will explore The hanging Church , the name was drived for its location above a gatehouse of Babylon Fortress, the Roman fortress then explore Ben Ezra Synagogue and Ibn Serga Church .

There are many types through Egypt Tours Packages Such as :

  • Egypt Classic Tours
  • Egypt And Jordan Tours
  • Egypt Budget Tours
  • Red Sea Tours
  • Egypt Desert Safari
  • Egypt Honeymoon Packages
  • Egypt Holy Land Tours
  • Spiritual Tours To Egypt

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