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Egypt Budget Tours

Photo: Egypt Budget Tours
Egypt Budget Tours 

    Enjoy exploring Egypt The Land of history and Pharaoh with Ibis Egypt Tours in best Egypt Budget Tours which had an amazing and Unique Collection of wonderful tours fit your Pocket . explore Cairo Sightseeing , Luxor , Aswan , Abu Simbel and Fun tours in Hurghada , also you have the Opportunity to enjoy Cheap Egypt Tour through a wonderful Nile Cruise sailing Via the great Nile River between Luxor and Aswan in unforgettable tours .
Giza Pyramids
Giza Pyramids 
    Enjoy a wonderful tour to explore Cairo through best Budget Travel To Egypt , you have the Opportunity to explore Cairo attraction with Lowest Price with Ibis Egypt Tours . enjoy your excursion to explore Giza Three pyramids which was Royal Pyramids , enjoy having an amazing Knowledge about Pyramids Secrets from our Specialist guide , explore The great Pyramid of Cheops which Contains more than 2 million Cubes , explore The Sphinx  the most huge Sitting statue which near to The valley Temple Of Chephren and was built to Protect The Royal Tombs . Scout to The Egyptian Museum to explore many valuable masterpieces dates to Pre dynasty , Pharaoh , Greek , Roman , Coptic and Islamic . explore Tutankhamoun Treasures , Akhnaton collection , The wooden Statue which known by Sheikh El Balad Statue , Narmer Palette , Mentuhetp II Statue which Show the King in black Color and Musician Stella .

The High Dam
The High Dam 
     Don’t miss the Opportunity to explore The beautiful City Aswan which known by ( The Land of the gold ) in best Egypt Budget Tours helps you to Find history and beauty in one tour with Low Price with high Services . explore Aswan attractions Like The high Dam which Protects Egypt From Flood and drought  ,explore The Unfinished Obelisk which was ordered to built by Queen Hatshepsut through The New Kingdom and made from granite But the Workers didnt finish the Obelisk cause the cracks appeared in the Obelisk . explore Philae Temple which dedicated to Egyptian goddess Isis the giver of Life  and mother of gods .

Egypt Budget Tours
Hurghada Vacation 
  Chill out and Unleash your inner through our  Egypt Cheap Holidays in Hurghada , enjoy exploring this beautiful City to touch real beauty through Sunny and Sandy beach , you have the opportunity to enjoy Swimming , diving and Snorkeling in an amazing tours to Mahmya Island or Giftun Island . explore many Colorful fish , Coral Reefs and many wonderful sea Creatures

Hatshepsut Temple
Hatshepsut Temple 
    Explore many wonderful sightseeing through wonderful Budget Tour to Egypt in most important historical Site Luxor , explore East bank Sightseeing through an amazing excursion to explore Luxor temple which was famous with Opet Festival  many Kings had shared in the Construction of The Temple Such as Amenhotep III of the 18th Dynasty, and Alexander The great . Other parts of the temple were built by Tutankhamun and Ramesses II. explore karnak temple which dedicated to main god ( Amoun Ra ) explore Karnak Temple which contains 10 Pylons in different axis , explore The Hypostyle hall of Karnak which Contains about 134 Column . Scout to west bank Sightseeing such as Colossi of Memnon the huge Sitting Statues , explore Hatshepsut temple at el Deir El Bahari which had been built through The New Kingdom in The Form of Mentuhetp II Temple .

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