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Alexandria Things To Do

Alexandria Things To Do

 Chill out and enjoy having amazing and wonderful tours to explore Alexandria Wonders with Ibis Egypt Tours in best Alexandria Things To Do , you have the Opportunity to explore Alexandria Attractions and to enjoy many wonderful Alexandria Excursions  , enjoy amazing excursions to explore Alamein , Cairo and Wadi El Natron Monasteries   .

Stanley Bridge
Stanley Bridge
   Enjoy having amazing tours to explore Alexandria which known by ( The Bride of Mediterranean Sea ) through our  unforgettable Alexandria Trips , enjoy an amazing tour to most Visited attraction by Tourists ( Quitbay citadel ) which date to Mamluke Period and belongs to El Sultan Al Ashraf  Quitbay also you will Feast your eyes through amazing and wonderful trip to Montazah Palace which reflect the beauty and nature through the beautiful design of the Palace and the amazing view of wonderful gardens and Colorful flowers . enjoy amazing trip to explore Catacomb of Kom El Shoqafa  which Contains Hall of Caracalla, which contains the bones of young Christian men massacred by order of the emperor Caracalla . explore  Alexandria Library which consider as the most important Culture Center in Egypt . explore the Old Lighthouse which built by the Ptolemaic Kingdom also you will refresh your soul through  spending amazing time in Stanley Bridge .

Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone 
    Prepare yourself to enjoy Alexandria Things To Do such as
1- wonderful trip to Alamein . enjoy having a wonderful experience about  world war II  in a wonderful  trip to explore world war II Museum  , explore a wonderful Collection of different weapons , Flights, Tanks remains from the world war II . also you have the Chance to explore Alamein Cemeteries which was For German, Greek and Italian Soldiers.
2-Enjoy amazing trip to Rashid to Scout to Rasheid city where you will know the more about Rosetta Stone and immerse yourself with amazing knowledge about the ancient Egyptian Language and how they Solve this Signs .
3- Enjoy wonderful and amazing trip to explore the traditional and Oriental food with unforgettable Flavor , try Mahshi ,  Kebab and kofta or Fresh Fish .

Giza Pyramids
Giza Pyramids 
     Don’t miss the Chance to enjoy having wonderful Alexandria Tours to explore Cairo through amazing tour to explore Giza pyramids which belongs to King Cheops , Chephren and Mykerinus and dates to Old Kingdom ,  as royal tombs through your Pyramid excursion you have to try Camel ride Tour then move to The Sphinx which Consist of human head and Lion body you have the Chance to have many wonderful Photos in Panoramic Photos . also you will explore The Egyptian Museum which had built in 1902 and Contains about 120,000 masterpiece also you will explore Tutankhamoun Treasures , Chephren Statue , Musician Stella , Narmer Palette and many valuable masterpieces which helps you to know the more about history , Culture and history .

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