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Cairo Sightseeing Tours

Cairo Sightseeing Tours
Cairo Sightseeing Tours

       Do you want to have amazing and abnormal tours to Explore history of Egypt ?  So try our Cairo Sightseeing Tours and enjoy visiting  most attractions in Egypt with Ibis Egypt Tours which offers you
an amazing Collection of wonderful excursions , through our Cairo Tours you will have the opportunity
 to explore most important Sightseeing in Cairo Site , also you will have the Chance to visit Luxor , Edfu ,
Kom Ombo and Aswan through an amazing Nile Cruise ,also you will build a wonderful memory through best Sacred tours in Old Cairo , St. Catherine and Wadi El-Natron . you will have the Chance to explore Saqqara , Alexandria , El Fayoum and Petra in Jordan .

Giza Three Pyramids
Giza Three Pyramids 
  Get the Chance and Come to explore Cairo Sightseeing Tours through a wonderful tour to explore Giza Three Pyramids which was  royal tombs through the Old Kingdom and belongs to King Cheops , Chephren and Mykerinus . you will know the more about Egyptian Civilization and history through your Pyramids tour ,  Visit The Sphinx which consist of Human head and Lion body in a beautiful harmony , through your Pyramid tour you can enjoy an amazing Camel Ride tour also at night you can enjoy an amazing time through watching Sound and Light Show to listen to wonderful mysteries of the Pyramids .also you have the Chance to explore Saqqara through an amazing trip to visit The step pyramid of the king Zoser which consists of 6 Steps .

Mohamed Ali Mosque
Mohamed Ali Mosque 
  Spend an amazing Cairo Day Tours to have a wonderful knowledge about The Egyptian art through
 an interesting trip to explore The Egyptian Museum which includes about 120,000 masterpiece dates to Pharaoh , Greek , Roman , Coptic and Islamic Periods , Stare between galleries of the museum and enjoy watching many Valuable masterpieces such as Chephren Statue , Merneptah Stele,  ,Narmer Palette and
The Golden Mask of The Child king Tutankhamun . also you have the Chance to explore The mummies Room which includes many royal mummies with extra fees then enjoy a wonderful tour to explore Cairo Citadel which fortified by the Ayyubid ruler Salah El-Din where you will explore the wonderful doors and towers of the Citadel . then enjoy Visiting the wonderful Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali . also you will have the chance to explore Old Cairo Where you will visit Ben Ezra Synagogue , Ibn Serga Church and
The Hanging Church  .
Luxor Temple
Luxor Temple 
Build an amazing memory about The Land of History through our Cairo Excursions in Luxor Site where you will have the chance to explore Luxor Temple where many of the kings of Egypt were crowned in reality or conceptually ,this temple was which dedicated to The Triad of Thebes AmunMut ,and Khonsu and was built during the New Kingdom then explore the most huge temple( Karnak Temple ) which dedicated to the main god Amoun-Ra where enjoy entering to The Hypostyle  Hall which contains about 134 Column in different high then enjoy our Cairo Day Tours to explore the west  bank of Luxor , visit a mortuary temple of the queen Hatshepsut  at El Deir El Bahari which dedicated to Amoun-Ra then prepare yourself to explore The Valley of The Kings which was a necropolis for Kings of the new Kingdom then Visit Colossi of Memnon two massive stone statues of the King  Amenhotep III .

There are many wonderful Tours through Cairo Sightseeing Tours Such as :
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  • White Desert And Bahariya Tour From Cairo
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