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Sharm Excursions

Sharm Excursions
Sharm Excursions
     if you decided to take a vacation , you have to put Sharm  Excursions in your plan and you will find many wonderful excursions with Ibis Egypt Tours which offers you best excursions .
you will find many snorkeling Tours in Ras Mohamed , blue hole ,Tiran Island , also there are amazing  historical tours to different Sites such as Cairo , Luxor and Aswan ,
 Also through this part you will find many Safari tours .

Sharm El Sheikh Day Trips
Sharm El Sheikh Day Trips
Enjoy amazing Snorkeling tours in Ras Mohamed the most beautiful National Park through Sharm El Sheikh Trips  where you will enjoy Swimming in Crystal water, diving  and Snorkeling in Pure blue water , amuse your eyes with watching coral reefs and many types for colorful fish ,  you can also enjoy snorkeling in most beautiful natural islands ( Tiran ) or try snorkeling to explore the secrets of the sea through your snorkel trip to Blue Hole .
Luxor Temple
Luxor Temple 
     Through Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh  , you have the chance to explore Luxor Site which full of many valuable monuments , through your day tours to luxor from Sharm , you will explore Luxor East Bank which includes Luxor Temple which dedicated to The Triad of Thebes then enjoy visiting the most important  temple ( Karnak Temple ) which Consist of 10 Pylon in different two axis and include about 134 Column in its Hypostyle Hall , also through Sharm Tours you will have the chance to explore Luxor West bank , Visit Hatchepsut Temple at El Deir El Bahari and contain wonderful decorations then visit Valley of the Kings Contains about 62 royal tombs for new kingdom kings .

Petra The Red Rose city
Petra The Red Rose City 
    Enjoy Sharm El Sheikh Tours and start an amazing tour to Petra in Jordan from Sharm El Sheikh via Taba to Aqaba port to take the ferry boat , through Petra tour you will be amazed through visiting this red rose city which considers as one of the seven wonders of the world where don't forget to take your Camera with you through Petra Tour to take memorable photos , also you will amuse your eyes through walking through the narrow Siq then back again  to Aqaba Port to catch the ferry boat .

Colored Canyon
Colored Canyon 
For Safari and adventures lovers you will find many Excursions from Sharm El Sheikh, you can start a wonderful tour to the Colored Canyon to amuse your eyes with watching amazing and fantastic Colorful rocks which make an outstanding landscape with sun rays where you will take a memorable photo in Panoramic view . also you have to try another wonderful adventure through Sharm Excursions , to make a wonderful Safari tours to live and touch the bedouin life through exploring the desert through amazing Quad Bike , watching bedouin Show and having delicious food in a memorable Barbeque , also you can enjoy Camel Ridding 

There are many types in Sharm Excursions Such as :
  • Submarine Trip In Sharm El Sheikh
  • Aqua Park Sharm El Sheikh Trip
  • St. Catherine Monastery Tours From Sharm El Sheikh
  • Luxor And Aswan Nile Cruise From Sharm El-Sheikh
  • Cairo Tour From Sharm El Shiekh By Flight
  • Overnight Cairo And Luxor Tours From Sharm By Air
If you interested in Sharm  Excursions kindly send us on info@ibisegypttours.com

Yasmin Saied 
Ibis Egypt Tours 

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